Tuesday, February 2

Rl interferes again

Well it seems like the monster that is RL keeps interfering with wow. Im having to place my reactivated account with jeri on standby for a bit. This doesn't mean i wont play wow just means my stories of leveling jeri wont be happening once the account is deactivated. This sucks for me because im realy enjoying leveling my paladin, I plan to keep posting new gold making tips and making gold. Ill even begin leveln my druid healer and that pesky death knight that i've been letting rot away in dalarn. While I am saddend by this development life goes on and its not like i wont be enjoying wow. Ill just be playing it a different way with a character that has no history in the game. No new gold development for this week I'm plodding along doing the usual and trying to think of new ideas. Ill keep you guys updated on how things are going.

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