Tuesday, August 31

a small rebutle to anonomous poster

Mr. Anon,

I currently am working on a more full post to address the issues you raised however i have one that i can do with no research currently but through an examination of our national history. In your comment you state.

"What do you mean by the term "non-violent"? Non-violent to whom? Have you considered the ancillary criminal activities that accommodate the sale and distribution of MJ to be non-violent?"

What I mean is that the use of MJ is a non violent offense it harms no one but the user ( possibly second hand smoke inhalation for people nearby further research needed). You bring in the fact that currently the channels of distribution are violent and criminal. well the reason for that is because currently MJ can not be legally manufactured, and sold in the US. This prohibition has created a black market for MJ similar to how Alcohol prohibition did for alcohol. Its a lucrative trade for criminals to sell things that people want ,but the government won't let be produced legally. However this violence and crime can be changed when the law is. A good example of this is the fact that there are no more Al Capones in the Alcohol industry any more are there? No once Alchol was re-legalized the violence that came from it being illegal evaporated. Was it over night probably not however eventually the violence did end. I will continue to work on addressing your other issues as I can.


Monday, August 30

Friday, August 27

Regulation reduces teenage access.

With MJ being on the ballot in CA for legalization there is going to be opposition to this law. Some of the strongest opposition will come from parents of children. They will sling comments about how legalization sends a bad message to children or use the tried and true statement "what about the children?". While many drug law reformers such as my self laugh in the face of the comment. I think we need to stop laughing about it and start teaching these parents the facts. Here is a nice fact about teenage usage. According to a 2009 survey called Monitoring the Future, about 7 percent of 8th-graders, 16 percent of 10th-graders, and 21 percent of 12th-graders had used marijuana in the month before the survey. Not to mention another survey that stated most High School Students found it easier to get MJ in less than an hour than it was to get alcohol. Whats even more interesting is that these numbers could be low people don't generally like to self incriminate themselves even in anonymous surveys.

With these facts in mind can you say that our current MJ laws work? Sure we arrested 849k people for MJ last year that's got to make a difference right? Well it doesn't arresting/ fining non violent users doesn't reduce the use . Arresting a MJ dealer will get that one off the street so another one can take his place. The war on MJ is an un-winnable war that has not even gotten close to accomplishing its task of creating a MJ free world. The worst part to me though is parents who blindly say lets keep pot illegal because its bad for teenagers or morally wrong etc.

These people keep it so that teenagers have access to MJ. You know why teenagers have access to MJ? Its because drug dealers don't ID. If we made MJ legal and regulated it similar to alcohol and tobacco i can with out a doubt say that teenage MJ usage would decrease. It won't go away but it can be decreased by simply legalizing it and regulating it. As for moral arguments against the use of MJ i say keep morals out of the law. When society regulates morality it creates a crime out of nothing. There is more to be said about this subject but now is not the time or place.

Hopefully one parent will read this article and change their mind if so then i did what i wanted. Some may read it and say just another dumb stoner wanting weed to be in the super market. I really just want people to realize that current laws don't work and that they create a crime out of something that harms no one else but the user. To allow for the pursuit of happiness as long as that pursuit doesn't tread on the rights of others thats what i want.

Tuesday, August 24

Added feature. Off topic post,

I added polls to my blog today so that i can get an idea of how similar my views are to my readers. The first question i decided should be something controversial and non wow related. I did this because there are times where i want to use this blog for more than wow related subjects that interest me. So expect a few post about off-topic things. Mainly these topics will center on my other interest which is the movement to legalize MJ aka marijuana, cannabis, etc. While many people will disagree with my view on this subject i do plan to begin posting on it occasionally. it may just be links to other websites that interest me or it could be a full post on the subject just depends on my mood. If you do not agree with my view or wish to bash me for it go ahead and disagree however i ask you to use logic and refrain from name calling and personal attacks. Im just one voice with a few readers i don't plan to change any ones minds i just want to share my views with my readers.

So moving on and to help people who may not know what Prop.19 is ill give you a very very brief overview. Prop. 19 is a ballot initiative to legalize the adult recreational use of Marijuana in California. It was created by Richard Lee a marijuana legalization activist and medical marijuana provider based in Oakland. Its the first attempt since 1973 to legalize MJ for recreational purposes. The legal language of the bill dictates that an adult 21 or older Will be able to have in possession 1 ounce of MJ, they can grow a garden of 5x5 feet in order to grow their own MJ similar to home breweries. It also allows local county and city authorities to dictate how best to regulate and tax the sale of MJ similar to how alcohol is done (wet and dry counties and cities). The law states that MJ users can't smoke in front of children and places legal action against those that do. It also does not change the DUI laws meaning if your high and driving you can and will be arrested. This is just a basic overview of what the law does there is probably more but i need more time to write out a detailed post. Please cast your vote and if you want share your view in the comments just remember keep it civil.

Why do we fall down?

So we can learn to pick ourselves up again. This is one of my favorite movie quotes its from Batman Begins which if you haven't seen it you should definitely take the time to rent it and enjoy one of the best batman movies ever made. This quote applies to what I'm dealing with in life currently. The bid we placed on the house was pretty much ignored by the seller who ended up working with a prior bid which i guess is good for the winners of the house. It sucks having to deal with our dreams burning up into ash. But part of living life is it doesn't end there will be more homes to look at and more dreams to create. Alas the search continues and the chances of finding a similar priced home with the same features are slim.

As for Wow news there is not much on the gold front i need to crank my glyph machine up and craft but I'm just not that into it at the moment. I have enough gold for now and i can always make more. I'm down to 43k after the purchase of my mechano hog and materials to level my engineering. The paladin is progressing nicely i reached 36 last night easing ever so slowly towards being able to ride the mechano-hog that is burning a hole in my bag. I also bought the enchant bracers +9 stamina from a guildie for 20g. If i don't already know it i may learn it so that i can begin selling this enchant come Cataclysm. People love to twink their toons to give them and advantage. I would love to be able to provide the advantage.

Future plans for wow when cataclysm drops i hope to have amassed enough BOA items to begin a goblin hunter with full BOA gear. I also hope to join a guild and gain access to the new BOA items before beginning to level my hunter. I'm doing this for two reasons one i love faster leveling nothing makes me happier than seeing the levels fly by. Also i have always loved the hunter class even leveled one to 40 before other classes and distractions got in the way. So with cataclysms release I plan to use my other characters to gain the new BOA items then change my main to a hunter why? Because i want to and its my 15$ . The plan for the hunter is to twink him to the gills meaning dual agility enchants on weapons, full enchants on gear making my hunter one deadly SOB. I already have my eye on taming a spider pet so that i can web people in place as they die. I also plan to use my hunter in PVP a lot and hopefully endgame instead of raiding ill try my hand at endgame PVP. Hopefully everything will work out like i envision.

Friday, August 20

RL strikes like a ninja

So RL has stealth attacked me like a ninja. I have started school again and I am learning the joys of chemistry again. I hated it in HS and still not much a of a fan for it during college. However its necessary to take it for my CS degree. The job market in my area is SHIT so even though i have a AAS in Computer network support there are not any entry level jobs. So i continue to work my way towards even higher education.

In other news me and my wife learned of a grant program that essentially gives you a huge 26,500 down payment for buying a foreclosed home. We learned of this short notice and began hunting vigorously. Luckily enough for us the first home we looked at was a perfect fit. It seems who ever foreclosed on it had been renovating it fresh paint, new flooring throughout, an bonus room out of an enclosed garage. the home is 2052 sq ft 3 br 2 bath. The offer is around 91900 which is 2k over asking to avoid a bid war with another offer. The home is probably valued at around 130k if it were not a foreclosure so re-sell will build a large amount of equity. The only stipulation with this type of loan is in order to not pay the grant back you must live in the home for 10 years which for our growing family i don't see needing to move for many years. . Hopefully life will work out the way it is supposed to.

As for wow my pally is level 33 and slowly smashing his way towards being able to use the mechano hog i have purchased for him. I'm using engineering on him to make squirrel pets they don't seem to sell very fast though. Hope for more stories and info later on just been to busy to share. BTW the blog isn't dead until i say so maybe long term hiatus for writers block, RL, etc but ill try and let you know whats going on more frequently now.