Friday, April 30

Priest is for haelz: my guide to healing level 10-19

So you've made the decision to try healing. Good the world of warcraft could always use more healers. Your job sounds simple make sure people stay alive. Well your in for a crash course in mana management and appropriate spell casting. Today I'm going to teach you how to accomplish both of these on your low level priest. To begin ill speak a little bit about your healing spells up to this level.

Your Healing Arsenal

Lesser Heal - a small heal with a 2.0 cast time.

Heal- A larger heal with a 2.5 cast time. Generally heals double what lesser heal can.

Renew- HOT spell.

PW:Shield- A shield that prevents damage to target. 4 second cd in between uses, 15 sec debuff that prevents use of shield on previously shielded targets.

These are the spells that are provided for you during your journey from 10-19. It's not a large arsenal but it does the job. So now that your a little more familiar with the spells I'm going to discuss the 5 second rule. This rule is that if you don't cast for 5 seconds your mana will begin regenerating at 100% even though your in combat. Generally if you can try reduce casting heals to when their necessary so you stay outside of the 5 second rule and regenerate more mana. This reduces down time and allows you to waste less time drinking water in between pulls. Also you should pickup the talent Spirit Tap from the shadow tree. This talent lets you gain passive more spirit to increase your mana regeneration. The only problem is to activate it you must get the killing blow. So to get the killing blow wand when no one needs heals. This gives you a chance to gain spirit tap and reduce time needed to recover mana also it allows you to be useful while staying outside of the 5SR.

Priest healing at this level is not very complicated. Mainly it consist of placing bubble and renew on tank or other players a needed. Then topping them off whenever the bubble drops until you can use bubble again. The most complicated decision you have is should I use Lesser Heal or Heal. A general rule of thumb to use in this situation is to ask yourself these questions.

Is the player above 65% health? then use lesser heal & renew. Also PW:S and Renew can stop or reduce incoming damage. IF its a tank renew & PW: S should be on him anyways.

Is the player below 65% health and dropping quickly? Then use Heal, also PW:S and Renew can stop or reduce incoming damage.

The first 9 levels of learning to play a healer are probably the easiest mainly because your choices are limited. You only have a few spells that you can cast. The hardest part is making sure you cast the appropriate spell to save mana. The other thing that you should do during these introductory levels is begin learning to use the 5 SR and wand monsters for spirit tap.

This is really all the info I can share about healing as a priest because mine is only 20. Hopefully I can share a guide for every bracket of the leveling process. So the next one will cover 20-29 it will include new spells and possible healing tactics. I also want to create a short guide on how to use heal bot an addon which is kinda like a combination of grid and clique. I do suggest that any new healers begin using heal bot or a similar addon asap because it will make life easier to become familiar with it as you level.

Wednesday, April 28

Tales from the dungeon: trials and tribulations of leveling through using the dungeon finder.

Recently i have been leveling a priest. I have decided that most of my leveling will be through dungeon finder and random BG with quest at appropriate levels 58 & 68. The reason for not really questing is i don't enjoy it. I have leveled through azeroth at least 5 times and through BC 4 times. I'm really burnt out on the content its not fun anymore. So that's why i decided that i would pvp and do dungeons.

One thing that i found shocking was that i found myself enjoying PVP. For most of my wow career i scoffed at it and found it utterly boring. It just never appealed to me until now. Its amazing what a difference a healer can make on a game of WSG i feel like i actually have a tangible affect on the outcome. My priest is a blast to play in pvp even without all of his fun tools just lesser heal, heal, bubble, and renew i always am trying to make sure i heal effectively.

Dungeon finder is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. I find that most of my groups from this have been adequate with the exception of having a paladin 2h tank at level 14. Its kinda nice getting grouped with some people that really know how to play a class even at a low level. It also allowed me to visit one of my favorite dungeons in game which is Deadmines. Its one of my favorites because it was the first dungeon i ever played in WOW.

So now for the gold update well I'm at 48,500g which means I'm only 1500g away from reaching the next mile stone which is 50k gold. I'm excited but also i believe I'm getting burnt out so after i reach 50k I'm going to tone down gold post, and probably tone down my attention given to the glyph market for a while. I plan to still make gold but I'm going to change from a re post 3 times a day to re post maybe 1 time a day. Which means my current pet project leveling my priest may become the highlight of the blog for a while.

Tuesday, April 27

Studying for finals SUCKS!

Finals are here and seeing as I'm trying my hardest to pull as many A letter grades as I can. Haven't had much time to do a good thoughtful post for my readers. So what is today's post about well its about nothing really I'm just doing the same old same old. Well except for i did take a gamble and flip some epic 264 leather melee dps boots. I purchased them for 7 k gold and sold them for 9k gold ended up with 1.6k profit for minimal work.

Well I lied i did begin playing my level 14 priest over the weekend got him to 17. I definitely need to get him a few more inscription bags so that when i solo i can just pull out my netherweave and leave my glyphs easily accessible in my bank. It is interesting running lowbie dungeons knowing that this one toon probably has more gold on him than their main characters. To bad i can't purchase items from other players to ensure an easier time leveling oh well the random package of goods is helping fill my non BOA slots. I also found another niche market that i may fill which is the +22 int to a 2h because there was only one on the AH and it could be a good seller in cataclysm. I say this because while most people believe adding +30 sp is best for casters i disagree most of the pain for casters in low levels comes from lack of mana.

Tonight me and my cousin will enter the random dungeon me healing him tanking. Go go lowbie priest heals. Its kinda funny how much more i have to try and heal at this level. Mana management is key i guess this is what cataclysm will be like. Give healers more time to think and pick appropriate heals. Its also fun to be in BGs and make a difference because i can keep my team alive while they decimate the other players. All and all with new ways to level my priest its allot less painful than it was when i first attempted it in BC.

Friday, April 23

Back on task.

So when i created this blog i originally wanted to be a gold tip provider. Offer advice to people on how they can make gold etc. Well as you may have noticed i have not been offering advice but sharing what I'm doing. Which is good and bad, sharing what I'm doing may give my readers information that they needed but its not really a tip. So what to do about this well I'm not going to stop posting what I'm doing. Its a big chunk of what my blog is. I am going to try and either make a guide or post a useful tip at least once a week. I plan to begin doing this once school releases me for the summer around may 7.

Since I'm already typing though i might as well share a tip with you guys that I've tried typing several times this week. The tip will be about taking advantage of niche markets.

Niche market - a small market which has a small customer base with a high demand. Usually has little to no competition. ( Stokpile keeps providing good info)

Niche Markets- enchanting rods, profession bags, gems(leveling IE from thorium), meat, Twink enchants,

These markets should be covered if you can. Most of the time there is low or no competition. Markets like enchanting rods can bring you in over around 150g each for an arcanite rod that cost you around 50g to make 10. Which means over 1500g from filling a market void that only takes a few minutes to craft. Profession bags are also rarely posted the other day there were no inscription bags on my server leaving a market that could have been filled. Gems from thorium are needed for JC to get up to 300. These are generally rare on the AH prospecting thorium almost always ends up profitable. Twink enchants are common sellers fiery, crusader etc are always selling to people re rolling. Meat this is a commonly over looked market if you can purchase up a good amount of the lower level meat to control a market the profits could be enormous. Sometimes clam meat goes for 40g a stack on my server and generally is low supply every now and then snatching this up cheaply and flipping it will give you a small niche market for a limited time. All of these methods will introduce you to various niche markets which can add to your income. Remember diversification increases profits.

Wednesday, April 21

results of the attack. Gold still coming in.

So finally its time to tell you how the attack worked out. Well to be honest it exceeded my expectations. I had really only planned for my multi market attack to push me through the 30k barrier but i guess i low balled my estimate. Currently my gold is sitting at 36.5k gold which is around 8k higher than when i started the attack. Which means in four days i averaged around 2k total income from all my markets. While this isn't huge like some people *cough* *cough* Stokpile. No offense meant by that just poking fun at one the masters. This is what i normally pull in from about a week and a half of work so essentially it doubled my income.

SO i guess the next question is will i continue this multi market push. Yes and no if i find the time to craft more than glyphs sure ill keep on doing it as long as i can. It really only took around 30 minutes extra to craft wands and metas. The bags took a good bit longer mainly because production time is longer on bags. I definitely enjoy working multiple markets and its great to see 600-1k gold pulled out of a mailbox at one time.

What can my readers learn from this ? Well you learn that diversifying increases income. By putting a toe in multiple markets you can double the gold you make even without having some of the professions needed. Paying someone to do task for you is a way to gain access to professions and save time. It only cost me 300g to have 40 meta gems transmuted and cut(meaning materials for transmutes & 100g tip for cutting). The profit from these gems was around 2000g give or take a few hundred. Want to know the time investment for me to do this ? It took 8 minutes of my time and around 8 minutes of someonelse's which i was busy doing something else during. Use other people to make money and diversify then you can reap the benefits of multiple markets.

Tuesday, April 20

No results yet.

My multi market attack has begun. I had bags, meta gems, glyphs, arcanite rods, and a few enchants posted. While i didn't get everything made i wanted i am satisfied with how much i did get done. The thing is when i do these types of carpet bombs i normally craft 20 of every item i want to sell. So while my initial burst will be today whenever i get to check my mail the full results of my efforts will take a few days to become ripe. Ill have to re post several of the items over the next few days but that's ok. what doesn't sell today will sell tomorrow. When i logged i had 28.5k gold which means dabbling in these markets should put me well over 30k gold.

Now i know I've been saying I'm going to do something enchanting, maybe i worked some of you up thinking i would attack enchanting similar to how i dove in glyphs. Well I'm sorry to disappoint you guys if my methods for this market is different. Enchanting for some reason is more daunting for me to jump into. I can't simply blanket the enchanting market like glyphs you have to pick and choose the best enchants to craft. So last night i began doing this i put my toe in the enchanting pond hoping it didn't get bit. My method send 1k gold and 10 of each vellum to my enchanter. My enchanter had a few mats sitting on him to help mitigate the gold cost. So what did i spend my 1k gold on well i only spent a portion and created only 3 weapon enchants. I spent around 344g on buying infinite dust and abyssal crystals to make 3 55 sp weapon enchants that sell for around 600g each on my server. This is not a big splash like i made in the glyph market but its a start. Once these scrolls sell ill make more and diversify what enchants i make.

I hope to keep learning more about what works in enchanting. One thing is for sure its a very lucrative market. Hopefully ill get to check my mail later today. Which means tomorrow ill give you guys a result of my multi market attack.

Friday, April 16

Planning: multi market attack.

Ive been dissatisfied with my income lately. Glyphs bring in decent income but I am interested in expanding to more markets. Flask are not an option because crazy herb prices and being transmute spec. I do make meta gems occasionally but not to regularly. So next week i plan to begin a multi market attack.

To do this i will have to higher out some crafters a BS & possibly a JC depending on cuts i want. The markets i plan to blanket are enchanting rods i plan to make 10 arcanite and 10 titanium rods this should be a weeks supply. Ill also pay the BS to craft 20 more belt buckles if that market has returned to normal or 35-45g selling price. I will also transmute 20 of each meta gem. Then ill pay a JC to make decent cuts out of each meta. Next i plan to purchase some netherweave and craft a good amount of bags to cover that market.

I also plan to start dabbling in the enchanting scrolls market. I'm going to begin small only making 5-10 scrolls 2 of which will be more expensive weapon enchants. I am doing this to dip my toes in the water so to speak. I know there is a large profit in enchanting i just need to find my niche. Ill also make at least 5 fiery scrolls to sell and possibly some crusader scrolls depending on material cost.

My glyph machine is also going to add a new item to be created. Runed scrolls of fortitude & the BOE off hands. Since snowfall ink sells like poop on my server i plan to convert at least 3/4ths of my supply into these. The other 1/4th ill keep for use in research. Glyphs will hopefully be crafted and maintained ensuring high amount of sells.

List of intended markets.
Enchanting rods
Enchanting scrolls
Netherweave bags
Eternal Belt Buckles(if their price is back to normal)
Runed Scrolls of Fort.
BOE offhands
Meta Gems

Hopefully I'm successful and able to get everything crafted. Mainly I just need time to purchase mats and craft. Maybe Sunday ill get some of this time to at least get my extra markets crafted. That will leave Monday for another glyph session. Ill keep you guys updated on how my market attack is progressing hopefully this push will break me through the 30k barrier. It should currently I'm siting at 25k which is pretty respectable for a month of casual work in glyphs.

Wednesday, April 14

Gold Making Plateaus & a market update

When focusing on making gold in wow it seems like there are several plateaus that a player can reach. For some players reaching 5k is their plateau others try and reach a higher plateau 10k , 20k, 214k 54s 13c or whatever the gold cap is. A plateau in wow gold making seem to be when you reach a point and hover around it for several days even weeks. They are almost like barriers trying to keep you on them or below them. Some of the reason why players reach these plateau are personal goals they don't feel like going higher. Other players just spend a few days there maybe they needed to restock on items to sell etc, or they could be like me and completely changes both specs requiring the purchase of gear, enchants, and glyphs. The important thing to remember about each of these plateaus is that while it may seem difficult to reach or leave. It is not impossible with patience, effort, and controlled spending eventually you will surpass the barrier. So don't be discouraged because your sitting at 9k and wanting to break through to over 10k gold.

Last night was a sells boom i probably made around 1k-1.5k gold. Which on my server in its competitive glyph market is a decent income. Glyphs are chugging along I'm just working on doing research daily and adding the new glyphs to my que. It seems that either one of my competitors has given up or created new bank alts. Which is a good thing for me if they left the market. It means my presence will be larger and that i can acquire more sells. Maybe they are on vacation but since their departure a few glyphs have reset to my fallback price which always makes me happy. Currently sitting at 23k gold with more coming in steadily. I have not yet entered the enchanting market due to time commitments not enough time to figure out what to create. I plan to enter this market once i have more time to sit down and plan out the different enchants worth crafting.

My druid is now raid ready sitting at 34k self buffed HP. I plan to still acquire my full t9 gear for him but i also want to try my hand at tanking various PUG raids. Ill try and keep you guys updated on how this progresses. I'm also considering switching my secondary dps spec to boomkin because its more forgiving and would allow me easier access to raids as a dps. I may however just make my alt spec healing that away i can cover all the essential roles needed for a raid. Once my t9 is purchased i plan to begin saving triumph badges so that i can gather gear to level an alt in cataclysm. I still haven't decided on a class but i find my self leaning towards Hunter, Shaman, Pally, and Priest. Some people may be saying but you have a high level pally, which is true however he is currently on an inactive account collecting dust along with my t4 geared warrior of the same level. I'm not sure what ill decide yet really depends on what role i feel like playing when i level up through cataclysm. Tanking is always sexy and has super fast ques. But i have never played an exclusive dps class during endgame. Either way between gathering badges so that i can get leveling gear ill be leveling my DK slowly to 80 so he can be ready to level inscription.

Monday, April 12


Sorry for the lack of post last week. School is in its final month which means teachers are keeping me busy making sure i work my butt off so i can graduate. SO it has taken some of my wow time away also. This weekend was a profitable weekend. I made around 4kg putting my total to 23k gold. I think my spending spree has come to an end for now so hopefully my liquid gold should rise more dramatically this week than it did last week. I also hope to invest a little money into enchanting this week. Currently some scrolls sell for 100g-300g just for basic enchants such as AP to boots etc.

I haven't commented on druid changes for several reasons. One we only know a little bit about what they plan to do 2 i wanted to sleep on it before just coming to my blog to rant. On tree form change i believe this could be an interesting change, I am sad to see tree form leave but if it becomes something interesting such as giving us several different dynamic spells to go along with new tree form i may be happy. If its just a 3rd trinket button ill be a little upset loosing an iconic form to just have it be a third trinket is not fun. I believe they are going to change up restos spells. SO while we may not get new spells we could possibly see completely redesigned spells. Please blizzard make Life bloom be a Hot that jumps after each bloom until the stack is depleted.

Feral druids seem to be getting a nod. Their speed buff seems like a waste but whatever its not like it wont have its uses but i don't see using it to often myself. AoE bleed move seems pretty cool it will definitely help out with aoe aggro not that swipe cant handle it. As for maul being instant I'm going to take a wait and see approach to the rage changes for druids. Currently as a tank you almost need to have unlimited rage to spam attacks and there is not much time for thinking. Its put out max threat now or get the monster pulled off of you.

The boomkin changes seem like their heading in the right direction. In fact the new changes to boomkin kinda make me want to pick it up as my dps spec again. IT gets rid of the random aspects and is definitely adding a unique flavor to being boomkin. Plus magic mushrooms mannn cant we just all get along. Druid changes seem like they could be great I'm just going to take a wait and see approach and try not to get to worked up over the changes.

Another thing I'm doing in preparation for cataclysm is saving triumph badges for BoA gear. I think with the changes to leveling ill end up taking a new toon at least 1-60 if not all the way to 85. I want to make this as painless as possible so ill be twinking the gear out as much as possible. Possible classes I'm interested in leveling are Hunter, Shaman, Priest, or Mage. I'm not sure which ill level currently i have the BOA cloth chest and BOA PVP Mail shoulders.

Wednesday, April 7

Gear doesn't matter.

Last night i decided to say screw it and throw my self to the wolves in LFG as a tank. I had 25k HP and even had a spell power trinket equipped. Guess what the world didn't crumble in fact i tanked 4 heroic dungeons with only one wipe. The best part is the one wipe came from what is arguably the most challenging dungeon in this expansion. That's right me a 25k Hp 35% dodge still wearing the snowflake trinket druid tank managed to successfully tank Halls of Reflection heroic with one wipe. So whats the conclusion of last nights endeavor ? That gear doesn't matter if you have a good group and smart players gear is just a bonus that can help them perform better.

Notes on druid tanking. Druid tanking is probably the most mindless out of all 4 tanking classes. During trash pulls its a swipe/maul fest. Which means i spam one button macro that cast swipe and ques maul. Occasionally ill put out lacerates to feel like I'm doing something else. Druids seem to lack any kind of intricate tank style. We don't have to follow a rotation like pallies or manage runes and wait on cool downs like Dk. Were not like warriors who have a bunch tools and more of a priority system. Druids have swipe/maul macro its really all you need to tank trash and It is even used fairly often on single target pulls. So hopefully in cataclysm we will get more fun tanking tools i guess it balances out. Because on one hand druid tanks are wtf easy mode tanking and on the other playing a druid kitty dps is like wtf hard as hell. Kitty dps requires a player to keep 2 bleed effects up, mangle debuff if no druid tanks, keep savage roar buff on, use tigers fury and Beserking appropriately. In my opinion druid kitties could stand to have some of their stuff simplified. While its nice knowing that being a good kitty druid means you are awesome. its a pain knowing that if one button was removed from our bars life could be even easier and allow for more situational awareness.

Gold report. I'm sitting at 19k steady I would be at around 23k but when you change specs gear must be bought.

Tuesday, April 6

Changing things up.

Last night Ktq decided to screw the pooch. It qued up 8 of every glyph so now i have odd stack sizes up to 16. Which also meant for the second week in a row i did not have enough ink for production. Which would have been fine but i had o purchase some adders tongue for 19g a stack. Made me sick that i used all my ink like that. However its not a bad thing just means my stock is larger than anticipated. I also made it up to 19k gold last night before i spent some on my druid.

I leveled my enchanting to 440 and purchased some new patterns from the dream shard person. now i just need to decide on whats most profitable to craft. Stokpiles blog has allot of information on it about enchanting so ill have to see if i can't get some ideas from him. I created 10 scrolls last night that should sell for anywhere from 100g-200g which means around 1k-1.5kg profit from materials i had sitting in my bank.

The dark moon faire is in town so i plan to list all my snowfall ink tonight or find a bulk buyer. Hopefully someone is interested and i can unload it for 12g each but I'm willing to take as little as 8g each. Speaking on the faire i can't see how the cards are even profitable they never seem to sell well. So my vow is to never craft anymore its a waste of my resources and id rather make off hands and runescrolls of fortitude.

My druid has changed both his specs. He is now kitty/bear combo which so far is doing OK. My kitty gear is top notch missing a few enchants and random gear pieces such as a trinkets and idol. bear set is suffering a little i currently only have 24k self buffed hp in bear. Most of my kitty gear=bear gear so that's probably why. However i plan to run dungeons with my healer buddy to get more badges to get t9 4/4 for feral. My first night as kitty dps i pulled 4500 dps on bosses which is respectable for heroics. I think i can do better with practice and perfecting my rotation-priorities. I'm looking forward to getting my bear set ready so that i can unleash my inner bear.

A question for my readers is 24k hp and 35% dodge to low to tank heroics? What if i have an excellent healer friend ? Bears don't have to stack def. to a cap so i would be crit immune.

Monday, April 5

20k broken then i fell back through the hole.

I broke 20k gold this morning which means brought in around 5k gold over the weekend. Thats a good bit of profit. Unfortunatley i fell through the hole i made when breaking 20k. Im back down to 17k gold but currentyl have 853 IOTS. What made me fall a stupid decision. I decided to try and make cards and well it was a mistake i spent to much gold on eternals. So i guess live and learn. The other thing was i purchased an ass ton of icethorn around 150 stacks. I finally got a farmer to sell me 100 stacks at 12g each and 50 stacks from the AH from ah for 9g-15g. So now im ready for a crafting session tonight.

To make all this profit this weekend i didn't rely just on Inscription. I sold several epic gems and even crafted some bags. I was looking at my enchanter yesterday and i think ill craft some vellums to send to him. That away i can max out his enchanting with mats ive collected over time. This will give me another market in which i can begin bringing in profit. Hopefully everything pans out and ill be able to tell you how enchanting is making me killer gold.

Saturday, April 3

My first tattoo

So i went and got my first tattoo. It was a different experience. Tattoos are painful don't listen to shit that says its not that bad. Its not that bad after your done the pain is baisicly gone but during the process it sucks. The end result however is worth the results.

Friday, April 2

Win some and lose some.

The last few days my glyph sells have ben pitiful. I average around 700-800g a day which is alot lower than the 1500g my first few days of being a scribe. There are several factors to why this has happend. The first one is just being undercut it seems like my main competition manages to log in right after me and undercut me. This is no big deal but it does slow the sale of glyphs. So I have tried to begin posting after my competition on days that i manage this my sells are dramaticly higher than if i post to early and get undercut. The other one is players seem to have slowed their buying of glyphs. I suppose they have gotten their telents set and dont need to adjust them at the moment.

I am starting to stockpile more ink im thinking about droping my threshold on ktq and just creating every glyph. This would give me a bigger market pressence and the chance that some of the leveling glyphs may not be posted. Which would allow me to post at my fallback price which is nice. Im going to have to refil glyphs tomorrow which is going to be tedious but its necessary tokeep crafting. Currently im sitting at around 12.5k gold total which means im well over the 10k barrier and heading towards 20k quickly. If the weekend sells are good i may be able to break 20k by next weekend.

Stokpile asked me to post more about bulk mail 2. Well I have pics on it and plan to do a guide as soon as i find the time. Hopefully I can paint on the pictures to prepare them for a monday post. This addon is absolutley essential if you use diffrent toons to craft it is amazing how useful it is. More on this in a few days though.

Today is friday the best day of the week. I'm going to get my first tattoo tonight wish me luck. I know its going to be painful but the end result is worth it. Here is a link to what i plan to get done Ill post pics on it also mainly because i want to share them with my readers.