Tuesday, December 29

Post for later Arrows scam ?? no

Recently i ran into a post at Just My Two Copper stating that reposting arrows in stacks of 100 is a scam. The point they make is that its a scam because the UI wont display 100 and 1000 stacks clearly. Well here is proof that the default AH shows them plain as day.

Here are stacks of 1000 with Auctioneer in use.

and here are stacks of 100 with auctioneer in use.
So where is the scam to me its clear as day that 100 does not look like 1000. IS it shady bussiness posting for mark ups? I can't answer that for you thats a personal opinion i dont believe so. My reasoning is that if i believed marking arrows up was wrong then the whole bid low sell normal would be wrong. Im taking advantage of people that post low its unfair. Free markets are wonderful it sucks for hunters that their best resource for dmg cost 10g per stack this could have been fixed if blizzard had fixed ammo like they said they would. Blizzard also could have made the ammo purchaseable from a vendor this would have limited the damage to hunters wallets. However none of this happend and clever bussiness men decided to capitalize on reposting ammo for 999% mark up and idiots bought it. Thats not the sellers fault its just bussiness.

Wednesday, December 23

Know Your Role : a guide to being a good player in a group environment


Let me start this guide by introducing myself my name is Bobreaze. I have played wow since pre-bc and have played many different classes since i began playing. I Have played wow in many roles through its various changes. This has given me a good understanding of what is expected of each a player in the various roles that they will encounter in a group setting. With the recent change to the LFG system in patch 3.3 it seems that more people are doing instances without the knowledge of what is expected from them in their role of choice. That's is why i have written this guide to share my knowledge of what is expected of a player when performing a particular role in a group.

What this guide is not:

This guide is not meant to teach you the mechanics of other classes. It is not meant to be a guide about class mechanics, skills, or gear although a few may be mentioned. If your interested in learning how to play your class better or learn how to perform a certain role for your class I suggest you look in your class forums for further information. Most of the information on your class or others can be gained from reading the stickies at the top of each class forum. These will contain questions about whats a good spec, what rotations are good, and the pros and cons of different stat points.

The Roles:

There are 3 roles in wow they are tank, healer, and dps. To successfully group in a dungeon or raid you will need a combination of these roles. With the new LFG tool in 3.3 you can choose which role you wish to perform. This guide will help you to know what the roles are and what is expected of the players that are in each role.

Tank Role:

The tank in a group is the shield his role is to create threat so that the mobs and bosses target him. The tank of a group normally is the most heavily armoured and able to handle taking damage better than the other classes in a group. The reason a tank is important is because they are able to take more damage and prevent mobs from killing other players.

The Goals of a Tank
  • Tanks should create max threat to keep monsters attacking them.

  • Tanks should taunt monsters off of healer and dps to keep them alive.

  • Tanks should use cool downs to mitigate damage.

  • Tanks should position monsters to prevent damage to group or self.

  • Tanks should stay out of the fire or aoe dmg spots.

These are the general goals of a tank. Most tanks in groups are also the leader. They set the pace for when mobs are pulled and should be the first person to damage a group of mobs or boss. Tanks do have one goal that is above all else the most important one. Tanks should do their best to keep the healer alive that means don't allow stray mobs to pound your healer to death. Since tanks are the first person to damage mobs they also need to be aware if the group is ready for a pull. They also should be considerate of the healers mana because if the healer has no mana the tank is gonna die.

Expectations of a tank

  • Tanks are expected to generate enough threat to hold mobs.

  • Tanks are expected to wear the proper gear.

  • Tanks are expected to be in the proper presence, stance, form or have righteous fury on.
If you are unable to perform these basic expectations maybe tanking is not for you. If you have a question about bosses or techniques for pulls asking your group or researching dungeons is a good way to learn. If you wish to further understand the role of tanking for a particular class then do further research on your respective class forum.

Healer Role:

Healers are the lifeblood of a group. A group can not succesfully do a dungeon without a healer. Healers keep the group alive through various healing spells. Healers also are important for removing different status ailments that can affect an party.

Healer Goals:

Healers have one goal and thats to keep everyone alive. Healers also have a priority system for who is healed. The system looks like this Tank=Healer>DPS. Which means healers goal are to keep themselves and the tank of the group alive at all cost. Which means dps are second priority healing. The reason for this is because a group can survive if a dps dies but if a healer or tank dies the whole group dies.

more to be added at a later time critiques if u dont mind.

Plodding along

So I've been plodding along making sales generating a good amount of gold. Which is good but at the same time means not much to say here in the blog. So i guess ill just have an off topic post today concerning the new LFG and its sides the good, bad , and ugly.

The good side of the LFG is that t is a game changer for wow. More people are doing instances and it means more experienced group players and a happier player base. I have genuinely loved the new tool its allowed me to level my druid 2 levels in just a few days. It saves me time allowing me a way to do a instance in 30 minutes as opposed to the 45 minutes of looking for a tank to do a 30 minute dungeon. There are allot of good things to be said about the tool and i hope that more mmos look at it as something worth incorporating into their games.

The bad side of the LFG is that while random dungeons are fun it seems that at my level i do the same 2 dungeons fairly often. The other problem is while being a healer or tank groups are quick generally less than 10 minutes most of the time instant. If your a DPS your wait times can range from 10-30 minutes just to get a group. Which is still relatively short however i wish there was a way for this to drop down to sub 10 minutes just like healers and tanks enjoy. The loot system also needs to be adjusted just slightly. Mandating need before greed is great to keep some people happy. However I believe limiting classes from rolling on certain gear is dumb. A leveling druid healer should be able to roll on cloth so should anyone who its an upgrade for. In my experience before the need before greed system most people only needed on items that were upgrades whether cloth or leather for a druid or a shaman using leather or cloth because the random loot hates him.

The loot system and Que times are bad but now for the ugly. The people it seems whenever i heal my groups are great everyone knows their role and performs well. There have been a few times were mistakes are made new tanks learning new instances but generally as a healer its a laid back affair and we successfully clear dungeons with little to no deaths. It seems though anytime i tank i get the most mismatched groups dps that cant FF, healers that don't understand their class mechanics. Which is annoying it frustrates me that while I'm not the best tank it seems like everyone in the group is working against me. Which to some extent they are that's what its like to be a tank your hammering mobs trying to hold aggro with 3 dps that decide not to ff and to each try to kill one mob that no one else is focusing on. Which means I take more dmg and the healer has to work harder. So the ugly for the LFG tool is that you cant dictate who you group with or their skill level. It also seems that since tanks get instant groups most of them are full of scrubs that have been waiting for 20 minutes just to piss you off.

I'm debating on making a basic guides to dps, tank and healer roles in an instance. Would this be something worth spending my time and if so what are some key points you would like me to share. The guide would be posted here and in all respective wow forums.

Monday, December 21

update time

So over the last week i have greatly enjoyed playing wow. The new random dungeon system rocks my socks off. I've been leveling my druid healer and even thinking about leveling my warrior that was recently deactivated. As far as gold goes ive gone from 13k - 17k in just a few weeks since 3.3 selling titanuim bars for 20g has been a good constant income though it is slowing down due to competition. I plan to sell the remainder of my titansteel stock and exit the market due to competition. Also i have managed to make a few sells of the vendor pets that you can purchase for 40g i bought 3 of the raptor pets and have sold them for about 150g each so 110g profit.

Friday, December 11

I know i slacked off sorry.

Sorry for slacking off on an update to my idea. The plan worked flawlessly until it came time for the vellums to sell which they didnt. its ok though i can use them for other things such as creating enchanting scrolls. I lost about 250g which is not bad but retrospectivley the 150 ish ink i had made could have been used to level inscription. The snow fall sold for around 250g for a stack of 18 which is a decent price.

So now to update you on 3.3 My markets have risen well except for netherweave bags. Epic Gems are back to 200g each. I stocked up on saronite bars to try and make profit from the transmute to titanium restriction being lifted. I created 44 bars which is about 17 stacks of saronite i paid 30g each for these saronite. or a 400g investment my bars are projected to sell around 20g each which would equal 1k gold or 600g profit. Currently saronite market is aroudn 40g a stack which means that there is more profit in transmuting about 20g profit per 2 stacks more if your transmute procs. I plan to watch the market closely i may be able to get more saronite at a lower price this could be a good patch for alchemist.

Wednesday, December 2

Update on idea

SO upon research done on my lunch break the pigment needed to make midnight ink is dusky pigment. Which can be gotten from mageroyal, briarthorn, stranglekelp, swiftthistle, and bruiseweed. These herbs average around 20g per stack of 20. So that eliminates them as a viable source for getting ink. Other herbs to take into account instead are the northrend herbs. They sell between 15g-20g a stack for adders tongue while not great i still plan to experiment and see what kind of profit i can make getting ink of the sea crafted and trading it for midnight ink.

The plan invest 500g in northrend herbs that ill have someone ink for me. Sell the snowfall ink to offset the cost of herbs. Trade ink of the sea for midnight ink and craft as many vellums as possible. Sell the vellums for a minimum of 4g profit preferably higher. Hopefully the combination of selling snowfall ink and weapon vellums will net me a profit of 500g. Ill better be able to project a estimate of profit once i have all the ink of the sea and snowfall ink crafted. While this is a fairly interesting idea this is just a trial run to see if the profit is worth further investment. I hope to keep my readers updated on how many herbs i buy, how much ink they produce, The amount that i get from selling snowfall ink so that i can offset the cost allowing me to make more profit from each vellum. I intend to tell you how many vellums i make and my strategy for selling them. Which will include how i intend to price them and stack sizes.

Inscription idea

AUTHOR NOTE:Please make sure to read the post update to idea. Some of my statements in this post are inaccurate and have been corrected in the update. It also contains my new strategy and goal for this process of making gold.

I was siting here thinking on how to make money from inscription without having to level my 61 DK and it hit me. Weapon Vellums I on my server there is almost no supply for these however the demand for them is fairly good. I believe these could be a potential gold mine because players making lower level weapon scrolls for twinks need them. Crusader Fiery agility life stealing all of these pre-bc enchants can be placed on a weapon vellum I and some enchanters focus exclusively on selling just these scrolls.

Why this could be a great gold mine. If i remember correctly weapon vellum I requires 2 midnight ink which i believe can be obtained from peace bloom the cheapest herb to get. So I'm just going to use hypothetical numbers here tomorrow ill post real calculations.

peacebloom x 20 = 2g max = about 6 inks if I'm lucky.

6 inks turns into 6 vellums. sell them for 1g each which means 6g- 2g cost =4g profit this is small but it can add up. Also this is hypothetical the vellums could sell for more max i would say probably 4g per vellum.bringing the total profit for a stack of peacebloom to 22g. While i wish these numbers were 100% correct they aren't ill create a post about my current market and the results from the experiment tomorrow or the next day depending on how quickly the vellums sell. Check your markets this could be a decent gold maker to supplement your income with a minimal investment.