Friday, October 30

Sorry for lack of post

Sorry for the lack of post i have been reading a new book and taking a break from wow. Ill start post next monday maybe earlier. If you dont mind please leave comments with suggestions on what you would like me to post about prffesions, a progress report etc. Have a great halloween and be safe.

Monday, October 26

Learning the value of items.

When you play the auction house alot like i do you start learning what items are good value and which items should be passed on. This applies even if auctioneer says buy the item because auctioneer can be wrong. Im not sure of the best way to tell you to learn what items are good to buy and which to ignore. I did it by buying items i would see that had huge profits and after siting on something i paid 4g for that didnt sell for the 30g auctioneer said it would i just vendored it. I bought something and got burned that was the way i learned what sold and didn't.

To help out with your learning im going to list items i like to buy and items i stay away from.

Items that i like buying.
  • Ore and Bars(copper,tin,iron,mithril,true silver, silver, thorium) these are the best gold making ores if you can get them cheap. However the higher levels are good to.
  • Cloth( i try to stick to netherweave, runecloth, mageweave, and frostweave) the investment in wool is to big for a possible loss. Linen cloth doesn't offer great returns.
  • Herbs every level of herb is free game they all have great returns.
  • meat (clam, boar, turtle, rhino, worg) these all sell great clam meat is worth its weight in gold.
  • gems if i see blue gems that are half of the 30g they can move at ill purchase them all. The lower level green gems can also make good profit.
  • enchanting mats ( small radiant shards, large brilliant shards, and righteous orbs) these make great sellers as crusader and fiery enchants.
  • leather it all sells well. But be ware the hides are not that great.
  • Crystallized elements as well as eternal elements

Things that may not be good buys

  • Gear (green,blue, Epic) I stay away from gear it can be a good investment but i think the risk is to high. The only gear i do buy are twink items and occasionaly epic items above 213 Item level.
  • Watch for out rageous prices netherweave banadages wont sell for 2k gold so dont waste 100g on something that is obviously a waste.
  • Bandages i dont find these to be a great investment.
  • glyphs sure you could possibly picup 100s of glyphs for 1g but the chances of selling them i dont think are that great.

Friday, October 23

Using the snatch feature

Ok today im going to post a guide on how to use snach option. I will update it later this evening with pictures so Visual people can see what im talking about. Snatch is a great tool for buying mats to craft things or for buying items your intrested in getting in bulk. The best part is that auctioneer has the snatch function built in so you don't need to get any other addons for this to work. So Im going to give you the step by step on how i use snatch to purchase netherweave for my bag market.

  1. open auctioneer perform the fast scan by pressing the >> button.
  2. after the scan completes go to the search field and select snatch. It should be below resale.
  3. in this screen drag or drop the item you want to bulk buy. In my case netherweave.
  4. Next you need to set the price per item you want to pay. I set mine to 50s per piece of netherweave. This means the most expensive cost of my mats is 10g per stack.
  1. after getting this set you click the add button then click search to let the snatch populate and show you all the items in the range of what you want to pay.
  2. after the list is populated its time for keyboard twister press ctrl alt and shift this turns the purchase button into a purchase all button. Click it and the addon should que up all the items for purchase.
  1. you can see the total cost of items in the lower left hand corner next to the stop button. If you don't wish to spend the total you can buy what you want then use the stop button to clear the buy que.
  1. click yes on the pop up that appears to purchase items do this until all items are purchased or until you reach the limit of what you wish to spend.
  2. Go clean out the mailbox and get to crafting snatch just made it easy to buy over 100 stacks of cloth in 15 minutes.

Another quick point if your only snatching one item it is quicker to just search that item instead of a full scan go through the pages of the item. Then use snatch the auctioneer DB updated the view on netherweave when you viewed all the pages allowing you to snatch in 5 minutes. Instead of having to wait for a scan to finish.

Thursday, October 22

A wonderful insight in how to profit from inscription.

Seth At one-copper.comgreat post on inscription. With excellent comments check it out.


here is the best comment by Amin which i guess is Seth.
" I am still finishing up Northrend research so I am still using my ink. I do however “just mill it all”. I will periodically put up extra Ink or Sea and Snowfall just to see if it will sell. Sometimes, a few do but not many at least on my server.
What I have been doing instead is buying goldclover for 16g stack, milling it into pigments and getting avg 20 Azure and 1 Icy per stack. I turn the Azure into IotS and sell the Icy. I take the IotS and make 5 armor vellum III.
Now for the math.Stack of GC = 16g20 Resilient parchment(46s/each) to make the vellums = 9g 20sTotal spent = 25g 20s
Armor Vellum III made = 10 @ 6g 75s (after AH fees)Icy Pigment sold = 10g – 12gTotal gold made = 78g 5s
Total profit from one stack of GoldClover = 53g 85s
I bought 6 stacks of GC the other day and did this, profit after 24 hour AH sales – 317g 10s"

Go check it out it is a great post.

Diary Entry: An experience in raising the price.

So on my path to making 10k gold i did a test that sought out to see if I could affect the price of netherweave bags systematicly. To do this i relied heavily on Auctioneer addons "Snatch Search filter" to purchase netherweave in bulk. I would purchase 700g of netherweave a day for about 3-11g each per stack the average is around 7g. This left very little options to my competition the AH only had stacks selling for 15g or more.

After doing this for a few days the market for bags fell in half because other bag makers couldnt get affordable netherweave. I droped bags down to only 20 AHs per day between just my competiton or one page. The price rose to 16g but it was an artificial high created by me buying the netherweave. When i began bagging i would post 30 every 4-8 hours under cutting by 10-50 silver each time. I did this for several days driving bags down to 9g being the lowest i sold for but that was only about 80 out of like 300 bags. A majority sold for 11-13g each. Probably around 1300g expense but i made 2860g out of the deal so 1500g profit.

Another way i managed to turn such a high profit was by keeping my auction times 12 hours . Which meant i got expired auction in a rotation if i posted 30 bags every 4 hours the next day i would have a few bags return in 4 hour intervals giving me more inventory to repost. This gradualy got smaller as the inventory sold i had less expired auctions. but this allowed me to have higher post rates keeping my auctions underneath my competition in cost and letting me make more sells. I would suggest any savy banker try messing with posting times to see if they get better results and higher returns with their gold.

Try it out to see if it works for you

Wednesday, October 21

10k gold

SO YAY 10K gold Im happy. How did i get here thats what this post is about.
  1. Bid Low Sell Normal Daily - netted decent profit from other peoples mistakes.
  2. Crafting Netherweave bags- purchased netherweave and crafted bags for 2-5g profit per bag.
  3. Transmuting Magestic zicron and having it cut into +30 stam gems. Daily transmuting nets 200g easy sometimes more.
  4. Selling enchants Crusader and Fiery these mats can be bought for a 1/3rd of what the scroll sells for.
  5. selling enchanting mats gained from Leveling BS and other random greens. This gained me a fair amount of gold more than selling the items on the AH would have.
  6. Sold a few flask only had to buy the lotus.
these are the methods to my madness that got me to 10k gold.

Diary Entry: 40th post its a good day.

So last night I reached my short term goal of making 10k gold. This is a good mile stone and it is a hard hill to climb. It seemed like the closer I got to 10k the slower i made gold. I even had a few days with no auctions. The reason for this was RL is > than wow gold making. Also other projects and needs with wow. Sometimes its good to take a few days off from the AH and enjoy other aspects of wow.

So with that short term goal i need to decide what my next goal should be. Gold wise i believe the next stepping stone should be 25k. However I am not going to focus or work as hard as i did for 10k. I will work 30 minutes a day on it maybe more if its a crafting afk session.The other goal is to level my shaman and his JC/mining up so i can take advantage of D/E materials and cutting gems. Currently he is level 11 so i have a ways to go before reaching the cap. Another goal that i may or may not set after making some gold is to finish my BS up by buying materials. This could potentially offer me a more lucrative market to use to make gold than the bag market.

Ill have an update post in a few hours showing a picture with the gold and with a summary of how i made it all.

Tuesday, October 20

Halloween wands made of gold

So as many other sites have noted the costume wands for the halloween event are a quick way to make free gold. I plan to try and take advantage of this by selling the use of the wands from all of my characters. This is also a great way for low level players to make a good bit of gold. Ill give you an update on how this goes tomorrow along with a progress report. Today is raid night and i have a few flask to sell hopefully i can make some good gold off of them. Also My shaman has reached level 10 and has 60 copper ore just from gathering as i Quest its not a ton of ore but I will get more in the Barrens.

Monday, October 19

Leveling and making gold

So yesterday night i started myself a shaman that I'm gonna attempt to level. I got him one piece of BOA gear the stone keeper shard shoulders. Also i gave him 4 netherweave bags to make things easier on me. Now I know this is not a super traditional way to show how to make gold even though I'm playing a low level since i have those advantages. I plan to try and show though how you can level a class and make a good bit of gold while leveling a worth while profession.

I gave my character 20g to use for training and a mount however, when i give gold totals for my character i plan to only tell you how much I made over 20g. I plan to level JC/Mining while leveling my shaman this is what i plan to use as my source of income. I won't be using my other characters professions to synergies or if i do I must Tip the character for DEs and such. I would like to know what people expect as an average tip for a service such as D/E if you could leave that in comments that's what ill choose. My plan is to not use bid/low sell normal on this character to create income. Instead i want to use commonly found items (ex. Meat, Cloth, Greens, quest items) and sell them on the AH as a way to make money alongside selling my JC items or dust gained from D/E my craft items. I think this will provide a good view in how to make money while leveling for new players and old.

Also Look for a Diary report in a few days no big news had a slow weekend.

So about the weekends

I'm sure you guys have noticed but im not posting on weekends I have a family and they take priority. So ill try my best to give you good post monday-friday and if i have time on the weekends ill give you a bonus post. My post for today will come later after brain storming.

Friday, October 16

gold making theory.

Does your gold work for you or do you work for your gold? I wonder if you ask this question to most wow players what the answer would be. I assume they would answer that they work for their gold. I am generalizing here but most wow players don't use their current gold to make gold. They use it for things they need/want. Then when they need more they have to work for it again doing dailies or farming.

As a AH player I use most of my gold to make gold. Which also allows me to cover the cost of wipes, enchants, gems, and gear the things a general wow player worries about. It also allows me to purchase luxuries and not have to struggle for gold. This is the benefit of making your gold work for you. you still have to work some to make gold, but not nearly as hard or as long as a player that grinds dailies and farms. Like in an earlier post a farmer that maxes out making only 300g an hour will never match a player that crafts items and can make 300g in 15 minutes. The only difference is the person making 300g in 15 minutes had to spend gold to make it. However he will make profit either way. Depending on the professions the profit should be good. So don't work to hard for your gold make it work for you.

Thursday, October 15

Undercutting Its the name of the game.

Have you ever posted a ton of items hoping they sell and 2 days later you check your mail and they all return to you. There are two reason for this one is some items just have no buyers or very few buyers. Things i put in this category are Epic BOEs, Blues, cured leathers, some meats. The other reason is you got undercut and the market moved below your price and stayed there. Most of the time there is no way to prevent undercutting but you can minimize the damages.

One way to reduce the damage is to not place your entire stock of items on the AH at one time. Separating it out and posting 30 here and there will make sure that 2 hours later you can post more of the items up. But this time you will be the undercutters dropping the price to a level you deem acceptable as long as its below the competition. However you may still be undercut even after undercutting. This is how markets deflate when players keep undercutting each other lower and lower. Example of this last Friday Netherweave bags were selling for around 13g today they sold for 7g30s. This happened for 2 reasons an abundance of netherweave cloth and me dumping my stock of netherweave with no care how low the price got because it was profit anyways.

One way to curb the damages from not selling because you are undercut is to post auctions for shorter intervals. Instead of posting for 48 hours with a higher deposit. Try posting for 12 hours with a lower deposit to the AH. That away if you do run out of supplies or items you get them returned sooner if your undercut so that you can re post them at the new market price.

Undercutting is a common practice used by players to sell items fast. You can use this to your advantage. In the bid low sell normal process I say look for items that are commonly used see if it says buy or bid. Most of the time when Auctioneer says buy it may be because of undercutting. Some scrub players of wow want to sell quick so they will post items that would sell for about 6g for 3g. This is where you can make some serious profit purchasing these kind of items and reselling them for the normal cost.

So now that your informed that undercutting is a fact of life. Use the tips i provided to not prevent it but mitigate the damage. Also make use of the free gold scrubs dump into the AH all day long. Sell it and make your gold and lol at how easy it was. Use undercutting to make sure your items sell but don't be silly with your undercuts a few silver is all it takes.

Wednesday, October 14

Is a profession worth it?

Today i'm pondering if a profession is worth it. Recently I have had an urge to create a JC. Why do i want this some people may ask. Well i want to be able to craft rings and necklaces to DE. I have no true intrest in the gems though they will turn a nice profit also. Im wondering if an investment into maxing my JC would be a way to increase my gold making dramaticly. If i were to do this i would purchase ore and drop mining on my warrior. Which would make him a BS/JC I would then follow the wow-proffesions guide to leveling JC. To turn a small profit while leveling I would DE the crafted items. except maybe the pre lvl 20 rings and necklaces they can turn a good profit selling to alts. Once I reached 450 i think i would purchase saronite ore to start out building my empite. I would craft the blue gems and save the greens. After saving enough green gems and making some cash off the blues I would begin to purchase the eternals needed to make rings and necklaces. After crafting them i would DE them and sell the mats i make. This could turn a great profit

Tuesday, October 13

Diary Entry: The weekend rush

So this weekend i have not been posting much. For that i am sorry i have a report on my progress for the weekend. If you remember i was sitting at 3.7k gold Friday. Here is a picture of where i ended up just 5 minutes ago.

Im now sitting at 7k gold a mere 3k from my goal. That is around 1k gold a day give or take. It actually could be 900g more but a 500g loan to my cousin and a 400g investment in trying to flip an epic took that. I could make 300g-600g profit on the epic though.

I did this by selling netherweave bags which have dropped from 13g to around 8.30g I've sold a ton I had a bunch of bolts as you saw in a previous post. well now i have depleted my stockpile and i'm going to have to start purchasing netherweave cloth to stay in the bag market. I also sold enchanting scrolls crusader and fiery weapon were the top sellers i made a decent profit even though i purchased the mats. Another method i used was doing a daily transmute of the +30 stamina gems. I got lucky with this and created 5 at once got to love transmute spec. Also i leveled my warrior and found some cobolt ore and a few green BOEs. These were sent to my enchanter to DE and sell off the mats. Upon review though i probably could have enchanted some scrolls and sold the enchants for more.

So now you know what i've been up to for the last few days. Maybe it will allow you to create your own ideas on how to make gold. I plan to hit my target goal in just a few days time.

Sunday, October 11

Diary entry:money mania i wish.

Im crafting bags and doing enchants also had a great proc on an epic gem. 5 gems from one transmute more updates tomorrow with pics and a gold total.

Saturday, October 10

Need quick cash

Do you need quick cash to pay for a repair or something else? here is some useful tips on how to make a quick buck or two.

  1. Go kill low level food providers. Monsters such as boars, murclocs, crawlers drop low level foods such as clam meat, boar meat crawler meat, and the occasional pearls.
  2. Farm low level instances for cloth, greens, and give runthroughs so you have more bag space. Find lowbies that need scarlet monastary or ZF run them through for free with the clause they pick up all the loot. Any greens they dont need for an upgrade is yours also all the cloth. You can either give them the blue boss drops or take them for resale. AH most of the loot you get and you should make good profit with only killing while the lowbie loots.
  3. If your an enchanter running strat and scholomance killing all the bosses in both sides of strat and scholomance will get you alot of enchanting mats. If you have crusader make the scrolls and sell crusader enchants. Disenchant the loot for mats sell off the dream dust and illusion dust. The greater essence is good to sell also. Keep LBS and Righteous orbs for crusader. Also rune cloth can nab you a good bit of gold or you can craft items if your a tailor to DE and sell.
This is just a few tips why don't you guys share more in the comments. Also for the typos this was done in 5 minutes.

Friday, October 9

Diary Entry: Starting out

So i've started my quest towards making 10k gold. Here is the a picture of my guild bank tab starting out.

I have a few herbs which if i can find cheap frost lotus ill make some flask. Also as you can see im sitting at 3.75k gold which is a good start. I plan to make the netherweave into bags to sell and have my cousin cut the gems in this tab to sell. Also ill be using auctioneer to bid low sell normal. I hope to break 5k this weekend maybe even 6k if the bag market is hot. I hope to use netherweave bags as my main source of income so my gold will fluctuate as i buy netherweave to supply my bags. This morning i made 600 bolts of netherweave which cost me around 1k gold. I shouldn't need any more netherweave for a while however it may be worth my time to buy it up to keep my competition from having it. I hope this entry is informative into more of what im doing please comment with critiques or ideas on how i can improve my methods.

Wednesday, October 7

Diary Entry: Goals

So I've decided to setup a diary about the main method I'm using to make goals. As an after thought I also decided that i need to be motivated to pursue this. I needed to set some personal goals. The first goal i decided was that I wanted to break the 10k gold mark.

The reason I chose 10k was I hear its the hardest goal to attain. This is because most people have buy to have what i call the most needed 3. Which are Duo spec, Cold weather flying, and epic flight. While I do agree these are great to have they are not needed well except Cold Weather Flying. However, Most of my toons have Duo spec and only one is missing cold weather flying. As for the epic flight I have only one toon that needs this. I plan on using his goal of getting Flight form at a later date with only that characters professions as a series of diary entries. To get my entries started I'm going to have a post with my inventory and current gold amount. This will allow me to document the ups and downs of how my task is going better.


Well today I got a great review on my blog from A couple of his critiques hit home and after reflecting on them made since. So while I'm not going to stop giving my ADHD gold tips. I plan to try to shift my personal gold focus.

Currently I'm trying multiple markets and making a decent amount of gold. What i may have better success at is focusing on one main market and bidding low selling normal. Does this mean ill drop all the other markets I'm working on no. I'm not going to stop my 20 second transmute daily and selling the gem that's 200g a day for 20 seconds. Nor am i going to stop bid low sell normal because it generates good steady income. What I do plan on doing is examining my AHs current market and finding a niche where i can generate the most profit. Then i will leave what ill call diary entries here on the blog about how this is going.

Also I changed the layout of the blog and plan to test this for a few weeks. Please leave comments on it so i can better serve you the information i have. Also I need some advice on what i should look for in my market to know if its a good idea. Currently i have 430 enchanter/tailor 450 alchemist/herb 350 BS w/ 365 mining, and 342 inscriptionist. Any tips or advice on what works for the professions to make good gold is great. Currently i have a pretty big stock of netherweave bolts so i may see what kind of fun i can do in this market. So look for a new diary entry tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6

Off Topic - no post

I'm currently about to install windows 7 on my laptop so ill be off of wow for a while. At least until tomorrow or later. So I'm not going to have any post for tomorrow.

Time is Money

The saying time is money is what will drives some of my decisions. It does this for 2 reasons one i don't have much play time and two I hate repetitive farming. So how can you put this saying to work in wow. Stop farming look to see if you can buy the mats for less than people pay for the item. If you can you just saved time which means you can spend more time crafting things to sell. With more time to make stuff to sell you have more inventory which means more items to sell which means more money coming in.

A farmer can make 300g/hour if they know what they are doing and don't get bored. I can craft 30 bags in 15 minutes which makes 300g if i sell them cheap on my server. Will i make that 300g instantly no but neither will the farmer he has to either cod or AH his supplies just like me. The difference is while he can max out at 300g an hour and I'm making 300g (theoretical) in 15 minutes then I have a potential to make 3 times the gold as the farmer in an hour. So while yes farming is free gold the farmer just supplies the crafter making 1k gold - the cost of mats. Some people like farming its not a bad way to make gold just don't assume its the fastest.

Monday, October 5

About yesterday

I'm sorry i was not able to post yesterday life and wow got in the way. Yesterday I decided to get my BS leveled to 350. To do this I used a guide from They have great guides although some of the bar counts for certain items were off. I spent probably around 1k to get all of the mats. However I dont count this as a loss of gold because my time was more wisely spent. It took me half the time to level than it would have if I farmed all my own ore.

I spent 1k gold to level my BS I found a way to make some of the money back. I disenchanted the items i was crafting and sold the mats. After disenchanting and selling the items i made around 600g. Which means that i realy only spent 400g to level my BS to 350. Now im slowly leveling my warrior and leveling both his mining and BS at the same time. Hopefully when i reach eternal belt buckles ill be able to enter that market. Im also going to continue DE the items i make so that i can sell them for profit.

Saturday, October 3

Auctioneer bid low sell normal step by step guide

1) Start scanning AH by pressing the >> button.

2) Wait for scan to finish.

3) After scan concludes and blue text appears in your chat box click the search tab

4) On the left in the search tab hit word searches, this should expand a list.

5) On the list under searches click resale.
6) Set the resale search criteria to 50s profit. Then click search in the lower left of the window.

7) Auctioneer compiles a list of the recently scanned AH.

8) Once the list is complete sort the items by type generally i go through whites first, because that's where most trade skill items are.

9) Go through the list picking items then bidding/buying according to what the bid/buy column says.

10) Remember that some items will broadcast a ridiculous resale but it however may not sell that much.

11) After finishing going through the list empty your mail box. Postal helps with this because it has an open all function.

12) Return to the AH and open the appraiser tab.

13) this is how you should re post items you buy. It allows for market price setting so you don't really have to think about what you should sell it for*.
14) It auto places the items into the AH making it easier on you.
16) wait for the profit to come in. If an item doesn't sell keep re posting it eventually it will sell.

* OK you don't have to think ,but don't trust the addon 100% its a machine it will eventually try and kill us all.

Friday, October 2


Well it seems like my money making has stalled. This could be due to less play time recently. Also i seem to be spending more time money and effort on trying to gain control over the netherweave market. So I plan on liquidating the remainder of my netherweave stock. If I can sell the bags for more than 11g ill make profit.

I then am going to try and keep doing bid low sell normal and level my black smithing. I hope to catch it up to 375 by next weekend. Once i get it caught up I'm going to buy the mats to level to 450 since northrend bars are fairly cheap. After that i hope to possibly try the belt buckle market out. I also may look into whether I can find a good tailoring item to craft and d/e for profit.

I've learned a good bit from my netherwave experience. While i didn't accomplish my goal of getting competition out of it i did learn a method to push prices higher and have a stock of mats backed up. I also learned that while the money can be good sometimes the time investment isn't. I was spending more game time focusing on trying to control that market I'm sure i lost money in other markets. I plan to still partake in the bag market but I'm going to let the prices reset on netherweave cloth so i can get a better profit margins. Or at the very least stop paying 11g for stacks of cloth and only selling the bags for 13g 86s .

Thursday, October 1

Reading List

So I decided today to share the different blogs I read and what I like about them.They are in no particular order other than i use WoW Economics page to see if the other sites have new post.

World of Warcraft 100k Gold Challenge -
Author: I don't know his name.
I don't know much about the author or I would post his name. His goal is to make 100k he started as a fresh level 80 and has made it to 73000g. He has funny post and informative ones. He doesn't stick to just one method to make gold its very diverse.

A Gnome's Conquest
Author: Carbon
He uses post that show the math and mentality on how to make gold. Not sure that he has a goal other than having allot of money. He has a great writing style that doesn't drown readers in math. Also he uses real world examples to show how his inscription machine works even if he sells a few glyphs for a loss.

Author: Sarainy
His blog is about nothing but making gold. He is leveling a pally and making gold from professions while doing it. He is very knowledgeable about the different aspects of gold making and shares it in an entertaining read. Also like the fact he updates his total gold on character with each post.

Greedy Goblin
Author: Gevlon
He knows how to make gold heck hes basicly a gold making god. He is the sole reason the term goblin exists as an AH strategy term. He has long informative post which can take time to read but they are well thought out. There are only 2 cons one is I wish he had a better way to view his backlog of post. The other is he focuses on guild/ raid information analysis for me sorry gevlon i only skim them. However he does have his humorous stupid people post that will make you laugh.

Hit The Cap
Tella is a talented author that is using different methods to try and reach the gold cap of 214kg. She currently resides at 92kg which is impressive. She may have gotten a bad report for advertising in fellow bloggers comments but she was like me just wanting to say I'm here check it out. So far her blog is heading in the right direction i hope she can keep it up and give even more details of how she is making 14kg a week.

Just My Two Copper
Author: Markco
This is the guy that started it all for me showing me how to make my first 1kg with no dalies. He post short to the point post about various ways to make gold. Another thing he does is post farming locations and routes. The forums and community surrounding this site is the most generous around. If you truly want to make gold and perfect the art of making gold you spend a good bit of time here.

Morgraan's Corner
Author: Morgraan
Morgraan Post detailed well thought out post. He is like me and starting out with his blog whether restarting it or whatever. So while he may not have many post he does take the time to think about them before posting. Unlike me i just poop out whatever my mind thinks.

My Auction House Banker
Author: Kevin Marquette
Kevin is a very good inscription guru. He has made a ton of gold and runs the glyph market on his server. He also shares about addons he uses and creates. If you want to learn about how to break into the inscription market check out his backlog of post. They are all informative and will teach you what you need to know.

One Copper
Author: Seth
Great post about wow related gold making that's all that needs to be said. He is also thinking about starting a podcast it could be interesting definitely worth looking into.

Too Greedy
Author: Blackwolf
Too Greedy is a MVP at JMTC which means he knows his stuff. He just switched to horde and finally is getting a real raiding experience. Recently his post have been about the new experiences of horde which is always fun to hear.

These are the blogs i read daily I hope that you guys enjoyed hearing about it. Also to all those listed leave me a comment if you didn't want the free advertisement i can edit and remove the section about you. I just wanted to share the different perspectives that influence how i make gold with my readers.