Monday, February 1

Changes of scenery are nice.

Recently Jeri has progressed to Grizzlyhills needless to say im loving it. I have been questing there for one day and qued as dps for dungeons. Its a nice change of scenery from the tundra and dragonblight stuff is actually green and looks natural. I have enjoyed the change and been doing the dailies for a upgraded libram. Which are scarce it will be the best one until i can get a triumph badge one. Jeri is currently level 74.5 and his skinning is 431 so its creating decent profits for the amount of time put into it. I finaly got some tank upgrades I made tempered saronite belt land legs they are nice and make me less squishy as a tank. I also have chest and boots crafted for when i ding 75.

As for gold making im seeing a slow return on the thorium prospecting. Currently im getting under cut on the gems. I am still able to sell a few though profit returns for this will be slow. SO when considering this investment dont put all your gold in it because the return is slow. I also sold several epic cut gems that i had bought so that bumped my gold total to 35k. I plan to make more belt buckles and have them prepared for tuesday. Thats when prices rise because more people get new gear on tuesday. I also am going to purchase more mats for crusade, and fiery. Im going to look into mongoose to see if its profitable it may not be.

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