Wednesday, September 29

Tales of PC repair

Phone call last friday from part time boss.

Boss: Hey can you install win 7 and install a gobi driver on this PC?
Me: Sure thats no problem ive installed win-7 and updated drivers.
Boss: also make sure the gobi has verizon running and that all the hardware is properly installed.
Me: ok no problem i have done that before.
Boss: Oh and i forgot to mention this pc does't have a cd drive.
Me: !!! says something about using a usb stick to install 7.
Boss: Also i need you to install a map program and configure the internal GPS unit to the program.
Me: Nervously saying i think i can do that.
Boss:sounds good you have until monday to finish this.

Later on during friday.
Boss: heres the laptop and a USB stick. All the dvds are in the box.
Me: thanks ill get this done asap.
Boss: Hey how much do you think this laptop is worth?
Me: definatley more than 1000$.
Boss: yeh much higher around 4000$. So make sure nothing happens to it.

What i forgot to mention about this weekend was that it was my birthday weekend. That i was going to be busy most of the day saturday and sunday. I tried researching how to install Win 7 via usb stick, but it was to complicated for me to work out to meet my monday deadline. So i ended up calling my brother who luckily enough had a usb dvd drive i could use. Got win 7 installed and all bu the gobi file installed by saturday night. I finished up mid afternoon on sunday.

Im really enjoying the part time work im getting from this boss. Its rewarding and definatley sharpening my trouble shooting skills. In the few weeks that ive been getting side work from him i have dealt with PSU issues, viruses, repairing windows installations. Its been an adventure especially since I currently borrow my neighbors internet. Which makes updating deaktop units a huge chore but nothing i couln't work around. I just finished fixing the 5th laptop i was given to work on. I really enjoy this work the probelem solving gives me a great since of accomplishment. The best part is im finally building experience, the extra money doesn't hurt either.

Edits done for clarity blogger doesnt like the use <> as name tags i blame the html.

Wednesday, September 22

Little gems from the comment section.

Today my readers I'm going to share with you some lovely comments left by some of my anonymous commenter's. Whats great about these post is people come here to degrade my opinion but fail. Why do they fail because they don't seem to realize that most of their comments are un-educated and for the most part full of hate. i enjoy people having their own opinions in fact i love hearing a well thought out argument against what i believe. I have had my mind changed by arguments that make since and are well thought out. That's the beauty of humanity is we are a species with thousands of ideas and different opinions. The sad part of this beauty is you end up with people like one of my commenter's who does nothing but degrade me for my beliefs.

Anonymous said...
I don't recall sexual orientation ever being in the declaration of Independence or the constitution... maybe if they let gays in the service and be free to marry pedophiles can get jobs teaching or working at day cares. Wouldn't that be keen.

Ahh what a nice hate filled post. See this person starts with a fact no the declaration of Independence did not include sexual orientation. Nor did the constitution but what the declaration did was establish that everyman is created free and equal. With that in mind then by barring homosexuals from being married or serving openly in our military you have made a man un-equal. Gay rights is no different than the civil rights movement or woman rights movement it is a group of people working to become equal to their peers. I also think this posters beliefe is based on faith more so than facts the nice thing about our constitution is the seperation of church and state. Your allowed to follow your beliefs but laws should not be based on christian beliefs.

Then the poster makes a nice left hand turn into ignorance and slams his head straight into a wall of stupid. He argues that somehow being gay is equal to being a pedophile who preys on the young. You sir are wrong being gay doesn't make you morally bankrupt. You probably believe that if gays are allowed to marry then all hetero sexual marriages will end in divorce. I don't mind a good logical thought out reason for why gays shouldn't be married but this is not it. Even an argument based on faith is not good enough to make someone a second class citizen. I'm christian i don't hate gays i don't dislike them i honestly i don't criticize or try and state their going to hell for their sexual orientation. I let them make their choice i may mention the bible says its wrong but god gave us a free will to do what we want. However god also said treat others as you want to be treated and by making gays second class citizens you become a sinner no different than any other sinner in the eyes of god.

Anonymous said...
He has a point. Slippery slope thing. Also what does this have to do with wow gold making?

Slippery slope so you let gays marry then what? Where does the slope go I'm just wondering because to me there is no where else for it to go. By allowing gays to marry you give them equality which is all they want. As for gold making this post has nothing to do with it. I post about what i want on my blog if you haven't noticed titles changed there will still be wow related post just not as many.

Anonymous said...
Lol marko prolly dropped you because of your liberal hippie stuff and no real gold talk...grats btw on congress dropping your gays in the military/illegal immagrant bill today. Sadly you probobly had no idea the dems were trying to slide that one in...

I agree after much thought i don't care that i was dropped from his blog roll. Yes my post have veered away from being strictly wow related. I did care when i wrote that post but have since stopped worrying about it. As for grats on congress dropping a bill i think it shows the lack of spine many of our congress members have to make the right decision. They only make tough decisions when its not their ass on the line. Honestly i think we need term limits on senators . why because 50 years of the same senator stagnates our congress from being effective. The old order rules and no progress can be made for the country.

BTW I'm not a liberal but an independent i vote on who has the best ideas and who i think will help move our country in he best direction. Sometimes its democrats sometimes its republicans honestly I'm not to happy with either. Recently my alignment has been towards the liberal side why because what the right wants is not in my opinion whats best for our country as a whole. As for being a hippie i guess i do have hippie tendencies . As for the lack of gold post its because of the lack of need for gold or lack of playing wow.

This is all for today im sorry to bring controversy to my readers but i believe that by sharing my oppinon i may change a few minds. If you dont like my view or disagree please comment tell me why or add to the converstation. i really try my best to read every comment with an open mind. BTW since this will move down the last post let me add my xbox gamer tag is bobreaze88 if you wish to discuss with voice chat any of my views or just get a few kills on COD:MW2 id love the company of my readers. Just send invites and mention the blog. I even invite you mr Anon #1 to come and play and if you want to discuss your comments or my views in a non hostile way that would be fine with me.

Mr. Gold Maker has run out of time

So im currently to busy to play wow or make gold. Im in a good spot to begin crafting glyphs for 4.o it just seems that things are currently to busy in life to really play wow effectivley. with less than an hour to play daily the reward for playing is non-exsistent. So with that in mind i have generally been using my game time to begin sharpening my modern warfare 2 skills. Why am i doing this? well i can get in a round or 2 and the reward of pleasure and happiness seems to be more than i can currently get from wow.

So since im currently unable or unwilling to play wow theres not much to update on the gold front. However i would like to invite my readers to play MW2 on xbox live with me if they wish to. my gamer tag is bobreaze88 just send me a friend invite with a message stating your a blog reader. ill add you to friends and hopefully catch you online to play a few games. I look forward to growning my friends list and hopefully enjoying the company of my readers. I even invite the ones that disagree with some of my more recent post to join me we can have civil debate through live instead of delayed postings on the inter-webz.

Monday, September 20

2nd class citizen.( a rant )

Imagine yourself in love with a person wanting to share your life with them. You want to make things official under the law but can't. You can't because people think you wanting to spend your life together some how harms their marriage or them. Or imagine you want to serve in the military so that you can get experience in life job skills and benefit from the GI bill. However if you do you can't tell your sexual orientation or you will be judged. Along with that you will be working in an environment that is hostile towards your sexual preference for no valid reason. This is a common problem for gay Americans they face prejudice from every angle when all they want is to be equal to non gay citizens.

To me this is a heart breaking situation. Personally i know a few gay people and have never had an issue with any of them. In fact they seem to be some of the most honest people you will meet. However it seems that Americans have this notion that gays are the root of evil. That by allowing them to marry or vocalize their orientation we degrade our country. How is a gay person being gay hurt our country though? if they all married tomorrow I'm sure it might help. Perhaps some would marry a spouse that has health insurance and they would be insured reducing the number of un-insured. Perhaps these gay couples would stop the trend of adopting foreign kids and begin helping raise the orphans of America. But wait gays can't raise children that would cause the world to end some would say. Well your wrong children need to be raised in a loving home be it gay parents or hetero reducing the number of orphans and un adopted children in America would only benefit us in the long run.

If your against gays being themselves and choosing a different lifestyle than you you are un American and judgemental. If you believe that being gay is a sin you are Christian. But if you believe being gay a sin you must also follow the bible which states to love all people like you love yourself regardless of their sins. I find that many Christians myself included forget the passage let those who are with out sin cast the first stone. We judge without wanting to be judged we don't accept or try to understand that which we find morally wrong. We live in a close minded country where we use our laws to dictate morality when in fact we shouldn't judge. All Homo sexual men and women want is to be an equal citizen like you and me. To not let their sexual orientation dictate what they can and can't do. I believe we should give them this because in a free country all men are created equally be it gay, straight, llama whatever.

Friday, September 17

Updates Updates Updates (off-topic)

Well updates where to start i guess with life. Me and my wife have gotten under contract to purchase a home. its 1500sq ft and just needs some love and care. Were getting a grant valued at 30499$ to use as a downpament and to cover closing cost. The price we offered on the home is 83500$. After having several episodes of drama things seem to be going well on this front total cost beig mortgaged is going to be around 50000$. Not bad for 3 bed rooms 2 bath home with vaulted living rom ceiligs etc. I'm also beging a new job part time until we close on the home after which ill begin fulltime. The job is IT related and looks like it will offer me a promising career. Its with a company where i can grow my IT skills evenly instead of just being a help desk technician or pigeon holed into one task. so yay me

Wow news theres not much because school has taken over. I want to play but between studying family and more work theres little time. I'm nervous about 4.0 making paladins lol ret again but things will work out im sure. Hunters seem to be promising and i may go ahead and farm BOA items to play one after the release of 4.0. Gold making is at a stand still but i am beginig to ammass some glyph stock that ill use upon 4.0s release assuming thats when the great glyph change happens. One funny thing is my son loves watching my pally ride his motorcycle around. Im using this as an ppurtunity to teach him how to move the character around. He likes it but being only 2 im not sure how long it will interest him.

On the MJ front depressing news. MJ arrest have risen 1.3% this year to 858,408 people. OF these arrest a whopping 88 percent (758,593 Americans) were charged with possession only. leaving only 99,815 other individuals that were charged with “sale/manufacture,” a category that includes virtually all cultivation offenses. This is the second highes total of arrest ever 2007 having the highest with 872,721 arrest. I guess this is americas freedom at work. Where individuals are arrested for pursuing happiness through the smoking of a plant that is arguably safer than americas other legal intoxicants.

Wednesday, September 8

Little Niche for scribes

As a scribe there are multiple ways to get rid of excess sknowfall ink. You can sell it raw, craft cards, runescrolls, and offhands. One of my favorite ways to get rid of excess snowfall is to craft 5 of each epic offhand. These sell for an average of 250g plus on my server. I make around 10 offhands at a time. I have them set up in QA3 to undercut by around 3 gold. I can normally sell 1-2 every few days sometimes more. Its a nice supplementary income that is low matienance.

Friday, September 3

Heh funny what happens when your removed from a blog roll.

Have you ever noticed when your blogs removed from someone Else's site? Well i just did i was once linked on Marckos site just my two copper. He was the reason i began making gold in the first place. I find it discerning to be removed from his blog roll. I guess i shouldn't complain most blog writers believe that Marcko is thing more than a sly business man. I however have no view other than his site is a great resource and i'm curious why my blog was removed from the list. Marcko if your reading this i wouldn't mind an answer you can drop it in the comments.

I guess i may have ran him off with my views on MJ, I wonder how many people i alienated for those post? I don't really care maybe they read it and learned something. Maybe it opened their mind to view the world in a different more free way. All i know is that when you have something on your mind that consumes it one way to alleviate this feeling is to write about it. MJ policy is one of those subjects for me.

The reason why im for changing our current MJ policy is because it was created by racism, lies, and propaganda. That the laws have been enforced unequally causing major harm to minority groups and young people. What little good is caused by the prohibiting the use of MJ(the safest drug available) is destroyed when you look at the harms of prohibition itself.

Prohibition has caused an increase in violence by drug dealers, cartels, gangs and given them a monopoly on distribution and production of MJ. It placed parents in jail and broken up families placed teens in jail. Prohibition has given police the ability to plant GPS on your car without a warrant. Prohibition has allowed police forces to use paramilitary forces to serve warrants entering homes by kicking down doors instead of knocking. Prohibition has allowed for swat to use tatics such as shoot dogs when serving warrants. Prohibition gave cops the power to steal property and sell it profit. Making MJ bust a great way to profit from the low hanging fruit. Prohibition has de regulated the sell of drugs allowing anyone even young teenagers 13-14 easy access to drugs through drug dealers.

The reason im for MJ policy change and only want legalization is because i know the current laws don't work. Prohibition of MJ has not ended use of MJ, Prohibition has not diminished the production or distribution of MJ. Prohibition has only cost us money destroyed lives and created criminals out of other wise law abiding people. People who just want to be taxed and accepted for their recreational drug of choice. A recreational drug that is safer than most pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or any other drug. A drug that was freely available since ancient times and used as medicine until 1913 when it was removed from the American Pharmacopoeia. A drug that grows naturally from a plant all it needs is tender loving care.

11 Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

A plant that if your christian was put here by god for people it was good. A plant that is so safe a person would have to smoke 80,000 joints in one hour to OD on. A plant that has more uses than just being a recreational drug. MJ and hemp its non drug cousin have been used by mankind for years and to forbid the use especially when it harms no other individuals goes against nature, common since, and the desire of god who said it was good.

Where I came from. Where im going, ( a recap of my wow career)

My first character to hit 60 back in wow classic was a paladin. I had the misconception 1-40 that i was going to DPS. Well that didn't work out because back in those times paladins were designed to heal. I was an odd ball until i finally grabbed some cloth and began healing. ZF was my first dungeon to heal I eventually healed all the classic dungeons. I raided ZG, MC, and Ony. one attempt at BWL and a few AQ20 attempts. Attaining an ok mix of purples including my coveted T2 helm( the best pally set ever). I concluded Wow classic a healer and began BC a mage.

I leveled 2 70s in BC a mage alliance, and then a horde warrior. I never managed to even take my mage to Kara during BC. Shortly after 70 i made full switch from alliance to horde leaving behind a server and friends to play with family. I then began leveling a undead warrior which btw was probably one of the hardest classes to level at the time besides priest which is what i tried first. I switched between fury, arms until around 65 when i went full protection. I raided mostly T4 raids eventually clearing ZA several times. My warrior was decked out in full t4 tank, and arms set i was managing to top my guilds ZA raids DMG charts whenever 3.0 came around.

In lich king my playing has been different than most other expansions. I had a kid and got married and grew up alot. I leveld my original pally (Jeri) from 62-75 before having to deactivate my account. I also leveled a druid from 65-80 gearing it up to around 5150 gs and have an average 4850 gs for 2 offspecs. I managed to kill a boss in every raid but ruby sancutm. I also began writing about my wow journeys and experiences making gold. I managed to make around 60k gold casually playing the AH and starting a mammoth glyph industry. Ive taken breaks but returned to wow for various reasons. However playing wow is like puting on my favorite shirt it fits just right. I play wow as a hobby its a place to meet newpeople and kill time. I used to be hardcore raider every night now i just raid once a month if that. Im a gold making machine when i set my mind to it. I can amass enough to buy whatever items i want. This is my wow history for anyone who cares.

When life takes adump on you

It sucks.

Thursday, September 2

Ret or Prot That is the question.

Currently my paladin is level 41 and specced ret. Which is good my attacks hit like a truck and i mow through mobs. However one of my readers suggested i tried prot. Well i may just do that i'm not sure to switch to prot i will have to level my 1h weapon skill but other than this there are no big hurdles. I have the shield from SM and the 1h tank sword from SM quest. The main reason i hesitate to change prot is that in pvp i may not be a killing machine. However i would be a usefull distraction and a possible flag carrier in PVP. I will probably just grab Duo spec and begin leveling wep. skill to try out prot. I know that as prot doing dungeons will become alot quicker to que which means less questing. However by having duo spec i can choose if i want a longer que time and quest or instant que and have no wait.

Im currently stockpiling ink. I have around 600 IOTS which is not nearly enough to begin crafting glyphs. I plan to continue buying northrend herbs in mass and hoarding my ink. This will have 2 effects the first is that ill be able to mass craft when i reach my desired ink level. The other is that i will drain my competition of their herb supplies. Which will send the prices of glyphs higher creating an ideal market for me to sell glyphs in whenever i reach my desired level of ink. Hopefully ill continue to craft around 500 IOTS a day reaching my desired storage point in 4 days. Once i reach 2k inks stored i plan to begin crafting 10 of every glyph. While i am crafting i will continue to syphon herbs off the market to keep my competition from supplying.

Wednesday, September 1

GAHHH. Pally leveling

Gahh. this is my thoughts on leveling my pally right now. Im level 41 and enjoying leveling IE seeing places doing dungeons etc. There is one thing that irkes me about my paladin. The lack of attacks. Currently if im solo i can judge, hand of reck, excorcise, or concencrate if im in a dungeon or PVP cut out Hand of Reck. This means paladins currently have from level 20-50 4 or 3 damaging attacks. It makes for a realy repetitive leveling process. Thank god cataclysm is coming and new players won't have to endure this tedius grind. im really surprised blizzard didn't implement crusader strike at level 1 earlier seeing as the put victory rush at a low level for warriors.

Oh well im almost to crusader strike which will make me feel even stronger. Its nice to know that when i pvp at 59 at least ill have 3 instant attacks to try and bring someone to down. Currently its judge, excorsism, wait for CD. Which is frankly frustrating knowing that if i had one more button my chances of killing the person would be better. One good thing about PVP currently is that my Hog brings alot of envy, i like envy even if it makes me vain. The bad thing about PVP feeling like your the only one focusing on healers. People if your PVPing any level healer first then other classes or else you die. Its not hard kill priest, shaman, and druids that aren't in a form. If you dont that hunter thats kiting you will be healed and you will be dead.

On the gold front i sold some netherweave bags made 500g. Not bad just nothing interesting going on really. Currently purchasing herbs to begin milling when i have free time. Hoping to craft more glyphs so that i can slow post and make a little gold. Im still at 37k gold which is enough to bank roll anything i want. Ill probably be able to increase it even more whenever the patch 4.0 makes glyphs permanent. I plan to have around 20-40 of each glyph ready to sell prior to this patch. The reason for this stock pile is to take advantage of the short term buying frenzy and maximize profit.