Wednesday, March 31

Glyph machine: Upgrades & modifications

The glyph machine got an overhaul on monday and tuesday. Monday Ibegan expanding my production i now keep 8 of every glyph that i can craft. This took a good bit of effort and i began running into the issue of no bankspace and full bags. It also took a lot of ink to increase my stacks from 3-8. Which meant alot of my gold got reinvested into herbs instead of sitting there shiney. I ended monday with 7k ish gold.

Tuesday came around and Idecided I needed to top my glyphs off. Well i managed to shuffle bags around and get my glyphs crafted. This was when I decided enough was enough the glyph machine needed a new wheel. So I added my priest to the machine as a banker. He currently is level 14 and doing nothing but gathering dust. So i purchased 2 inscription bags for him and parked him in the silvermoon AH. I then downloaded bulk mail 2 addon and added it to my small army of addons. This addon allowed me to set up a rules that said every DK, Druid, hunter, and priest glyph got sent to my priest. So now when I open my send mail window if i have any of these glyphs it will ask me if i want to send. Click send and bam 30 seconds or less later my scribes bags where half empty. Now i have 2 wheels spinning in my glyph machine and im making good progress in the market.

How big of a competitor am I? This is a hard question for me to answer last night i had 888 glyphs posted. In the whole AH there were 3000 glyphs. So i suppose im a huge competitor in my market. It seems like the more i expand my bussiness less people under cut me. Currently i have one person who i know under cuts me in the mornings and at night. I have his names saved to my friends list and make sure to post right after both of his toons go offline. Im hoping a few more days of keeping him undercut and he may decide to leave the market. My glyph machine is moving and i hope to keep the gears oiled and keep producing profit. Last nights sales finaly pushed me over 10k gold combined between my 3 toons. I hope to eventually make it to the gold cap andI can see inscription carrying me to it.

Monday, March 29

Glyph Machine: Chugging Along.

My glyph machine is running smoothly. I have finaly learned all of the glyphs i can from books so now im down to just learning 2 new glyphs a day. My current production level is 3 of each glyph. Which i have been restocking almost daily. Im going to up production of glyphs to 8 of each glyph. This will allow me to post glyphs with out having to cancle saving me time to do cancling later when i have time. I also began crafting the some vellums and a few fort scrolls. I also decided to make some off hands just to try and see how they sell.

My current gold on my glyph banker is 6k gold. On my other bank toon i have around 2k gold. Which means grand total is 8k gold. Ill easily break 10k again this week. I also have been itching to dive into a few old markets. Im planning on producing more belt buckles if their price is up. I am also going to try and make 10 titanium rods and 10 arcanite rods to sell. These will bring me gold from other markets and are post and forget type of auctions. Hopefully by using multiple markets i can increase my daily income. I managed to make around 2k gold on saturday in sells all from inscription. The gold machine keeps chugging i just have to keep it maintained and add some more bells and whistles so it can go faster.

Saturday, March 27

Ink Test.

So here is the math to show how much i'm currently spending for IOTS. In my test i purchased 49 stacks of herbs. This is about the average amount of herbs I purchase mainly because supply is always lower than i would like.

29 stacks of icethorn 14g each 406g
20 stacks of lichbloom 17g each 340g
Total investment 746g
46 snowfall ink and 275 ink of the sea
46 snowfall ink x 8g= 368g
746g-368g(snowfall)= 378g spent on IOTS

378g/275IOTS= 1.3g per ink of the sea which means any glyph that sells for more than 1.8g is pure profit. Hopefully this helps people make the decision to jump into inscription.

Friday, March 26

day 3 as a scribe.

WEll I made it past my first couple of days as a scribe and had tremendous profit. Day three though my profit dropped to only 500g. I believe there was one factor for this. I posted my glyphs early around 9 o clock and didn't even post all of them. So not only did i not cover a majority of the glyphs, i posted early enough for my competition to come in and undercut me. Its a lesson i needed to learn. To make great profit you have to put in the effort and make sure to do things properly. Posting after the competition gives me more oppourtunities to make sells before being undercut. Posting all my glyphs makes sure that if someone wants it i have it posted. I probably lost out on a good bit of sells las t night due to my mistake.

Tonight and tomorrow are going to be crafting days im hoping to increase my glyph stock to 8. this will allow me to post glyphs twice before having to cancle. This will cut down the time i spend on wow which makes my wife happier. Currently between both characters i have over 5k gold seems like ill be busting through the 10k barrier sometime next week. I plan to make a major investment in herbs over the weekend. Ill be stocking up so i can try and only have one mill day during the work week. This will also reduce total time needed to keep my glyphs crafted because i wont have to mill before i begin crafting if i have to restock glyphs mid week. I also plan to purchase more books to try and learn all the glyphs i can.

On a side note did anyone realize they were making most glyphs one ink in 3.3? I didn't until last night which means less ink consumed. I think blizzard just made one of the most profitable proffessions even more profitable. It also means that a large stock of ink will last much longer than it used to. I still havent done a proper calculation on how profitable selling glyphs currently is but i know that total gold spent on herbs has been 1400g since maxing out inscription which means ive made over 4400g on my scribe since he is sitting at only 3kg. I guess when i purchase my next bulk batch of herbs ill try and document everything and work on the math to get my total glyph cost.

Thursday, March 25

Glyph machine night 2

Night 2 of the glyph machine consisted of milling, crafting , posting. I had purchased 700g worth of icethorn the night before so i decided it was time to mill and craft. I also increased my crafting que from 2 of every glyph to 3. I'm hoping to increase it to 5 by next Monday. Currently a crafting que of 3 left me making 365 glyphs. Not bad seeing as some of the crafting was just 1 glyph to fill a stack back up. I'm noticing that like everyone said leveling glyphs sell like shit sandwiches. Which means they sit in my bag doing nothing because my threshold is at 4g 30s and some are down to 99s.

I'm doing my daily research ad investing in books when i see decent deals. Today when i checked my mail at lunch after checking it i had 2500g which means i made around 1500g last night. Not a bad profit. Hopefully with my gold supply going higher i can invest in more icethorn and spend less time milling next week. Glyphs are a great business and things smooth out after that first jump into the market.

i was comparing myself to my competitors last night and it seems that I'm posting as many glyphs as some of them. most post only 3 to 5 of each glyph. They however probably have a bigger stock so they don't have to mill as often. My goal for next week is to increase my stock to at least 5 of each glyph. I'm trying to figure out what the benefit of having stacks larger than 5 would be. I guess i wouldn't have to wait at the mail box if i got undercut i could just hit post. But i don't mind canceling then clearing my mail then posting again. Currently i have 400 glyphs posted out of 2600 which means I'm getting closer to gaining 2/5 ths of the glyph market. if i could get my glyph production up to where i had a presence of 1/4 th i would be more than pleased. I'm not sure why i want to be 1/4th of the glyph market but it seems like it would offer greater chances for making gold. As always please leave comments and advice its always appreciated.

Wednesday, March 24

"Damn" My first night as a scribe

Damn is the word that describes my first night as a working scribe on my server. Damn I love KTQ and QA3 I would die with out them. Damn milling 60 stacks of icethorn sucks my balls. Damn Skillet makes me press start for every glyph. Damn this was so worth leveling why didn't i do it earlier.

Last night I began my journey to becoming a profitable scribe. I began my night by milling 60 stacks of icethorn. After I completed milling i took an inventory of stock I had over 700 IOTS. I then began the task of downloading and configuring KTQ and QA3. Which I had read several guides on earlier in the day to become familiar with them. KTQ was easy just send it the command KTQ QUE 2 glyph I had its threshold set at 5g. So this meant KTQ sent a command to skillet to craft 2 of every glyph that sold for more than 5g. Skillet is an addon similar to ATSW which allows crafting to become easier. A quick trip to the vendors and I had all the materials needed to craft 2 of every glyph. After a long time of pressing process que and changing out inscription bags crafting was complete. As you can see in the picture below my bags were stuffed full of every glyph. I had 7 full inscription bags of nothing but glyphs 366 in total.

After getting my bags full i ran to the Ah to begin configuring QA3. I had a few miss fires with the configuration. I accidentally set the threshold to 50g when i meant to make that my fallback. I also tried to post items with nothing in my item group. After spending time sorting this out I finally got QA3 configured how i wanted. Currently my threshold is 4g30s and my fall back is 50g32s5c it will under cut by 1s32c every time i post. I know I am not a goblin in how i post but if i got in a under cut war i could change my under cut and threshold values.

My first night as a scribe I captured 1/10th of my glyph market I had around 366 auctions posted out of 2600. Not bad for a first night hopefully i can keep the pace up. My results for my effort showed almost immediately. Within 5 minutes of posting my auctions i had 6 sells. Last night after posting my scribe sat at 350g. After re posting a few times and getting mail he sat at around 1700g. Which means for my first day seriously doing inscription i raked in around 1400g. I have since reinvested 700g in the purchase of more icethorn. The glyph machine is taking off its exciting and new. Ill try and get more accurate numbers to show how profitable inscription is for me. I look forward to sharing my experience with my readers and hopefully inspiring them to take on the wild task of building a scribe empire.

Tuesday, March 23

glyph images. Post on them tomorrow.

OMG glyphs. "A noobs perspective of the daunting glyph market"

So i reached 65 yesterday and began leveling inscription to the max. I reached 446 before running out of green glyphs and snowfall to do darkmoon cards. I did my daily research and bought 17 glyph mastery books. Currently my glyph bussiness is kinda unsteady i have around 300 IOTS in my bank. The hard part is just trying to figure out what glyphs to make.

I belive i may follow kevmars example and begin making every glyph starting with 3 of each kind. I am going to modify it though to make each glyph that has a value of 6g or more. I think this would probably be the easiest method to learn the market and find out which glyphs i shouldn't make. It will also allow me to get QA3 set up so i can begin posting and canceling glyphs more efficently. Auctioneers appraiser jsut doesn't cut it for making it big in the glyph market.

Currently have around 2.5k gold on my main banker my scribe is at 80g due to the purchase of books & cheap tiger lily. However i need to find a good supply of icethorn or equal level herbs. The reason being is that it produces more icy pigments for snowfall ink. Which i am either going to sell or use to craft more darkmoon cards. Last night i made 6 cards and luck was on my side i crafted 3 nobles cards. Their value is around 1500g the other 3 cards though dont sell for much.

My goals for tonight are craft 2-3 of every glyph above 5g in value and configure QA3 to post and cancle them. I also need to look into inscription bags it seems that im going to need several of these in the future. Glyph machine is starting work im just at phase 1 and will need several days to get my machine moving.

Monday, March 22

Trade Chat: Its good for more than anal jokes

So the other day why checking mail i saw an opourtunity i couldnt pass up. 5 stacks of titanium ore for 200g each. Now if i did what i normaly do and ignore trade chat i wouldnt have gotten such a good deal. So the moral of this tale is dont ignore trade chat just ignore the idiots spouting out anal jokes.

In other news I have around 2k gold worth of auctions posted and have around 1.6k gold on my main banker and 1k gold on my DK scribe. I have a stack of belt buckles collecting dust because i refuse to sell them at 30g each. My Dk is half a level away from 65 so ill begin my journey to 450 inscription tonight. Currently i have around 300 IOTS waiting to be used to gain my 450 and begin creating a store of glyphs to sale. My experience with higher end glyphs so far has been positive while im not maximizing profit by cancling constanly. i have managed to sell all but 10 or so glyphs that i made while reaching 375 inscription. Once i hit 450 ill get QA3 and look into KTQ to see which is best for my needs. Then ill become the most devious AH camper ever seen.

This week should be exciting hoping to have a few good post on my impressions from the glyph market. Also it will be interesting to see how the frozen orb change affects the alchemy markets if 3.3 hits. Also does anyone know of a way to automate milling ? i currently have a macro that auto mills everything i have with a click but im looking for a way to get this process fully automated similar to inking. I may possibly have to invest in a toy bird that bobs up and down to press the 1 key for me. One way this may acheived would be through using a key board macro on a g15 similar to how people afk BGs by jumping. However this runs the risk of causing a ban hammer to fall so ill have to look into my options.

Friday, March 19

375 inscription. Gold updates. glyph methods

I paid someone to ink some spare herbs i had laying around in the bank and crafted 13 snowfall and 93 IOTS. I posted the snowfall in AH as individuals hoping to sell them off and make a little side cash. I then proceeded to make Jessica sellers ink shop my temporary home. I crafted around 60 armour vellum III to sell. I also grabbed the 3 patterns the inscriptionist supplier sells. I used up my supply of ink crafting glyphs that sell for around 10-25g each. Currently they are in the AH selling slowly.

To accomplish my goal of using inscription to make gold im using several addons. The two i used last night were Lil sparky's workshop and Advanced trade skill window. Lil Sparky's allows you to get a value of the different glyphs that you can create. I don't take this as the absolute value but more of a general guideline of selling price. ATSW allows you to Que multiple glyph or processes allowing you to set production and go. ATSW also will purchase all the materials needed from a vendor such as resilient parchment. There is one more addon that i haven't used yet but will begin configuring today that's QA3. It is supposed to allow you to set a minimum and maximum for glyph prices and it will cancel and post the glyphs for you. To make a larger profit in the glyph market frequent re posting will ensure you make more sales. This is were QA3 is supposed to come in and streamline the process making it less tedious.

Hopefully i can push my DK to 65 over the weekend and use the gold from selling glyphs to purchase more herbs to level to 450. In other news my meta gems are selling quickly chaotic skyflares seem to sell more regularly than my rare cuts for earthseige. One reason i think the earthseige cuts aren't selling is being undercut. I haven't looked to see but it may be a reason for the sluggish sales. My belt buckles are sitting in my bank the market is down around 28g per buckle which is lower than I'm willing to sale. The market for buckles will reset up it can't sustain the low price i foresee a 10-20g increase in price coming in the next few days. current gold count is around 1800g spent allot on bid low sell normal. So either ill win my bids or lose them either way its gold gained or staying the same.

Thursday, March 18

Druid Healing A Summary

Druid healing can be fun and interesting and tedious at the same time. In a 5 man group druid healing is probably my favorite healer instead of reactive healing I'm proactive keeping WG and rejuv. up with occasional swift mends and nourish as needed. As a 5 man healer i can sit back relax OH all dungeon long and its become a loot pinata. I consider my self a great 5 man healer.

Raiding is when i start feeling almost ineffective as a druid healer. The reason being is being a HOT specialist i feel that in raids i can do my rotation* 5 rejuv. wildgrowth and regrowth on tanks and still it feels like I'm not benefiting the raid. I swift mend when its needed but most of the time the target that needs a swift mend doesn't have a hot on him so then its rejuv.-SM. However by the time i do rejuv.- swift mend combo a priest or shaman or pally has already spot healed the person making my spells a waste. I can pull around 4k HPS in VOA and i have hit 5k HPS in TOC it just seems like with raid healing Ive hit a wall. Heal sniping makes me feel ineffective other healers with direct heals seem to be able to top raid damage off faster than my HOTs can with less effort. I guess this is just me whining because as a healer i like to feel like I'm the hero these people lived because of me. In a raid i feel like oh i covered those people then u guys came and topped them off i guess i helped.

I suppose the reason i feel ineffective is while hots are great for helping keep someone alive they don't have the bam of other healers spells. Which leads me to my next subject WTB chain heal or circle of healing. Or a redesign on specific hots maybe give Wild Growth a direct heal then HOT component. I don't know I'm just talking out of my ass druids are fine and I'm a good healer i just wish i were better. Lag has allot to do with my occasional fail as a healer 25 people shooting spells makes my laptops inter grated GPU bog down which causes my healing to become slower.

* druids don't have a rotation this is just a basic guide line.

New Beggings: Spending gold to make gold

Yesterday i decided it was time to kick my rusty gold making machine into gear. I purchased the mats to make 40 meta gems 20 of each type. I also purchased the mats to make 20 eternal belt buckles. Total gold spend was roughly 1000g however the estimated sell price for all the items produced is around 2100g or 1100g profit. Once they all sell ill be sitting around 3400g. I hope to reach level 64 on my DK which means just one more level before i can begin pushing his inscription to max level.

Current gold level is 1500g. which is really low but sometimes to make gold i have to spend gold. I used to spend 5-6k gold to make more gold so this is no different just puts my gold lower than my comfort level. On a side note i plan to do a small write up on Advanced trade skill window and LIL sparkys workshop. From what i understand these are very valuable to becoming a inscription master also it will help with starting up the old netherweave bag machine.

Kicking my rusty gold making machine into action feels good. It will take time for the results of my efforts to show. Hopefully it will also show that no matter how low your gold gets with the right techniques you can always bring in more gold. Maybe it will inspire someone with a low amount of gold to begin their journey to riches who knows. I plan to document what i do and the results of my investments so that it gives a clear picture on how the whole system works.

Wednesday, March 17

Druid updates

Well druid healer currently sits at 5065 gs which i can inflate to 5.2k depending on gear choices. I managed to do TOC 25 man 10 & 25 man VOA and my weekly raid this week. Happy times for my druid i got some nice feral gear and more badges. I have been trying to do at least my daily heroic for badges and hope by next monday ill have the 80 badges needed to build 4/4 boomkin t9. Im debating on making a forray into ICC 10 ( my comp hates 25 mans ) currently i can pull around 3-5k hps which is respectable seeing as i generally get heal sniped.

Gearing the druid is fun and making wow a new game so much fun that ive only put an hour into ff13. Hopefuly i can rectify this later today and put a little more time into the "precious". Currently my DK is sitting at 63.5 which means a level and a half from my goal of 65. Im going to get some herbs i have layed around miled to get him leveled up to 350 so that when he hits 65 he can mill his own herbs.

in gold news im up 400g to 2400g still poor but its ok. I am gaining gold slowly through bid low sell normal. Im also slowly gathering mats for a batch of belt buckles & meta gem transmutes. Hopefully if i get time i can spend around 1k gold and make 3k gold profit putting me at 4400g if i can expect me to post results on monday.

So long blog. Lamenting the loss of a blog

Recently one a Blogger i respect and read daily closed up shop. Not an uncommon occurence in the blogging world however they did it in a very shocking way. Unlike me they didnt take a hiatus they just deleted all their previous post and stopped. For me this is unsettling the thought of deleting all my hard work is demoralizing. So if i ever actually stop blogging i wont close up shop ill just take an unnanounced hiatus like my last one. The reasoning for this blogger to close shop was unwanted attention or maybe criticism from other bloggers. Im not sre what i do know is that the druid healer community lost a jewel of information and someone who had fun to read post.

Tuesday, March 16

quick post

So blog has died again which i mean to rectifhy soon (tm). My RL has been hectic plus i havent had any gold stories to talk about. Well im considered poor now i have 2k gold to my name. What happend you may say well i played wow and spent gold an improved my character. While doing this my means of making gold expired and i just havent kept at it. Plans Well the DK is level 63 yay it leveld 1 whole level. But i have my cousin and friend to level with to 65 so i hope to finish this nightmare of a task by the weekend. Unless FF13 gets in the way only an hour in and i hear it calling me from my wow. After reaching 65 i plan to begin a vellum bussiness and craft a few offhands. Glyphs may be something to poke my nose into but currently wish to stay away from them because well time. Ill post more info as i can also for the person that posted 7 fiery enchants at 25g on blackdragon flight ty i fliped them for 50g profit each.

Tuesday, March 2

Gold trickles in.

Gold is trickling into my coffers. I havent really cared to make any. I have enough to repair enchant ETC. I think im feeling the wow burnout mainly because of lack of raid time coupled with lack of progression for my druid. My druid sits at 5086 GS it only took me 2 weeks to get every peice of badge gear. Now i need to work on my Boomkin set and i just cant get motivated to play my druid. Its depressing so I began leveling a priest. My priest is called blindlight its a BE male which are ok looking. Ill be leveling holy/disc up to 40 then my shadow side will come out to play. i have 3 BOA items so playing him is enjoyable. Im going to grab JC and begin leveling it hopefully this project will be fun and enjoyable. Ill have a more indepth post about Blindlight in a few hours or tomorrow lets just say leveling this caster has been interesting.