Wednesday, September 30


I can has google analytics tracking you cheese burgalers. But seriously i installed it on the page just to see how many hits i get. If you have a problem with it let me know.

Also on another note AH-Whoring took the time to write up a nifty spread sheet. Its on crafting personally its a little over my head but if the're any big time craft\de people that read blog this take a look. maybe you can make heads or tails of it.

I think ill do a post about the sites i read daily tomorrow. It doesn't take long to read them and they have valuable information i probably don't have.

My proffessions and an update on the guide

Currently i have 2 characters with max proffessions

450 tailoring/enchanter
450 herb/alchemist
342 inscription
375 mining 225 blacksmith

After i finish leveling my BS ill have 3 chars with max professions that i can use to make even more gold. My inscription is on hold mainly because i don't like playing the DK and don't feel a need to jump in that market because of time constraints. That leaves only leather working, skinning, JC and engineering that i don't have. However i do have a JC that does anything i need done because hes family.

Well the guide is coming along i have it mostly done however recently i have had bad Internet problems. Mainly my neighbor turns off their router which kills the free Internet i need to play. So whenever i get a good Internet connection i plan to post the guide

Blacksmith leveling

I have a new goal for my gold today. It will cost me 7k g but I'm really looking forward to accomplishing the task. I plan to use the 7k g to get my recently reactivated warrior his epic flyer, dual spec, and cold weather flying. Here's the catch though instead of mooching the gold from my current gold making factory. I'm going to use my warriors professions and leveling gold to accomplish my task. His professions are 375 mining and 225 black smithing. Which means its back to azeroth to farm the ore to catch my BS up to 375. I am however making a 1k loan from my factory to get Dual spec just so i can test arms and prot out to see which i want to use.

I plan to farm the old school thorium ore myself instead of spending 75g a stack. After farming the ore and crafting various items i will send them to my DE char to be made into enchanting mats. Then ill sell the mats for profit or look at creating rare enchants to sell as scrolls. I hope to keep a tally of how well the mats sell and how much gold i make leveling my BS up to 450.

Tuesday, September 29

Way off topic

Ok guys i just wanted to share something off topic for my readers. Microsoft Security Essentials its a new free anti-virus and anti-malware program. It is very lite on your system and wont hog the cpu. Looks intresting i plan to download it today to test it out. Sorry about the offtopic post but im currently going to school for IT and i belive everyone should use programs like this. Its free and it will keep the cooties away. Which means less chance of your wow passwords being hacked which is good for everyone.

Alchemy markets how to succeed

Today's post is about the Alchemy market and different ways in which to make money with this profession. Alchemy is an old profession and it can make a good amount of gold for you if its used right. Unfortunately i cant say alchemy makes a lot of money leveling it. However it does have good returns for your effort when you reach the max level.

The first market any Alchemist should explore once he/she reaches 450 is the epic gem transmutes. The mats can cost as little as 5g if your lucky. The Raw uncut gems sell for 150g which is a good profit margin. This can be done every 20 hours and should be done asap once you log on. You can make even more money if your guild has a JC or you have a friend that can cut your gems. Currently the blue gem cut into +30 stamina sells for 230g on my server that's 80g more than the raw gem is worth.

Flask is the other great market for alchemist. You create 2 flask every time you craft. On my server flask range from 20-30g each. If you want farm your own herbs and post flask and make pure profit 40-60g. However i found that Frost Lotus is rare which limits how many flask you can make. One method i had was farm the Icethorn and other herbs needed to craft a large amount of flask. Then check the AH price on frost lotus if its around 20g I buy it up then finish using my leftover herbs. The reason this works is because creating flask makes 2. Ill make back the frost lotus price from one and profit from the other.

The flask market is a booming economy on Tuesdays. This is when its time to sell flasks because raids are starting people need their supply. It is not uncommon to sell 30-40 potions on Tuesdays. Normally you can also get higher prices because the stock of flask drops dramatically. While the demand rises giving you ideal market conditions to sell your flask for larger gains.

I have not found a good way yet to not have to farm my own herbs to profit. Maybe if there was a farmer that would sell me Icethorn and Lichbloom and frost lotus under market price then farming could be cut out entirely. However I have not attempted this myself so i cant comment on it.

Alchemy is a good way to have steady income. If you transmute every day and do a little farming you can generate a good average income. Will this profession make you rich? Possibly it could but i find hat the time put into farming herbs does not yield gold as fast as I would like and that i can make more gold with other professions. I do transmute every day and have my gems cut because the chance to make 230-460g depending on luck is a decent income for the 4 seconds i spend purchasing the mats.

Monday, September 28

Netherweave Bags

I feel like sharing a progress report. I definitely have 2 competitors in my bag market currently. I have been purchasing and bolting netherweave for the last few days. I have been paying around 10-11g for a stack which is what i used to sell the bags for. This has helped keep the price of bags elevated one of my competitors had bags posted at 15g and another at 14g. I had half a tab full of bags made to sell on the AH at the beginning of the weekend. I sold 20 bags for around 13g 75s which undercut my competition by 25s.

Although they are selling i believe my netherweave stock pile is reaching critical mass. My bank tab is getting full and I'm going to have to unload some bags soon. The problem with this is if i don't moderate how many I post there is a risk of crashing the market. Ive also started just bolting the netherweave and storing it for a rainy day.

If i keep my buying up for the next few days i hope to see my competition fall out of the market from lack of cheap cloth and back up stores. Currently cheapest netherweave was around 15g a stack which means the bags will stay high. While their supplies will dwindle then i plan to step in to start selling. One reason i can sit on the mats to make bags and take a hit to the wallet constantly purchasing is because i also work other markets. This means that even if i just stockpile for a while i don't run the risk of going broke cause i have gold flowing in from other markets. BTW I almost hit 5k this weekend but spent a good portion on buying netherweave cloth and Saronite ore. I'm currently sitting at 4,300g not to bad for only 30 minutes of work a day.


My cousin is a 450 JC and doesn't mind crafting stuff for me as long as i put a little back in our guild bank to help him out. The reason I'm telling you this is i am starting an experiment with JC and DE greens. I bought 17 stacks of saronite ore for 13g a piece. I put the blue gems in the bank for him to cut and I'm hanging onto the greens to create items. Tomorrow when i can play some more I'm going to see what the cost of eternal earths run on my server. If its a reasonable price I'm going to purchase enough eternals to turn all the green gems into Necklaces and rings. Then I'm going to disenchant them and sell the enchanting mats hopefully for a nice profit. Ill keep you updated with how this works for me.


Sorry about yesterday i meant to get my post on auctioneer up. However I was not satisfied with its format as a guide. So ive gone back and im rewriting it so it is more of a guide step by step instead of me commenting on pictures i took. There will be a post today on the economy. Just have to decide what i want to disscuss.

Friday, September 25

No Post Day

Im going to take today off to do some instances and enjoy wow instead of treating it like a gold making job. Good luck you guys take a day off enjoy the other aspects of wow.

Thursday, September 24


Finally I purchased some netherweave cloth. I plan to keep stock piling and bolting it for later resale. SO while i am loosing money doing this ill make it back in the long run and be better able to move my competition out of the bag market.

Currently my DK is 60 and still 342 inscription. I have not made any more glyphs but plan to at least finish leveling to 375 soon. The leveling glyphs don't sell to well on my server I've sold a few of them but still have at least 100 in AH at a time. Currently I'm trying to dump them for any amount of gold just to clear the inventory.

The enchanting market is slow for the fiery enchants i made. They are selling though so eventually ill clear a good bit of profit there. I tested and made one Crusader enchant to sell. The mats for it were around 40 gold I posted it for 150g buyout. That scroll sold yesterday for around 110g profit which is not bad. I may look into buying out enough mats to produce 4-5 of these. Or i may just purchase a good stock pile to produce as many as i can for reasonable profit. That may bring the price per scroll up.

Total gold on character is now 3200g I gave my cousin 1k and my brother 500g so i did have around 4700g at some point this week. I still bid low sell normal at least once a day making a decent amount of profit. I plan to reach at least 5k this weekend on my character and level my DK at least one level. I Also am going to do a step by step guide with pictures on how i use Auctioneer. Not sure when it will be done but look for it hopefully soon. Also i plan to post some Alchemy and Herblaw hints and tips soon.

Wednesday, September 23


So i have been following the method of bid low sell normal for a while. On the side i have been trying different markets out. Recently my bid low sell normal caused me to see an opportunity in enchanting.

I recently purchased 31 small radiant shards thinking they would sell well. I paid around 4g each and tried re posting for 6g each. 2 days later no sells and i still had all the shards. That's when i took a second to look at the price of essence of fire and how much fiery enchant was going for. To my amazement i could get 6 essence of fire for just 2g and fiery weapon enchant was posted for 95g with only 3 available.

I decided to test the waters and see if i could make some profit with making my own Fiery weapon scrolls. Total cost of mats for 6 scrolls cost me 122g made the weapon scrolls while leveling inscription. I plan to sell each scroll for 65g that's a 30g undercut. This could sell really fast or slow if the guy with 3 scrolls up is a monopolist he may buy my scrolls to keep prices high. Or they could sit and rot not selling at all. 6x65 = 390g -122g= 268g profit for 5 minutes of work not to shabby.

This method is good for making some quick gold now i need to look at mat prices to see if any other enchants are profitable. If you know of some leave a comment about them ill check it out. I also hear while leveling enchanting in the 400s a good way to make some gold is to use weapon & armour vellums to sell the enchants instead of wasting them. My cousin did this and made some gold while leveling his enchanting instead of wasting it enchanting his own gear.

Tuesday, September 22

Netherweave mishap

So i told you how i was attempting to move my competition out of the market. This worked to the extent i was selling tons of bags and theirs sat stagnant on the AH. However my plan ran into a problem which will benefit the competition. I was purchasing all the reasonable priced netherweave on the AH which pushed the price up. Currently 14g for a stack of netherweave when it was 7g average. This is not good for me because i used up my stock of netherweave over the weekend and sold all my bags. So i didn't push my competition out of the market i gave them a way to make higher prices than i did. While i sit on the outside wishing i had some cloth to get in the game again.

What i could have done differently. I should have bought out all the netherweave but not sold my whole stock of bags. This would have ensured i had stock when the prices rose. So now i learned that while selling tons of product is fun it may be more profitable to wait and sell when prices rise from me buying out the netherweave market.

Monday, September 21


So the blog is relativley new and im still not happy with the layout of it. Over the next few days I may be changing the templates to find one that fits my personality. I hope this does not cause you my readers any trouble. If you see one that you despise let me know i dont want the blog to hurt your eyes why you read. So if your willing to bear with me as i go on the search for a better blog template and give your criticisms

Saronite Bar Flipping

Todays post is about flipping saronite bars to make a profit. What i mean by this is buying Saronite bars in stacks of 20 and reposting as individuals. The reason this works is that most wow players are impatient and well for lack of a better word stupid. They will purchase the individual bars for what they need instead of buying a whole stack. They only need one bar or say 4 bars they would rather buy only 4 bars instead of a stack of 20 and have 16 left over.

Here is how I take advantage of this. Like i said ill buy a stack of saronite for around 30g for 20. I re post them as individual between 2g 75s and 3g 50s each. Multiply 3.5x20= 70g- the cost of bars (30g)= 40g profit for spending 2 minutes buying a stack of saronite bars and reselling it. On the low end its only 22g profit however it is profit.

Another idea for alchemist that cant transmute epic gems. Buy the stack of saronite for 30g. Use 8 of the bars to transmute titansteel Bar this sells for 35g on my server. Then re post the 12 bars individually between 2g 75s and 3g 50s. Here is the math 35g+3.5gx12= 77g - cost (30g) = 47g profit a little more than without transmuting but you have less risk of your bars not selling.

This is a good way to have a steady income of gold. This method wont make you rich quick but it does make money and that's what we're all here for isn't it. One way to maximize your profit is to make sure you keep the bars posted. That means if you sell out buy more and re post because the morons don't stop buying it they may slowdown though.

Sunday, September 20

The Netherweave gold mine.

Today i have a tip for the tailors of wow. There is a vast gold mine waiting to be tapped for any tailor willing to take the time to. What I'm talking about is turning Netherweave into Netherweave bags. Here is what i have been doing the last few days and its probably pulled in around 500g profit or more.

I purchase netherweave in stacks of 20 from anywhere from 5g - 9g. Each stack makes one bag so after making that i re post it for around 10g-14g. That's around 5g profit for just standing there producing bags. I recently bought all the netherweave on the market leaving only the over priced stacks. I'm doing this to try and push the other players out of the market currently there are 3 Netherweave bag makers I'm one of them.

By buying all the netherweave I'm keeping the competition from being able to produce their bags as cheaply as me allowing me to become the goblin of the market. Which if your a reader of gevlon you should know that it means while I'm not selling my bags as high as i could i am selling alot more than my competition for profit. The last two days Ive probably sold 150 bags while my competition has hardly sold any. Check your market and see how this works for you it could be a potential gold mine.

Saturday, September 19


So Last night i bought a bunch of Lichbloom for 14g 50s i bought around 700g worth. I paid someone to mill them for me it cost 50g. My total cost to have 291 Ink of the sea and 46 Snowfall made was 750g. I then put the ink of the sea in the guild bank so my DK could use it to level inscription. I placed 46 snowfall ink up in the auction house for 26g each if it sells ill make 1196g-750g= 446g profit not counting glyph sells from leveling. Not bad making profit from leveling a profession. The 291 ink of the sea took me from 145 to 342 inscription. Now i have to start leveling my DK to be able to go up to 450 inscription.

Friday, September 18

My Project

So Ive made my first post and for some reason it has really excited me. I feel this need to share all my knowledge on one day. This is a good thing and a bad thing I could make several post today and have nothing to share tomorrow. Which would be a bummer. So this post is just a way to share the begging of a project I am under taking. I hope to share the results with my readers to encourage them to make feet first leaps into new adventures.

The project I started a few nights ago is leveling inscription on my level 59 DK. I had a few herbs probably around 20 stacks of various North Rend herbs and a few inks my cousin gave me. My first order of business was to get the herbs milled and inked for me. I found a generous inscriptionist that did it for a generous 30g tip. I kept all the 10 snowfall ink and 91 Ink of the sea. I then set out to Dalarn there I found Jessica sellers and the inscriptionist trainer and vendor.

I leveled inscription by trading my ink of the sea for the various inks I needed at the time. About every five levels I stopped to train. After an hour I reached level 150 and had ran out of ink for the night. This was a good start to what may be a good gold making profession. One way to make gold off of this was to sell the snowfall ink for around 26g each 260g profit is not bad. Another thing to be wary of is while i could have went and bought 20 of every leveling ink its better to take your time and buy what you need for at least 5 levels. Because after 5 levels the ink type may change and you would be stuck with ink that is worthless for gaining skill levels.

The tip that started it all

Today I am going to share with you the tip that changed my entire view on the wow economy. It changed my whole view on how to make gold. Someone way smarter than me said to make money you have to spend it. I never understood that until i started working the auction house on my server. This quote will arise later in this post just keep it in mind.

The tip that started my obsession with gold was only four words posted my Marco of JMTC. He said the easiest way to make gold in wow was bid low and sell normal. Take a second let this sink in for a second just think about those four words. You may be saying to yourself right now bid low sell normal that's not right its buy low sell high however the latter of the two does not work as well. Using this tip i recently started with just 100g and within two weeks playing only thirty minutes a day. I made enough money for Dual spec, Epic flying, and cold weather flying. That is over 7k gold after all of that I am rebuilding my fortune currently at only 1.5k could be higher but i started a test project.

To bid low sell normal you don't need any addons however they make it much easier and allow you to make more gold. The two addons i use to make gold right now are Auctioneer and Postal. (Scan A few times before following the next section) Auctioneer scans the whole auction house on the server. After a few days of scanning use the search tab that auctioneer to look for resales put the value of resales at 50 silver. There will be a waiting period where aucitoneer brings all the recently scanned items into a list under the search tab. Once the list is complete sort the items by quality normally it is easier to start in whites and go down the list. Once the items in the search tab have been sorted go through names clicking the names of items that sell well.

Here is a list of the items that sell well.
  • Ore
  • Bars
  • enchanting mats (normally BC or WOTLK kinds)
  • Cloth
  • Gems
  • Cooked Food & Raw Food
  • Herbs
After selecting the item that you wish to purchase look to the right at the column that says bid/buy. This tells you whether it is profitable to bid or buyout the items you want then do what it tells you bid our buy. After going through the entire list or reaching the limit of how much you have to spend go to the mailbox. This is were postal is great because if you buyout or win allot of bids you could spend all day clicking instead postal gives you the option to open all. After the mailbox is empty return to the AH and go to the appraiser tab here you click the items you want to sell tell it what size and how many and click post. It will post the items at market level as an undercut if it can. This works great if you have allot of items to post because it will Que up all the items you wish to sell and automatically post them.

Bidding low sell normal works great because if you lose a bid you get your gold back if you win and resell you should make profit. A good example of how much gold you can make off of one item is somebody post a stack of 20 copper bars for 3s bid 6g buyout. You bid on it if you win turn around re post for 6g profit you just made 5g 97s - AH cut. So say you win 100 auctions and spent 200g but your selling the items sometimes for twice as much as you paid that's 400g you will make. But if you spend 200g biding/ buying and don't win all you can get all the bid money back so there is no loss. This is where that quote comes in to make gold you have to spend it. Starting with 100g i could only spend a little however once i broke 500g i could spend twice as much and make twice as much.

I cannot tell you that everything you buy will sell immediately be patient and re post items. Also another note be sure of what your buying sometimes you will see items such as wool bandage that says buy for 8g and that the profit is 1000g. These items will never net you that profit and should be avoided most players wont buy a wool bandage so its a waste of money. Now you have the same powerful info I had. I hope you can use this to improve your stacks of gold.

Additional information for this can be found on Marcos blog JMTC. You can get there through the links section of my blog. I highly suggest anyone interested in this and making gold check out any of the links posted there.

So it begins.

After reading countless blogs on how to make gold in world of warcraft I finally got enough courage to start my own. My goal is to share the ways I have been successful at making gold. The way I will do this will be share tips and experiences that I experience while trying to reach the gold cap.

Just a disclaimer I suck at grammer so unfortunately for me my post will contain many grammatical errors. However i am stepping out of my comfort zone to try and share with other wow players useful advice. So I hope my readers can over look my countless errors and use the information i provide to better their own gold banks.

In a few hours i will post my first tip on how i have made a good bit of gold.