Wednesday, June 16

My First Class in WoW( my wow history)

The first time i played WOW was at a friends house. He had been playing for a few months and let me start a toon just to try it out. A few hours into playing and i had a level 10 Pally. With BS and mining as my professions. This was when wow hooked me and i finally bought it. I must say I'm glad i never have to go through the torture of that first install again. It was terrible downloading 1 Gb of data through a 56k modem takes a few days. Around 4 days i think of 8 hours of D/L at night.

Finally i started my own account but instead of going to a pally i created a Mage. My cousin created a warrior at this time his first toon. We leveled together until around level 33 on the mage. I had a free day a week or so before hitting 30 on the mage and decided to see if i could PL a pally to 20 in 24 hours. I managed to reach level 20 in 20 hours play time this was pre-bc, pre-lichking leveling. It was a grind fest with lower xp the worst part about it was that I wanted my pally to be DPS. Which of course was laughable compared to mage and pure dps classes at the time. Eventually i caught up to my cousin and we quested and did dungeons all the way to 60. The only notable thing happening during this time was that at level 52 I decided to throw in my dps towel and begin healing. My cousin had begun tanking by this time, so getting groups sped up due to having the 2 most needed classes to do a 5 man. We arrived at 60 with allot more play time than it currently takes to get there.

This was when the dungeon crawl began pugging strat live and dead, scholomance. We also did 10 man dungeons UBRS, and the 20 man raid ZG. then we transitioned into doing pug MC, and ONY. He changed to melee dps for a short time while I became a pally leader. Reminding pallies to buff every 5 minutes was a pain. I saw ragnoras a few times never killed him, ONY however died enough times for me to finally win the roll for the T2 helm. Judgment was the best designed pally set IMO.

BC dropped and I stopped playing the pally, my cousin had begun a Lock and caught up to my mage so we began leveling to 70 together. We reached 70 but shortly after reaching it i began a druid which I leveled to 50 before switching from alliance to horde. My first horde toon was a priest that was abandoned at 32, priest are IMO the most boring leveling class. I then began a warrior named MSU that would become my main toon for BC, I got him geared in full t4 and a decent dps set before wrath dropped.

In Lich King I began a DK as my main char because they were OP and I enjoyed it. Shortly after LK dropped I began trying out bid low sell high. I made around 4k gold before quitting wow for around a year. When I came back TOC was released and ICC was just a few months away. When I came back i became serious about making gold the first 10k was mostly from bid low sell normal. After that i began integrating professions and raking in the gold. Now im currently at around 60k gold with a fully geared druid alchemist, a DK scribe, a enchanter and tailor. I have currently stopped making gold or worrying about it though.

The reason being as i began another pally with 3 pieces of BOA gear. He is a recking ball dps machine 250 crits at level 10 is OP. I believe I'm going to play him and enjoy leveling him through the old content pre cataclysm. I'M going to begin gathering more BOA pieces to level a goblin shaman in cataclysm. So now instead of logging on to check mail. I'm logging on to run quest in bloodelf area because I never completed all the areas quest lines. I have this toon enchanted with +100 mana to chest and crusader on the weapon. Having more mana makes leveling much easier. Hopefully i can post some pictures of my paladins journeys through the old world. Currently I'm level 16 I have to make it to level 60 by cataclysms release.

Sorry for the grammer errors in this post.

Tuesday, June 15

New interfaces (no spoilers just size)

I took a screen shot an blanked out the size of the talent calculator. I also blanked out the map so you can't know my location etc. I am flying in old world when it was taken. You'll notice the talent calculator has grown larger. Making the spell book larger allows for it to have a cleaner interface trust me you wont miss that old small spell book or talent interface.

I started a goblin this morning. Only a few quest into their starter zone happy to report so far know quest with get x number of items from this monster. Makes for a better experience not having to farm level 1 creatures for their foot that they clearly have when you kill them. The pet UI for hunters wasn't working at level one maybe its unlocked later level I'm not sure.

Monday, June 14

Cataclysm (making jaws drop since 2010)

So yesterday i finally got a moment to log into the alpha version of wow. I must say my jaw immediately dropped upon entering Orgrimar and seeing all the changes. I then pulled up the talent page to spec my druid again jaw dropped. It seems like I'm playing a new game with familiar elements. The UI is the same but its different. They have refined it creating new interfaces that are sleek and elegant. Then I Realized that I could fly in Org. up I flew. Until I could see the city although it was small from the height i was at. The changes were vast and interesting . Cataclysm is changing wow and I believe its for the better. The changes seem good although I haven't yet made it to the new zones or even killed an equal level monster as a boomkin. I can tell that cataclyms is only going to make me want to spend more time playing.

P.S. Goblins look cool in the character creation screen.

Also should i do more post like this being vague about the different changes? I'm not sure don't want to break the rules. May delete this post if it offends readers and wait until beta to give my impressions. Let me know what you think.

Friday, June 11

Possible new project. Gold Update. Ramblings.

I reached 61k gold today which is my highest total gold liquid. I have not been making gold like i was pre hacked account. I really can't get into it atm so i just post once a day. Then pickup my Auctions the next day. Im small competition but its ok ill take my 400g daily for a few minutes of posting afk. I am not undercutting like i used to which definatley was helping make more gold. I just don't seem to need it.

i have 4800 gs offspec gear sets enchanted ( boomkin, and tank) I have a 5159 gs MS healing. Theres not much gear that i can purchase from the AH or feel the need to. Im currently using this character to farm badges for a new Alt. Im sitting at around 15 badges shy of buying the plate PVE chest & shoulders and the 2h axe. I plan to enchant the weapon with crusader. Im going to create a twink ret pally to level since my old one Jeri is on a disabled account. I plan to PL engineering on this toon so that i can play with all the gadgets. I can't decide should i get dual mana trinkets from the BOA vendor? I think these would make the lower levels easier and eventually they would swap out to dps trinkets once the mana talents caught up.

The other idea is to create the character and give it the items. Then copy it to the Alpha test realm. I found i had accesss to it this morning it is currently patching so still unplayable. This would allow me to test drive the pally through the early levels of cataclysm. Where it would become even more OP with 2 instant attacks by level 20. Im thinking I could document the Alpha expereince 1-20 for you guys if anyone is interested. It would of course not be posted until after beta goes live because of the NDA. Either way shortly i may begin playing a pally full time just because im tired of 80 content.

Heh Just noticed this today.(cataclysm)

So today i was doing account management when i discovered that on blizzs offical site i had access to the Character copy and downnload of the alpha cataclysm client. SO i lookforward to exploring some of the new stuff and sharing it with you guys.

Thursday, June 10


400g Is all that i need to reach 60,000 gold liquid. I have around 1k IotS to make glyphs and vellums. I plan to make at least 8 of every glyph no matter price. I plan to have my glyphs spread among 3 toons to post. This will reduce the amount of glyphs posted by any one toon making the process of canceling and posting faster.

Using Bulk Mail 2 will make distributing crafted glyphs fast. IF you have not tried this addon out i can only urge you to do so. I craft near a mailbox so that when i fill up my bags the first time. I can mail the glyphs to the proper bank toon with just a few clicks. I mean mailing over 60 stacks of 8 glyphs in a matter of seconds. If your using multiple bankers and need mats sent to crafters this will speed the process up.

Not much going on in wow ATM I only post once a day so my income is down to low. Its OK though cause its allowing me to spend more time with family, and on getting my glyph machine more streamlined. Job hunting is also taking allot of time Trying to get my foot in the door is hard.

Tuesday, June 8

Family Photo

This is the first picture I have posted of me and my family. Were a small family of 3 with plans to eventually at least become a family of 4 or 5. I have black hair my wife has blond and my son has red. Not sure where the red hair comes from but the best we can figure is its recessive on both sides of the family. Me and my wife currently attend college and both work. She manages to do school and work in 8 hours. Me im not so lucky a normal day during the school year will have me at work from 8-5 and school from 6-10. Its all part of our plan though to become independent contributing members of society.

My son has an interesting name. He is named after the Beatles song 'Hey Jude' Chosen well before we even knew that my wife was pregnant. He is a ball of energy and curiosity constantly finding new things to get into. He knows where his head, belly , knees, elbows, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue, and teeth are. He also knows that cats say meow, dogs say woof, cows say moo, and monkeys say ooh ahh ohh. He is only 21 months old so he is just now entering the tantrum stage. Its true though red heads have more attitude his longest tantrum to date was around 15 minutes of crying on the floor. Needless o say me and his mom were stronger and he didn't win by throwing a tantrum.

This is just a small glimpse into my personal life. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Ill try and do more when i get the time but life is busy.

Monday, June 7

School feels like this

A never ending run.

I also realized that i have attended 3 colleges. Which means while applying to a fourth to possibly pursue a bachelors degree I have to request a ton of transcripts. Its ok though i got 3/4 transcripts ordered only have to get my high school one sent. Hopefully ill geta transfer scholarship esspecially since i graduated with my AAS with 3.5 gpa and high school with a 3.5 gpa. WHo knows though ill just have to wait and see.

Friday, June 4

Microsoft is offering a new antivirus solution (Off topic)

Are you a home user paying $50 a year for anti virus? Are you a network admin struggling to make a bogged down network better? Maybe your antivirus is the problem. It could be slowing your computer and network down. Microsoft has just released two products to help home and business users with these problems. These products are Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront.

First, I’m going to discuss Microsoft Security Essentials or MSE as I will refer to it. MSE is a light weight antivirus suite that protects your computer from viruses just like paid-for antivirus programs such as Symantec Antivirus. In various test MSE has performed exceptionally. According to a review done by Nick Mediati, PC World, 06/25/2009

"When put against AV-Test's "WildList" collection of 3,194 recent, common viruses, bots, and worms, Microsoft Security Essentials detected and removed each and every one of the malware samples. How does this compare to other security products? AV-Test coordinator Andreas Marx notes that "several other [antivirus] scanners are still not able to detect and kill all of these critters yet." In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials put up a perfect score with zero false positives--it didn't flag a single clean file as being malicious. AV-Test also took an initial look at Microsoft Security Essentials' root kit detection, testing it against a few root kit samples, and found "nothing to complain about."

Another great thing about MSE is that it does not take a lot of system resources. It also offers active scanning. This means that while you are surfing the internet it will scan for malware. The best thing about MSE for home users is that its 100% free. Which means you can save 50$ a year and have a top rated anti-virus suite.

The second product Microsoft released is geared for businesses small and large. Microsoft Forefront is a business class security suite. It was built with some of the same fundamentals of MSE such as being crafted to reduce the stress put on business computers and their networks. The other advantage of Forefront is that it integrates into a windows environment easily. It will protect your various servers and services such as Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Office Communication Services.

Both of these products show promise for changing the way users think of antivirus. They are giving users excellent protection while not bogging down their computers. This is why MSE is one of the best free anti virus suites available. At the same time Microsoft Forefront is establishing itself as a robust business class security suite.

This was a post that i created for my brother to post on his companies blog. Hopefully its useful to some of my readers. Please rate this and let me know what you guys think.

Thursday, June 3