Monday, November 30

Current market

I started back in my usual markets this weekend netherweave bags were selling for around 14g i could get stacks from 4g-10g each so i had good profit from this. Epic gem prices have fallen around 150g for cut 30 stam gems. This is disappointing since this used to be a great market for steady income its still good just not as good. Enchanting materials were cheap so i created 5 crusader scrolls and 2 fiery currently crusaders are aroudn 200g per scroll and fiery is 50-75g.

Since i left it seems like the bag market has settled i only noticed 1 big player selling. This is good because it allows me to sell my bags at greater profit. II have been purchasing all the netherweave up to 10g so that my competition can not get the cheap mats hoping to keep prices high and stop a undercutting war. I may run into a problem with low supply of netherweave though and get kicked out of the market due to having no back stock.

I am going to level my DK to 65 so i can level inscription up to 450. I don't intend to be a big player in the glyph market however I am interested in weapon and armour vellum's III . They seem to sell well and could be a great income. Also the fort scroll that does a priest buff may offer another market to use.

While doing all of this i have been keeping up a bid low sell normal routine. it offers steady income however not as good as it used to be. I need to add more items to my snatch list Large brilliant shards righteous orbs and small radiant shards. IF i can keep a constant supply of these ill be able to keep in the scroll market and improve my income.

Is there any frostweave cloth items that can be crafted and De for profit? if so please leave a comment this could be a great market to get into. Also i need to look at frostweave bags if the cost is low enough profits on those bags could be impressive.

Friday, November 27

Return to AH

So for my constant readers I'm sorry i left you guys abruptly and stopped posting. I just lost intrest in wow and the whole economic game of the AH. That and modern warfare 2 caught my attention and held it for a while. Im going to begin playing wow and working on the AH however I can not keep up daily post ill burn myself out and have a lot of post that are not worth it. Im going to try and keep my post paced doing 3 a week maybe more. I also will be looking into possibly creating a video or linking a video about the bid low sell normal strategy that i commonly use. Thank you guys for your support and I hope to become a valuable source of information again.

Tuesday, November 24

Markco Vs. Gevlon Blog wars

Recently I have not been reading blogs or blogging recently. LoL glad i missed the drama. I belive markco was making a valid offer personally i would link his gold guide for no profit because i dont blog for profit. Why would i do this because while it may not be useful to me there are people that prefer a guide format to completing a task or goal. PErsonally i belive gevlon could have used more tact his attempt to shame Marcko makes him look like an ass. However markcos error was trying to offer a deal to gevlon who has stated he does not like buying or selling gold or gold guides.

I see nothing wrong with markco trying to offer another blogger a way to get some cash. I also see nothing wrong with gevlon rejecting the offer. My problem lays with the two creating a flame war in their respective communities. Love or hate it they both have succesful blogs that tackle similar questions. They both have great post and crappy post. I just hope they both drop it so their followers will cut the crap and we can return to a happy blogging community with the goal of making gold

If you have no idea what im refering too go to and look up last tuesdays post. Also check out To see a response by markco

Monday, November 9

moving prices up.

Currently I am purchasing netherweave cloth in large quantitys and crafting bolts. I am doing this begin expanding my pressence in the bag market. Recently I dropped out of the market due to undercutting bringing the profit margin down to 1-2g. I sold my stock then let the other players have free reign content with my daily transmute and bid low sell normal income. Recently though I have felt the urge to re enter the bag game and push bag prices higher.

I plan to purchase netherweave for the next few days with 10g being the max that i'll pay for a stack. Keeping the supply of cloth low will allow me to end the rampant undercutting. This happens because the other bag makers will not have access to more cloth to continue undercutting eventually their stock will run low and prices will rise. I estimate that if i can keep netherweave cloth supplies low that in 5-7 days bags will raise to around 15g-16g. At this point i will slowly introduce bags int othe market. while doing this ill continue to keep netherweave cloth supply low . Hopefully this will drive out some of the smaller competition and allow me to sell my bags for 4-8g profit.

Friday, November 6

Inscription markets

So i have a inscriptionist lvl 340 that i have not been taking advantage of to make gold. One reason I haven't is he lacks good glyphs he currently only has the leveling ones which sell OK. Another reason that i have not utilized him to make gold is time. I don't believe i have time to deal with crafting and making glyphs and re posting and such. Well since I don't have time for glyphs this does not mean my inscriptionist is useless. There are other methods that i can use to make gold with him.

The methods That someone like me who doesnt have time to mass produce glyphs are not as limited as you might think. Selling vellums can be a great gold maker currently there is a large demand and small supply on my server. So I could use this to my advantage posting slowly to maximize profit. There are 2 types of vellums with three levels this is a much smaller market to watch and post on than the glyph market. Darkmoon cards these offer the chance for big payoffs nobles decks seem to average 4k gold or more these could be worth making. Also like vellums there is a smaller market so less competition and babysitting. Offhand items I wouldn't say these are great money makers but if you have the extra ink this could be a place to sink it for some nice returns. Which leads me to the newest market for inscriptionsist Scrolls of Fortitude the thing that provides priest buffs for groups. I have not researched what these take or how active the market is but this is a item that could be a big seller.

I plan to level my DK up to 65 and start taking advantage of the lesser known inscription markets. Hopefully they will net me a nice supplementary income with a smaller investment. I don't believe i will be a big AH player making 1k gold a day but if i can increase my diversity it will help increase my gold per day.

Thursday, November 5

Snatching it up, Alchemy prediction

If your a reader of mine you have seen my guide to using the snatch feature that auctioneer provides. Well recently I added a new item to my snatch list. The item i added was Saronite bars. In 3.3 alchemist can transmute 8 saronite bars into 1 titanium bar with no cool down. What I expect to happen is either a sharp rise in saronite bars and a decrease in price for titanium bars. So i've been using snatch to grab any saronite bar for 2g or less. Hopefully i can make a nice return on flipping the saronite bars However something peculiar may happen. Prices for both items may stay the same.

The reason i predict this is most alchemist just make pots and transmute epics. This is their bread and butter i'm hoping that they ignore the change and im able to transmute the saronite into titanium bars and have market prices remain steady. Currently a stack of 20 saronite bars averages between 30-35g and titanium bars sells for around 35g each. If the market price stays the same i can be making 70g just transmuting with 4 bars left over from each stack of saronite. Which means 2 stacks of sronite that cost me 60g have the potential to make 175g - cost of mats wich leaves 115g profit.

Disclaimer this is my own prediction and may or may not come true. If you follow this method it is not guranteed to result in profit and could cause a loss of gold. Please don't criticize me if you attempt it and loose money that is your risk to take and decide if it is worth it.

Wednesday, November 4

Cant teach the unwilling

Yesterday i was doing the water totem quest form my shaman when someone in the guild I am in started asking for 500g. The first thing I asked was what do you need it for and whats your proffessions. Well needless to say his professions couldn't be used to make gold and he wanted duo spec. Well the next step i took to try and teach this guy was to give him a link to my blog and tell him to look for the bid low sell normal post. Well the response i got back from him was that he has tried that method and failed at it.

This aggeravated me because I really wanted to equip this player to be able to make his own gold and stop asking for it. After a bit of thought i told him about the deviate hatchlings. He took the advice and attempted to get one with no luck. So while I have equiped this player kinda to be able to get his own gold it seems like he is unwilling. Have you ever run into this problem if so how did you deal with it.

Tuesday, November 3

OFF TOPIC - "US Politics"

Sorry to update my blog with something that is irrelevent to wow gold making. I am an advocate for reforming the united states marijuana laws having been arrested twice i know the system is corrupt and broken. Recently americas congress was setting up a commitee to review its drug laws and prisons. However a senator wants to place an admendment restricting this commitiee from stating any drugs should be legalized or decriminalized effectivly making this comitee pointless.

From the LEAP blog
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Let Congress Censor Legalization Discussion

Posted by LEAP
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee could vote as soon as this Thursday, November 5 on an amendment that will legally prevent some of the government's top advisers from even discussing the idea of legalizing or decriminalizing drugs as a solution to the failed "war on drugs."Yes, you read that right. The Senate just might censor its own policy advisers from giving science-based advice.The censorship amendment's author, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), is trying to attach the speech prohibition onto an otherwise positive bill that will create a blue ribbon commission to study our nation's failed criminal justice and drug policies. The commission is supposed to make recommendations for ways to improve the system, but how can they do that with the blindfold that Sen. Grassley's wants to put on them? Please take action at and tell your senators to oppose the censorship amendment!The text of the Grassley censorship amendment can be viewed as a PDF here.

Saronite Bar 3.3 Speculation

So I've been reading about the transmute saronite bar to titanium bar getting its timer removed. This could be a boon for alchemist and miners. I plan to start stock piling saronite bars which i will save until patch day. Hopefully the price for them will raise dramaticly I plan to post them in stacks of 8 for a hefty profit. IF the market for titanium stays solid though and they sell for around 30g i plan to transmute all of my bars if it shows that it will have the potiental for gains. However i plan to only spend 1k gold on this speculation hopefully it will payoff. Ill just have to wait and see.

Monday, November 2

Vanity pets.

So yesterday on my shaman a guildy in my leveling guild ran me through WC. It was a typical run with me deleting a lot of grays to grab green items to sell or use. As i was going through my inventory i came across a vanity pet the deviate hatching. I have never seen this item but my auctioneer told me it was worth 1k gold which to me is awesome. So there i was on a level 18 shaman just hitting jackpot. After the run I quickly flew to org to go to the AH and posted my little hatching for 750g buyout and before the next day it had sold. So now i have a level 18 toon that is self sufficient until lvl 70 because of one lucky drop.

Now i just need to do some research to see what drops these and how rare are they it could be a great cash maker which is surprising. I regard vanity pets and achievements as a waste of time. They offer nothing to me as far as game play goes so I have no regret about selling this little pet. Actually it make me interested in looking into other pets that i can exploit and sell. I guess to me this is just another way to take advantage of less savvy players or players that have other interest and too much gold. I guess it leaves everyone happy they get their vanity pet for 250g cheaper and i get a rich lvl 18 that doesn't have to leech off of my cash.