Friday, January 29

30k reached. More gold Incoming tonight.

I checked my mail at lunch time. It contained some of my recent auction house endeavors a gain of 6k to 31k gold. I sold buckles, fiery enchant, crusader enchant, pets, simple gems, epic gems, titan steel bars that were fliped , and Netherweave bags has gotten me to this point. I diversified my markets and have a constant stream of incoming gold. Now i don't have to worry if i get undercut in one market because ill make up the gold in a different market.

I had over 267 auctions going last night. most Of them for over 10g - 4400g. The thing is everything on the Auction house is selling for profit. This is why my gold jumped from 25k to 31k in just a few hours. It seemed like my competition was stagnant people that just throw stuff on the AH and forget about it. No serious sellers were around to undercut. I even found out one of my friends was buying my vendor pets for a round 34g profit to me and - 74g for his bank. IT was funny because he walked up and showed me it and i was like wow. If you read my blog you would have gone to the vendor to get it.

Thursday, January 28

thorium ore test

A few days ago I posted about how prospecting thorium seemed like a profitable method of making gold. While I am not the person to come up with the idea I felt i should share it with my readers. To demonstrate the profit for prospecting thorium ore i wanted to invest a decent sum of gold so i spent 1k gold on 32 stacks of thorium ore. The average cost per stack of thorium was 31.25g however each stacks varied in price from 30g-35g each. I placed these in the guild bank and my cousin was kind enough to prospect them free of charge. Below ill list the amount of gems gathered how much they sell for and the total gold that each gem type will sell for.

45 Azerothian Diamond x 13g each = 617g total
31 Huge Emerald x 16g each = 500g total
35 Blue Sapphire x 2g each = 70g total
28 Large Opal x 14g each = 415g total
18 Star Ruby x10g each = 182g total

1784g total - 1000g investment = 784g profit
For 20 minutes of work and an investment of 1k gold It seems that thorium ore prospecting will generate close to 800g profit. To me this seems like a great investment and will definitely be on my snatch list. The reason i suggest using this method is because thorium ore is a bottle neck in JC and will allow you to make great profit. By purchasing the ore you keep JC from getting it cheaply forcing them to buy your gems, mine their own ore, or invest in over priced thorium that will not always provide the gems they need to level.
There are some general notes i want to share with you on things to look out for. These gems fluctuate in price + or -10g at times try to take advantage of selling high. Don't be scared to wait for a bit for cheaper gems to sell if their not at the price point you want. Another thing that can be done with this market is the purchase of other peoples gems to flip. Don't try and monopolize but sometimes there may be 3-4 gems that would drop your price 4-5g. Why not purchase them and flip them up to the price you want make profit on them and sell your gems where you want. I would not however try and monopolize a market generally you will fail and loose allot of gold in the process. Well that's all my advice on thorium so get to prospecting and post your results in the comments.

2 post thursday.

Im frustrated with leveling Jeri. I hit 73 and finaly started running new instances. The spider dungeon is easy but Old Kingdom has been hell. Im taking massive damage and my luck at having decent heals has been fail. Blizzard realy didnt plan the lower level dungeon loot well. Should have full blue tank set by running early dungeons IMO. Instead we only get 1 ring drop and you dont even do thed ungeon until lvl 73.

Im going to look into the crafted blue tank set. Its better than nothing and will help my mitigation out. I also will probably invest in a few enchants i have extra mats and a enchanter. I hate feeling super squishy and thats what its like atm and thats why i may invest some gold in gear. Im probably going to take a dungeon break only do my daily then quest since the luck of the draw with players has stunk recently and i hear grizzly hills is fun. I've never been there so it will be new and thats always good.

New Blogger. Goblineering.

I like this guys Blog he posted a comment in my last thread. His blog is about thinking of ideas and executing them. So far he has done linen cloth, silk cloth, netherweave, and now hes attempting my thorium tip. Which i hope goes well for him definatly some nice estimated profit from it on his server.

Post some comments or lookinto his Ideas they are a fun read.

Wednesday, January 27

Thorium ore prospecting

A while ago i read a tip that stated thorium ore gems sold well. I forgot where i read this but i did. so the idea is not my own but i did test it out. I purchased 2 stacks of thorium ore for around 70g. Then i had my cousin prospect them for the gems. Total i got around 9 gems that sold from 14g-20g each and 2 blue crystals which dont sell for crap around 1g if your lucky on my server.

This method seems like a promissing venture so what im going to do is set snatch to begin grabbing stacks of thorium ore at 35g or lower. I hope to give you an update tomorrow on how many stacks i can get and proper count on gems and what type of gems. After i do this ill have an accurate representation on how profitable this could be.

In other news I ran into an awful pug group for old kingdom. IT was going ok Or as my pugs usualy go with me topping meters and dps generally slacking imo. Then we reached the first boss that spawns guardians thats when the shit hit the fan. None of the dps killed the guardians and the boss stayed immune for way to long. Eventually we wiped after i blew all my cool downs and the healer self rezed I decided to ditch the group i have a low idiot tolerance and wast trying to finish up before class. I hate to say it but if i continue to get groups that fail that bad ill actually have to make a post dedicated to how bad it was.

Tuesday, January 26

gold update

Currently im sitting at just over 24000 gold. Which in perspective is a good chunk of gold but for me its not good enough. I want to get 50k gold and im starting to move closer to it. I may only have 24k gold on my bank character that does not represent the value of items i have collected. Currently around 3600g in epic gems and 4500g in a nobles deck. Which puts my total gold to around 31000g give or take a grand.

I'm currently only using a few methods to really make gold. Im trading borean leather for heavy leather then creating arctic furs generally one every few days jeri is supplying the leather. Im also selling epic gems i transmute daily plus i am currently buying titanium ore when it drops below 230g per stack. I am crafting eternal belt buckles it seems like im going through my 20 stack stocks almost daily so i may increase production to 40. These belt buckles are selling for around 36g each so its around 400g propfit for a 300g investment. I have also purchased small radiant shards for 5g each these are crafted into scrolls of enchant fiery weapon. Which im selling at 77g each for a profit of 50g per scroll. I have been gathering a small stock of netherweave bags around 10. Prices of netherweave cloth has been up recently so i cant gather much stock. I also am crafting frostweave bags whenever i collect enough cloth from leveling jeri. I have a small stockpile of enchanting materials in the bank that i could sell for a quick bit of gold but im not going to. I plan to save them to enchant jeris' gear once he reaches the cap.

Monday, January 25


Recently i read a blog post stating that wow would be harder without addons. I'm not sure i agree with this one hundred percent. Parts of wow would be hard with out addons. Playing the AH would definatly become a chore and the economy of wow would slow down a good bit. Mainly because the time consuming nature of posting auctions. I dont belive the fighting part of wow would become any harder. I have raided with the bassic UI since pre-BC days. The only addons i use that are combat related are omnicc and recount. I used to use Deadly boss mod and decursive back when i had 40 people to cleanse. One of my friends is the same way uses nothing but default wow window to heal. We were discussing wether we thought having a custom Ui would make wow easier. We both belive that for combat there is no need for all the addons people claim they cant live without. The only thing needed is keybindings that you know like the back of your hand and understanding of your rotations and proper situational usage of spells.

I've seen claims of people stating they cant heal without grid to me i just wonder why not. Default raid UI isn't that bad. It shows debuffs and health all you need to be a good healer. Some people state they need clique to heal i ask why again. keybind your heals 1-4 on action bar with a modifier if you need to then point and click the target then click the button for the spell needed. With coordination its as instantaneous as clique and for me more comfortable just like whack a mole. Addons make a job different but not necessarily harder for me. Can i play wow without my 2 combat addons sure it just makes things different instead of numbers for cooldowns i have a shade that changes. Instead of knowing how the dps is doing i just kill and do what im supposed to in ignorance of how everyone is contributing to a group.

I believe wow can be played well with or without any addons. All an addon does is represent the same data presented by the game in a different way. Instead of showing the cooldown timer as numbers its a shaded clock on buttons. Instead of debuffs being on the mob you have a debuff timer off to the side. Instead of having a raid leader looking for an add to spawn you have a addon that states that it spawned. Getting rid of DBM would make raiding harder until raid leaders lost their pride in dps etc and used their eyes to do what DBM does. ALso getting rid of things such as Decursive again and addons that play for you by represnting what moves to use would make the game harder for incompetent people. I dont think it would make it harder for me because i dont have to use those addons to prop myself up.

Friday, January 22

Flask flipping and pet selling. Jeri update

I have an alchemist that could make potions. i have realized that herb prices being variable that im no good at purchasing herbs to make profit from flask. So what do i do I start buying flask generally during the weekend supply is high and demand is low i can purchase flask between 25-30g I then wait until tuesday raid day to resale my flask for profits anywhere from 5-10g per flask. This is a steady income and i cant complain about the profit margins.

Another bussiness adventure that i started was selling vendor pets. Not the ones that people can get in dalarn, I am selling the ones that can be purchased from stromspire in netherstorm. THe most expensive pet is 40g each however most pets sell for 10-100g on AH with profits being 10g- 60g per pet depending on which one. I have purchased 4 of each pet to place on the AH. I hope to update you when they all sell they dont sell fast but its all profit.

I did my daily random with jeri last night the second one i've had to do without my cousin. He is spending more time with the wifey which i understand so i wont give him crap about it. It seems like i was having an off night tanking i couldn't keep divine plea up and kept butchering my rotation. To make things even worse i had a disc priest which are great healers but for a class that needs mana regeneration through heals it can starve your mana quickly. Also i had a moonkin that pulled good dps however he would be aoeing before i even laid down concecration he pulled aggro a few times. The rest of the dps were unremarkable probably still learning their skills the DK did 500 dps and a warrior was right under me with 900 dps. IT was a good run with no wipes it just felt like i was off and not playing my best. Im currently 1/4 th a level away from lvl 72 and I can not wait to finish Tundra and possibly skip dragonblight. On an off topic there is a huge benifit to faction change. Jeri has every flight path in Northrend even though he has only visited Borean tundra. This makes travel very easy and im grateful since i dont have cold weather flying.

Thursday, January 21

Progression, gold making update

Jeri is progressing nicely currently level 71.5 I am around 50% done with the tundra quest and starting to tire of its landscape and of doing the same quest for a 3rd time. I have ran my daily dungeon almost every day giving me around 10 badges to use when im 80 i hope to have enough badges to buy 2 peices of teir gear. The LFD daily reward is a good incentive for leveling players because it will give access to some of the better gear allowing for quicker entrance into heroics and raids. Im glad blizzard added feature to the LFD tool because if they hadn't getting in any raid would be practicly impossible for me.

I recently broke 25k gold which was my next goal after i broke the 10k barrier. My income has slowed down possibly because more of my play time is focused on leveling as opposed to AH whorring. I actually would be at higher than 25k gold but invested in buying titanium powder and titanium ore so that my cousin could get more gem cuts. The investment has paid off i maid back my 5k gold and still have 5 or so epic gems that sell at 200g each to sell. I have ran out of stock on my belt buckles, titanium rods, and earth seige gems. So ill need to begin restocking these also i need to begin collecting netherweave the bag market has rebound a bit and bags are selling between 13-16g. I also plan to invest in mats for crusader and fiery enchants they sell steadily and can bring me a few grand a week. Speaking on enchants running dungeons has earned me quite a collection of dust im begging to think about paying for some weapon enchant scrolls for lvl 80 to be crafted. Ill share more about this if i do decide to do this I may not though and save the mats to enchant Jeris' gear when he needs it.

I also have discovered a new method to make a little extra gold for a small investment. Im sure many of my readers already do this or know people that do. Buy cooldowns from other players I have been paying 75g + mats for alchemist to transmute gems. The cost per gem is roughy 95g when i get these cut i turn around and can sell them for 60-100g profit. ALso keep an eye on the raw epic gems i need to set snatch up to begin snatching epic gems when they fall below a certain price i belive 30g profit per cut gem would be a good start. Sometimes the alchemist will sell me the procs for 75g each which further enhances the profit im making.

Goals for next week
  • craft 20 belt buckles
  • craft 20 titanium rods
  • craft20 earth seige meta gems( explore alternate cuts to diversify instead of one cut)
  • purchase and bolt netherweave with the intent of raising bag prices and saving bag space.
  • stock up on crusader and fiery weapon mats need to make at least 5-10 of each.

Wednesday, January 20

RL indeed > WOW l

Sorry for the lack of post. This is my first week back in school. The rush of a new semester and trying to get ready to graduate takes alot of time. i have been doing alot of studying for a certification test i need to take to qualify for graduation. I have to pass the Net+ cert. test which i hear is easy. Since i hate test i got a book to help me prepare; the book is titled Exam Cram: comptia network+ 3rd edition. It is a great book that is helping me remember network concepts fromm over a year ago. In fact i just reviewed IP adressing which is a real pain. After passing this test and finishing the semester ill have my associates in computer networking. Maybe then ill be able to find a job in t he computer feild.

Being back in school means i miss spending time with my family. so I have been using my free time to recoupe the lost time with them instead of playing wow. I hope to give good post while still in school but if they aren't quality or suffer its because im taking care of the important matters. Hope that this doesnt affect my readers to much i can do post from work but they may not be gold related due to lack of access to wow information.

Monday, January 18

Jeri transfer gold.

Recently i transfered Jeri to horde. He brought tons of wool and some good gem purchases and buying 14 flask. i sold all of these items for a total profit of 10g per item. In my previous post you can see the amount of stuff that was sold.

After settling that and cleaning my bank out. Me and my cousins toon dualBOA left for our leveling trek in borean tundra. Whats nice about this is all my quest for alliance got reset so i could do all the warsong hold quest. We ran our daily dungeon i tanked a UK it went well no real problems excepts some low dps. Me and my cousins toon were top dps both at 29% each.

The next day we finished up the annoying mist quest. the phasing there causes my processor hell. Next we began doing colderra quest so that we could do the nexus. While questing we qued both as dps so we could quest while waiting for que. The pic above shows the damage our tank was a little shoddy but he was 10 years old so he did good for his age. I gave him advice of getting duo spec so he could have frost spec and blood then i gave him my blogs address.

The second dungeon sucked because we spent an hour in the instance most of it waiting on new members to reach the end. Wish these dungeons were smaller similar to Draktherun keep etc. Me and my cousin were top dps i was pulling 1200 in greens and blues. My cousin was right below me we were owning and not pulling aggro. Which meant our young tank knew his class just didnt have the best spec. However he left and i took over tanking. I learned some new moves to avoid damage on the final boss. When hes undead im a little confused on how to avoid the damage.

So far Jeri Has been fun but im going to have to slow down my playing and posting. I know its sad but school is in its final semester and i need to finish my Net+ exam. Then ill have graduated with an AA in computer networking and have 1 cert. During it i have had 4.0 in all my technical classes only doing bad in academic classes english comp is my fail. Ill continue next semester for my Bachelors that means taking maths and sciences which is going to be rough.

Thursday, January 14

Introducing Jeri My Paladin

Introducing my paladin Jeri. He was my first level 60 and never made it to 70 until yesterday. The reason he never made it to seventy was a faction switch to play with family. That and I did not enjoy healing in BC and couldn't get into leveling him. Now he is ready for his transformation into a Blood Elf Paladin and unleash his inner horde. After a fast trek from 64 to 70 Jeri is ready to embark on a new journey to 80. He will be accompanied by his warrior companion that was with him on the original quest to 60. Jeri will also bring along needed war supplies to aid in raising gold for the hordes coffers. He collected gems, enchant scrolls, and tons of wool that will aid in raising a decent amount of gold for the cause.

To prepare for the arrival of my new tanking character I crafted the full level 70 cobalt tanking set. I also added borean leather armour kits to aid in making the gear as good as it could be for the cheap. Me and my cousin plan to do at least the daily dungeon and quest grind up to 80 he is playing a BoA geared Arms warrior. Teamed with my paladin the plan is to aoe grind quest and if needed ill Duo spec for questing parts as Retribution to speed up the quest grind. Hopefully we will have a fun and story filled journey to 80.

Wednesday, January 13

Horde here i come.

So after having a few weeks as alliance i got a gift from my cousin. He decided to go ahead and pay for my alliance paladins race change and transfer. Im not sure why he decided to but im happy either way. I think his main reason was he couldn't deal with playing on our old alliance server and would rather level with me on horde.

Since the move has moved forward a few months i only have around 700g to invest into items to transfer. I am thinking of going and purchasing at least 5 each of the alliance only pets. Then look at the frost lotus market to see if their prices are significantly lower than my current main server. Other items of interest are mid level herbs, meat for cooking, ore, bars, and gems. My goal is to only purchase items that will provide a significant profit around 2-5g on investment more is always welcome.

I am looking forward to the move it will give me an oppourtunity to get dual spec on my pally. Ill also be able to deck him out in full cobalt armour once he hits 70 so that his tanking set is ok. I also get to level with my cousin which i haven't done in since pre-bc where he tanked and i heald. Which is a funny point because the pally im moving to my horde server is the same pally that i heald his original warrior with. Leveling will be different this time ill be tanking and he will be Dps on his arms warrior which means it wont be a full role reversal for us.

Since my focus for the next few weeks is going to be on leveling i think im going to use it as a way add a different dynamic to my blog. The blog will always stay a gold focused blog but i want to include some stuff about leveling my paladin. So once he hits 70 and begins the final 10 level grind to 80 i hope i can come up with fun entertaining post about the leveling experience. Yes this will include gripes about stupid players in LFG. It will also have post about great runs or epic fights that should have been wipes. I may even post a small post about usefull addons to have for 5 mans. After reaching level 80 these post will start to be about gearing up through heroics etc. I hope that my readers will enjoy these post and i hope that it will add a new dynamic to my blog.

Monday, January 11

Blacksmithing: Wands Made of Gold

With my recent post on BS i got alot of good feed back which i appreciate greatly. Some suggestions were that i should look into crafting wands for to sell on the AH. At first i rejected this idea mainly because of laziness. Well i got off my lazy butt over the weekend and decided that if i had the profession to take advantage of a market i should. After looking at my BS to find which wands i would want to produce i decided that there were only 4 worth crafting. The 4 i decided on were arcanite rods, fel iron rods, true silver rods, and titanium rods these were the least common rods on the AH with little to no competition. The next step i performed was calculating cost of mats and expected selling price of each rod.

( List of all rods and their mats)

True Silver Rod - (1 truesilver Bar, 1 Heavy Grinding Stone) - (6.1g* materials raw have to smelt) - (sells for 17g)- (10.9g profit)

Arcanite Rod- (3 Arcanite Bars, 1dense grinding stone) - (12g, 1s,* Arcanite transmuted only cost effective way) - ( sells for 70g, ) - ( 58g profit)

Fel Iron Rod- (6 Fel Iron Bars) - (24g) - (sells for 60g )- (36g profit)

Titanium Rod- (2 Saronite Bars, 1 Titanium Bar) - (23g) - (sells for 60g )-(37g profit)

The list above states all the mats needed to craft a rod and its estimated selling point and estimated profit. I suggest that anyone wishing to craft rods buy the mats in bulk. Generally most stacks of 20 will be cheaper than individual bars and gems. For the arcanite rods find a alchemist that can transmute arcanite generally the mats to transmute arcanite bars are cheaper than buying the bars. I plan to craft 10 rods to sell of each type if the mats cost are to high i may not craft that particular rod. Currently the most profitable rod is the arcanite although titanium and fel iron rods can have pretty good profit margins.

Friday, January 8

So you dont have that proffession

Recently my post have been about using professions to make gold. I haven't had anyone say it but I'm sure some people reading these post and don't have that particular profession so it may not interest them. Well i have a solution for these people to use the professions they don't have and still make good profit. The solution pay other players to do it for you. I'm not suggesting paying a player to 30g per gem to cut raw epic gems that will only gain you 10g profit now i mean the bulk crafting items.

Example time say your not a BS but you can buy the mats to make 20 eternal belt buckles for 400g. IF your lucky and they sell for 40g each that's 800g or 400g profit. Now if you don't have BS you cant take advantage of this unless you hire someone or get a fellow guildy to help you. Generally players that do this kind of work don't ask for much 20-40g average. They see this as free gold for them and you gain the product you want to sell. Its a win for everyone involved your making 360g profit they get their 40g and are happy about it.

What this means is now you have access to every proffession if you want. 40g tip may sound like allot but if your getting your product made in bulk there is nothing bad about that tip. This will allow you access to all of the methods i have posted about and give you means to make even more gold. I hope you found this use full if you have any other things you pay other players to do tell me about them in comments. I check them daily and generally reply to them.

Thursday, January 7

An alchemist gold mine

Alchemy is my steady income i can count on at least 200g from epic gems a day. I currently don't make pots unless i find good deals on frost lotus which never happens. Recently i discovered a new gold mine for an alchemist. Earth seige Diamond transmute it take 1 eternal fire 1 dark jade and 1 huge citrine. To make 20 on my server runs around 560g 200 for 20 darkjade 340 for the eternal fire and around 20g for huge citrine. I'm transmute spec so there is a chance ill make more per batch than the mats i have. You can sell these raw or as cuts which is what I'm doing. i get them cut into Austere Earthsiege Diamonds 32 stam. 2% armour increase meta gem. These sell for around 60 each so for an investment of 542g i make around 1200g or a total profit of 668g.

Check it out you could make a good bit of gold to top the mounds of gold sitting in your bank.

What I'm working on.

Well recently i re-activated my account with my BS on it. When it had closed it had 382 BS i spent a few grand around 2.5k gold to level him to max level. I d/e almost all of the crafted material and left the mats sitting in the bank somewhere around 60 dream shards hundreds of infinite dust and some cosmic essence. I then told my cousin who cuts my epic gems that if he wanted he could use those mats to max his enchanting. He used them creating scrolls so now i have around 25 scrolls or more of various enchants. They sell from 9g- 150g each so i should make a decent return on helping him. Also i still have some leftover enchanting mats from his leveling these could be sold for more profit. With my last post i stated how im making around 400g profit from a 400g investment using my newly leveld BS.

Im still slacking off on leveling my DK to max his inscription. The main reason being im not sure i can make the time commitment to be a competitve scribe. Also for some reason i loath playing the DK even though i used to love their mechanics. Ive been using my alchemist to transmute epic gems which is a nice bit of gold on the side. I also discovered a new market for alchemist which ill post more about in a few days. The netherweave bag market is still available to use however for the return on time and investment is small. I prefer only to use this method to make money when i have plenty of play time.

I also recently started messing around on my very first toons server playing my old lvl 64 pally which was my first level 60 back in pre-bc. I have been using bid low and sell normal to begin making gold so that i can afford shiney things for my pally which is my new toon of choice for fun. I have been doing dungeons as a pally tank which i love its alot less painful and more fun than warrior tanking. On this server i also have a 350 tailor so i may look into using the bag market to make gold here. I can also use my tailor toon to D/E BOE greens from dungeons since mats generally make more money then the greens.

Some people may be asking why im wasting my time playing a toon thats not on my main server. Well my goal is to transfer and faction changethis toon over to my current server. He is in a guild of my toons with 3 tabs hopefully i can transfer the guild with him. If not ill use his bank space to horde objects that sell higher on my main server. objects of interest wool cloth, vendor alliance only pets, cheaper materials eternals, ore, bars , enchanting mats. I plan to gather these items in hopes that flipping them will make me more gold. I dont plan to transfer soon probably sometime a few months down the road when my pally dings 80.

Please give me advice on what items i should look at for when i transfer. I hope to keep you updtated on my alliance and horde activity and maybe it will benifit some of my readers.

Wednesday, January 6

Hey this is for all the blacksmith Gold makers

Eternal belt buckles Add a socket to a players belt. These can be made by BS that have reached i belive 425 BS. The mats to make 20 eternal belt buckes runs about 482g. thats for the 80 saronite bars and 20 each of eternal water, eternal earth, eternal shadow. Also titanium plating can be learned from horde expidition exalted rep. it cost 4 titanium bars about 85g and 4 eternal shadow that cost 75-125g depending on supply. If you take the high end thats about 215g they can sell probably 250g- 450g depending on supply. These are too great sellers and the most efficent way to do it is by crafting 20 at a time over the weekend. I did not get my mats at weekend prices but if i had maybe a 10-15% drop in mat cost depending on server. I posted them yesterday before the maitenance probably around 8. I posted 20 at 47g each for a total value of 940g before AH fees. this meant that my 482g investment returned 468g profit for the investment. These sold like hot cakes and at an ideal cost.

I plan to make batches of 20 belt buckles every time they run out because i cant do the titanium plating because of rep. Selling them should always make a profit for minimal effort Even at server low price of 35g each would return at least 200g profit or more depending on mat. cost. This should be something every BS looks into its a good method to make gold and not very time consuming.