Monday, February 22

One week at 80.

Sorry for the lack of post. I got caught up leveling and gearing my druid. I finally broke 44k gold then promptly after hitting 80 have dropped it down to 9k g. What did I spend it on well 264 boots 264 belt the jazz tell bell (however it’s spelt BOE trinket) Epic gems and Enchants. My druids GS is 4750 which I acquired after only a week of being 80. 4/4 t9 and other epic drops. I have around 2500 sp and 400 haste and MP5 from my gear so heroics are easy. I did my first two raids 25 men Ony and 10 man TOC they were fun raids. I came in 4th place healing in ONY and 2nd in TOC which was pretty decent imo.

I am starting to bid low sell normal more frequently I don’t know how long it will take for me to reach 44k gold again but maybe one day. I’m not sad that I am poor now because doing dungeons makes spending the gold worth it. Being OP makes me smile and that’s what wow is meant to be something that makes you happy. More post will come on my druids’ adventures at 80.

1 Week time and gold spent = 4750 GS Resto. Druid missing 2 epics which are rings. After I get my two ring slots filled for resto my badges will begin purchasing boomkin amour sets. That away leveling in cataclysm will become easier. Druids are hybrids so we should have two decent sets.


  1. Congrats on the 80 and nice to see your hard earned cash being wisely invested. At least you didn't go and waste it all on a bunch of gold-sink crap :). As long as your having fun, though I'm sure the lure of the shiny will have you rolling in it before long.


  2. I feel like I missed something.

    What happened to Jeri the paladin?

  3. Ah Jeri had to be canceld due to RL financial obligations. Currently using family member paid for account.