Wednesday, October 27

4.0 recap

Prior to 4.0 i created around 20 of every glyph i knew. On the eve of the 4.0 patch i posted around 2200 glyphs for 65g a pop. The next day was a black out no wow and major issues patching. The next 2 days was a struggle to keep sanity as i missed the major part of glyphmas but there was still gold to be made. Finally on thursday night i logged in my cousin was kind enough to check my mail for me. I had made around 30k in the initial rush. For the next couple of days i posted 3 times a day using the new zero auctions to post. After all was said and done my stock of glyph is almost gone i have made rougly 80k gold off of my endevor. Im glad i praticipated in glyphmas but with the changes to 4.0 i have no desire to play wow. I have loss my cravings for wow and without the want to play i let my account go dormant. SO where does this leave my blog.

Well it leaves it open for business while wow was why i originally started my blog i have decided that I can keep writing about my life beliefes etc on it. So this is a warning to my readers expect non-wow topics. Expect controversial topics at times but i am going to try and balance what i blog about. If you stay my readers great if everyone flees thats fine to. THe best part of my blog is the ability to get my thoughts out in writing which allows me to clearly state my oppinon beliefes etc. Well thats all for now I hope my readers are enjoying 4.0 more than i did it killed wow for me even though my intrest in wow was already waning .

Tuesday, October 26

That's the power of love!

Today is the twenty fifth anniversary Back to the future which is one of my favorite movies. I'm bummed out i don't have an AMC movie chain nearby because they are re-leasing the movie for a two night run. I never saw the movie in theatre and wish i could. Well have a happy back to the future day hope you enjoy reminiscing about a great movie.

Friday, October 22

A book series to read.

While I'm still in a transition phase with wow and still have stock of glyphs I'm going to take a moment to recommend a great fantasy novel series. The series is called the Wheel of Time, the first novel in this series is the Eye of the World. I suggest anyone that enjoys reading fantasy novels check this book out and see if it interest you.

Now for a story on how i fell into the WOT series. Ever since a young age i was an avid reader around 11 I really began reading these jedi apprentice books that averaged around 150 pages. As my reading skills got better i was able to finish these in one sitting of a few hours. After reaching this level i began exploring different novels to read. I read thrillers, horror, fantasy pretty much every genre. By seventh grade fantasy had become my favorite genre. I had read all of the lord of the rings and was on the hunt for something that would last. What i meant by this is that 400-600 page books didn't last long for me i generally finished them in about 3-4 days. So the search was on for a what I called in my head "A big ass fantasy book" honestly when I went into the bookstore that day I wasn't sure I was going to purchase anything. I came across a cardboard display that held i believe it was 10 books from one series the WOT. I picked up the first one and the first thing i did was flip to the last page it totaled around 1000 pages. I read the back and decided id give it a shot. I purchased the book and started reading it while waiting on my mom to finish shopping. Ever since that day i was hooked on this series.

I have read the series in its entirety 2 1/2 times the entire series spans around 13 books currently with 2 more planned to finish it. With each reading I find new details or little things i didn't previously noted. One thing about the series i love is the complexity of it. There are many side plots and distractions which make the world feel real. Instead of being a straight main plot only there are plots about various characters and things going on simultaneously. But enough about the series if you have time and like fantasy i suggest reading it.

Wednesday, October 20

Is marijuana addictive?

Here is a post from the Time if you feel like reading it.

I enjoyed this post it was pretty much facts I already know. Let me tell you how marijuana is addictive. Its addictive in the same way as sex is addictive, the same way downing the lich king is addictive. Anything good is worth repeating over and over until your tired of it.

PS: 4.0 recap coming school is pretty brutal atm

Thursday, October 14

About patch 4.0

I posted my glyphs about 2200 10 of every type i had made for 65g a pop. How many sold IDK why because my damn wow didn't self update. I have tried 3 times to manually download patch but thats giving me trouble so what to do. Grumble and try again updates coming when i can get them to you.

Friday, October 1

An update to my plans for 4.0

With 4.0 looming on the horizon I am getting prepared to craft all the glyphs I can. Originally i wanted to craft around 20 of every glyph that i can make and i hope to still achieve this goal. However with life being busy and my wow time being non-exsistent i have decided that ill craft all the glyphs i can with my current ink stockpile. Ill then begin preparing for the release of 4.0 organizing and getting my toons ready to sell. I plan to sell out of glyphs asap. When i do my glyph machine will be closing down no more production. I plan to sell off my excess supplies of WOTLK materials and condense my gold to one toon. It will be my last hoorah at making gold. Im tired of the game and want to go out with a bang i hope to make 10-20k gold in sells and call my AH playing days over for now. It doesn';t hold my interest like it once did and with the lack of need for gold i have no desire to continue making gold. Wow life has been non exsistent for me i have pretty much grown tired of the game in its current form.

So what have i been doing with my time ? well pretty much alienating my readers oh well. I have been working doing school and working 2 part time jobs. Going through the steps to purchase a house. I also rekindled my romance with Halo. I have been doing nothing but playing Halo: Reach when i have free time. I allows me to satisfy my gaming side and it doesn't hurt that I am better at it than i ma with COD games. So this is it my readers my 3rd to last gold related post. WHy because im tired of it and don't need the gold. I plan to do 2 more post one on the results of my 4.0 surge and one as a refresher post to show various methods i used to make gold. With the conclusion of my gold making career im not sure what ill do with my blog or free time. Maybe just ramble for several months until cataclyms comes and i find myself sucked into the world of warcraft once more.