Thursday, May 27

Vacation: Im taking it.

I leave for vacation today. So lookforward to no post until at least next wednesday. Im planning on not bringing any computers so i won't be able to play wow. Which is good! I will have 4 uninterupted family fun days. Hopefully we will have fun and the break from wow will be nice. Maybe ill get around to actually making a good bit of gold when i come back.

Wednesday, May 26

Funny Situation.

Two days ago i found myself looking at a funny situation. I was leveling a second bank alt so that my glyphs could be separated to 3 toons. I am leveling this mage to level 10 so that it is saved in the server memory and can be recovered. To level i decided to send all my caster boa items to the mage. SO he was decked out in the pve chest, and pvp staff & shoulders. I began leveling by casting at mobs. But as luck had it i accidentally hit a wyrm with my staff. Bam 48 damage! I was stunned my level 2 did more damage whacking things with the staff than casting. My average damage was around 28 when casting fireball.

This seems odd to me that my mage does more melee damage than elemental. Blizz should up spell damage coefficients for low levels. Not saying we should one shot mobs but it should do more damage than melee. Hopeful they will fix this with the new leveling changes coming during cataclysm. Either way I'm level 5 and have one more quest in noob village. Half way to my goal of having another banker.

Monday, May 24

So weekends can be fun.

This weekend i didn't get much accomplished in wow. My money making is still pretty low, seems like undercutting has become rampant in the glyph market. I will have to figure out a new posting schedule to handle the new competiton. I also am leveling a new bank toon to level 10 so that i will have 3 glyph posters releiving bag space on my scribe. It will also make sure that all the glyphs get posted currently in my bag shuffle im sure a few get left out.

I also had some the chance to get some raiding done. I managed to join a pug TOC 25 that one shot all the bosses in around 40 minutes. Solace of the fallen dropped however i rolled low. The winner wouldnt sell it either so i was frustrated. However being a pug with less strict loot rules gave me a chance to snag 2 trophies and a new necklace.

Shortly after leaving TOC 25 i managed to get into a ICC 10 man. I must say that ICC is a very well crafted raid, It has interesting raid with some unique boss mechanics. It also allowed me to play hero occasionaly B resing a tank that died on Marrowgar. Unfortunatley I didnt have meters running to judge my performance however it seemed like my other healer was not putting out 110% healing. We cleared all the way to festergut but with me being new and both tanks never kiting goo it didnt work out and we called the raid. I walked away with a friendly ring and a even better necklace. Last night brought my gs to around 5190 gs with 1 trophy that i still need to gain badges for so that i can upgrade my legs.

I must say after a night of raiding druid mechanics are wearing on me. Rejuv and wg spam is getting dull. However i still enjoy healing im just realy interested in the changes comming to my class and healing in general. Making fights less spam fest and giving us time to think will make healing more interesting. It will also allow a good healer to shine even more.

Friday, May 21

F***K GS, and other ramblings.

Blizzard please delete gear score while your breaking avr. Its stupid and ruins the game for many people.

example lfm 5k gs nax 25. LFM ICC 25 gs 5.7k+ .

I believe correct me if I'm wrong when icc came out that gs of around 5k was adequate for gaining entrance. but as time goes on people inflate the gs needed to do the dungeon leaving people behind. These people that sit at around 5k gs in mostly t9 and boe icc blues are unable to step foot into this raid because of the gs gate keepers. So blizzard i ask you as a casual player please break the gear score addon while you break avr. Its a blight among your community and slings mud on your mantra bring the player not the class. Now its bring the highest gs not the player.

The reason I'm asking this is when just goofing around on wow milling i asked someone if my druid was eligible to join their guild. Alas he said my gear sucked based on my 5k gs. SO me being a little pissed began trolling trade chat. Ranting that its dumb that a 5k gs person who has bought ICC boes, enchanted and gemmed his gear is unable to join an icc pug. In other news apparently a person can get 23 frost badges a week not doing icc. they should use these for t10 if they want in icc just fyi because only players in 4/4 t10 are able to do icc with a 15% buff.

I also was hunting last night to find out how much a game card would cost in gold. I got various answers ranging from 3k-10k . 10k seems about right for purchasing a game card however I'm not sure i want to do it just yet. Has anyone else done this does it break the TOS? I know its similar to rwmt for gold. However maybe it would skirt by on being legit because the transaction isn't for actual real world money but game time. IdK its interesting I'm considering it as an option to pay for wow.

Thursday, May 20

I was bad during vacation.

I was bad during my vacation. I installed a competing mmo on my PC, wow did not like that Shes a jealous woman that will not let go. However, my experience with the other mmo has made me wish for wow to evolve to change to my ideal picture of an mmo. During my vacation as i will now call the time when i rage quit wow for a few weeks. I installed and and played Warhammer. I know it was bad why would I do that cheating on wow after four years for some shiney new mmo. So what if wow was old it was wrong of me to leave her just because she was showing signs of age. Plus wow said she was going to be getting surgery to hide all her imperfections and be more attractive. Well now i have to share with wow some things I would really enjoy her getting done during surgery.

1) Implement public quest knock off. I don't care if its blatantly stealing. This is a fun way to reward players working together in various zones. It was fun interacting with players and allows for new players to get access to group play without the commitment to finish a dungeon.

2) Revamp starting areas. The old races need some love their leveling experience is stale and bland. With cataclysm on the horizon make it interesting, possibly pulling these race3s from their devastated home area to a new begging post. Allow several races to begin in the common areas no more than 3, Implement public quest so that players work together to possibly solve issues in the zone. Using your system of phasing would allow veterans of the public quest see a change in the area, this could allow access to a new quest hub etc.

3) PVP while fun in BGs give us a reason for world pvp, Wg is fun but maybe some pvp without siege engines. Imagine AB in an open environment resets after an hour or 2 of control. The area could have a valuable daily quest hub, or even a dungeon. A raid would be nice but it could cause issues.

4) Continue with the current system allowing casual players to gear up to a decent level. This allows for players to be within the gear requirement for top tier endgame. While yes being the shit in t2 back in the day was nice. its time to not punish players for having other things than wow to do for 6 hours at a time.

5) My last suggestion is allow heirloom items to be purchased from a vendor with gold. It was nice to have heirlooms in game however the threshold of time needed for a person to acquire them is a little high. I don't think it would break the leveling system in fact it would probably encourage people to level more alts. It would also mean badges would be used strictly for gaining high level 85 gear and gems.

Wow you have been a great mistress. Keeping me in line making sure i spend time with you before i get fat loot. However times are a changing and while i still enjoy playing you. I can't afford to spend the time you require for some of your activities. So please consider adding some new stuff for casual players, let me keep enjoying you even if it is in a new position as a casual wow player.

Cleaning up after disaster.

So When i left you guys last I was distraught frustrated and angry. It seemed as all my hard work was wasted, the bad guys won and i was throwing in the towel. I even started playing another mmo to move on and leave wow behind. But wow and blizzards employees couldn't let me leave peacefully and move on. no they need my 15 dollars a month to make their empire even richer. Blizzard restored my account characters and items even 50k worth of gold. The call of wow began shortly after learning my stuff was waiting. It was to hard to resist it asked me questions such as why start over in an unfamiliar game. The crafting and AH pvp sucks in this game, don't you want to return to your empire. Wow sung to me like a siren pulling me towards azeroth and my freshly restored riches. So after much resistance i said f***k it canceled the new mmo subscription and began my journey to reclaim my empire.

When i returned to wow the well oiled machine was stripped apart. Items that were supposed to be on the enchanter were on my main. Items that were supposed to be on my scribe were on my bank alt. Everything was in disarray it was as if Butters had visited my account as professor disarray and moved my items around just to make me spend time sorting, organizing, equipping, and mailing them to their proper locations. All these things combined with me having to Dl addons for my new computer took quite a bit of my time last night. However after much work things began to look brighter, my machine was repaired every piece was where it was supposed to be.

I also had some nice presents left by the hackers around 15 epic gems, extra enchanting mats, I also had a primordial saronite and some random blue quality gems. I had eternals and they had even left my meta gem stock that i had made prior to being hacked. The herbs that i had purchased where still there in fact i had some returned from blizzard even though the hacker had farmed some. As everything was sorted out it seemed as if the hackers had left me in an ok position. So i posted a my metas, enchanting rods, enchanting scrolls, and some bags that i crafted.

While the smaller markets of my machine started working my inscription motor was stuck. I had acquired a fair amount of herbs to try and re-stock my ink. However i still needed more ink that and i had not even gotten my addons downloaded to begin mass production. So at the moment I'm purchasing herbs trying to acquire a massive amount of herbs. My glyph machine is low on glyphs so it will take around 1k -2k ink to fill all my stacks back up to 8. The reason my glyphs stock got so low was the drought in herbs prior to being hacked. Hopefully ill get the last part of my machine working and can begin a routine to make a fair amount of gold with as little time put into it.

PS. new computer owns wow. around 60 frames when out in the world and a solid 30 fps in voa 25 wich means raiding is no longer the lag fest it used to be.

Wednesday, May 19

Character restored

Character restored more info later.

Friday, May 14

125 post.

I have posted 125 times to my blog and i don't regret a single one. My account is still banned mainly because i can't spend 45 minutes to call blizzard to have it unbanned. I hope to get this done today. After i get my account resurrected i will probably take a hiatus from wow. I'm tired i have played since 2006 which is a good 4 years for a game i love. While i will miss playing wow with my family and friends i know that eventually cataclysm will bring me back.

With that said I'm torn on what to do with my blog until then. i enjoy the wow blog community and will probably read about wow and various developments in the game . However since I'm not playing wow i can't really post about it. So what am i going to do with the blog ? Well that's a question I can't answer yet. I am thinking on my options. I can change the title and make it a blog about what ever i want to. Or i could use it to talk about games I am playing.

Ill think about it and when i come to a decision that I'm happy with you guys will get a post. It will tell you my goals for the blog and what im up to. I hope i can keep creating good content that my readers enjoy. Even if its not about wow.

Monday, May 10

My experience building my first custom PC.

So as you guys know from my last few post i finally got a computer that would play wow. This all came about because my parents were getting rid of their desk top and i figured that with a few upgrades it would be wow worthy. Unfortunately i was wrong and I began looking into upgrading to essentially a new system for super cheap.

The plan was to use the case, hard drive, power supply and disk drive in a new build. I would purchase a cpu, gpu, ram and mother board these would replace the parts that were old. I began my research i knew that AMD had the best bang for you buck in cheap processors. So i began doing research i found the AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Processor to be the processor that would fulfill my needs. IT was fast and highly over clock able which meant it would probably be usable for several years. I then picked a MB that would be upgradeable in memory and have at least 1 pcie 2.0 x 16 slot. The Mb i found to fit my needs was BIOSTAR A770E3 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard. It had 4 memory slots a pcie 2.0 x 16 slot and was an AM3 MB. Which meant it could hold any of AMDs current generation cpu. I then purchased CORSAIR XMS3 DHX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 which left me room to upgrade later. The last part i needed was my GPU i did a good bit of research and found that a 4670 ati card would fill mos t of my current gaming needs. I decided to get BIOSTAR VA4673NH51-B Radeon HD 4670 512MB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP. It let me have good graphics and did not require a large PSU which meant my hammy down PSU should work. After picking all my parts i ordered them around 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday.

They arrived during the day on Thursday. Which was the day of my speech class final. I was anxious all day to began putting my parts in unfortunately fate decided to step in. The old case would not fit my MB. The mother board tray was different and the standoff holes did not align. So my plans to build my computer stopped. I had to buy another part, and the PSU wouldn't work either since it only supported 20 pin MB power connector. I then had a restless night of impatience. The next day at lunch i went to a local pc shop and purchased a COOLER MASTER Elite RC-310 case and a generic 500w PSU which was 100W faster than the old one. I rushed home and began working. Around 45 minutes later i had the MB( which already had cpu and ram installed onto it the previous night), GPU, Cd/dvd drive, HDD, and new PSU installed into the case. The moment of truth came when i pressed power. The machine booted up straight into BIOS.

This was my moment of victory, later that night i began attempting to install WIN 7. Which would have worked well except my copy was corrupted during burning. So instead i put vista on my computer until i can DL a copy of win 7 professional 64 bit ISO to create a new disk. My machine also got its first OC just to see if i could do it. I changed the CPU frequency to 250X 1.40 volts which puts my CPU clock at 3.5 ghz. Its extremely fast and runs cool around 30C at most times with stock heat sink. I haven't diagnosed its temperature under long stress loads yet though.

All and all I'm super happy with my new rig. It allows me to play modern games with little or no lag. Its also highly upgradeable allowing it to stay current and be able to play newer games. Hopefully i can get many years of use out of my system. My next planned upgrade is going to be a new HDD and Dvd/cd drive. The current ones are kinda slow and dated. Ill post some pics up once i do some serious wire management.

New PC, and wow i mean seriously WOW.

So i got my new computer running with vista 32 bit until i can make or track down a win 7 64 bit OS disk. Im really having fun tweaking my new pc. Its fun to actually have a computer that plays my games on high details with little to no lag. However the joy of having a new pc has dwindled because another issue that decided to crop up this weekend.

My account has been hacked so i have not been able to play wow properly. In fact my account is temporarily suspended at the moment. So i am unable to even tell the extent of the damage. Apparently the hackers cleaned out my guild bank where me and my cousin had 5 tabs of junk and a decent amount of gold. Its dismaying to me that all of my hard work is in the garbage. Hopefully blizzard can help me resolve this issue and restore my account and gbank to pre hacked status. If they are unable to restore a portion of my gold and only able restore items i may just call it quits on wow. Ill keep you guys updated on how things progress but for the moment i have no information i can share other than i was hacked.

In other non wow news. I am slowly getting less sucky at team fortress 2. I know that with more practice i can get better at it. currently spy, sniper, and medic are my favorite classes. If anyone is interested in playing TF2 with me send me a friends request my steam name is bobreaze so it should be easy to remember.

Friday, May 7

Its alive! finally

So my PC is alive, no OS installed yet but it boots to bios. Plan is to get win. 7 on there ttonight after work. More news on this when i get the chance.

Thursday, May 6


As you can tell i haven't posted much this week. That's because several reasons. Reason one is i have been finishing finals for school this week. I will graduate next Friday with an AAS in computer network support technology. Which it feels good to finally get my degree. I am currently hunting for an entry level tech position to begin learning the ropes. Because classroom training will never = actual work experience.

The other reason is I have been working on getting parts together to build a new computer. I finally ordered them yesterday and according to my wife they arrived this afternoon. Which means tonight i get to build my first computer. Its going to be a mesh of an old pc with new guts. The only parts I'm re using are my dvd/cd drive, an old raptor 1.5gbps sataI 80 gig HDD, and a 400w PSU With case. Originally this hammy down system had Pentium 4 processor 2.8 ghz, 2gb ddr ram, and a x700 ati agp graphics card.

I'm basically replacing all of those parts with an AM3 biostar board with 1x pcie 2.0 x 16 slot 59$, an anthalon II x2 240 2.8 ghz AM3 socket processor 49$, 2x2 gb ddr3 1333 ram 100$ , and a biostar 4670 512mb gpu 60$ . This gives me a highly upgradable machine that should play wow so much better than my laptop which has a 1.66 core duo processor and integrated video. Ill be installing windows 7 64 bit and hopefully wow tonight. IF i get wow up and running you guys will definitely get updates on my FPS and general gleeful thoughts of finally being able to see wow max graphics.

Monday, May 3

How will inscription change in the xpac.

How will inscription change in the expansion? This is a question that most scribes can't answer. I'm just going to tell you what i think will happen to inscription for cataclysm. To understand my view I'm going to give a quick synopsis of how inscription works ATM. Currently scribes use max level Northrend herbs to craft ink. They then trade a portion of this ink for lower tier ink IE leveling ink. They do this so they can craft every glyph and maximize profit.

With cataclysm blizzard will inevitably introduce new herbs which will create new ink, this ink will create new glyphs, and new off hands, and probably some other items. The real question is in cataclysm will Jessica sellers price change to use the new ink to buy lower level ink? IT could stay as it is currently with only allowing IOTS to trade to lower inks. This would cause a massive inflation to lower level glyphs and cause already scarce herbs prices to skyrocket even higher.

Another option blizzard has is to introduce a whole new set of glyphs for low levels and high levels. They would be crafted with the new herbs and possibly would cause the older glyphs to become useless. Either way whatever blizzard decides it will affect our market. So scribes may want to prepare in case blizzards lack of foresight could hurt business. My personal opinion is that blizzard will just change the cost of ink from Jessica sellers. However its always worth being prepared just in case blizzard chooses not to. Remember the first week of cataclysm will see tons of low level glyphs and high level glyphs selling out rapidly so every respectable scribe needs to be well stocked with glyphs and ink. Just in case blizzard chooses not to change the how we get our lower level ink.

Glyph machine: Out of gas.

So i have not really spent much time maintaining my glyph machine last week. It finally shuddered to a halt unfortunately its really not my fault . I was going to refuel the machine and have a massive crafting session but it seems that Herbs have become a rare commodity on my server. What i mean by this is between adders tongue and icethorn there were only 30 stacks at a reasonable price. So i can't refuel my glyph machine to begin making my glyphs. The problem actually multiplies though because even though I'm not able to make more glyphs I'm starting to sell off most of mine. Which means ill require more herbs to restock. Hopefully some farmers will move to our server but until they do ill just have to do what i can.

I have recently been dabbling in enchanting market. I found 2 enchants i enjoy making which are +10 to stats and Beserking to weapon. This market is a very fluctuating market similar to glyphs if my mats can't be had cheap ill just wait until i can get them cheap. Mainly my limiting factor here is that abyss crystals are in high demand and short supply. The bag market has become a pretty good gold making opportunity. I have been selling netherweave bags for 15g-20g with mats only costing up to 10g pretty good quick profit. Ive averaged selling 30 bags a day. I also have crafted myself some more meta gems to sell so those will get cut and posted today and i hope for a nice return on them. Currently I'm sitting at 52800g which means i have gold to spend. I can purchase over priced mats but it doesn't mean I'm going to. I may have to tap my JC friend on the shoulder and see if we can't work out a way to make good gold from his profession. Since titanium has dropped to 180g a stack on our server I'm sure we can work out a way for both of us to profit from this market.

In other news my priest has hit level 22 and is steadily working his way up to level 30. Its a long hard road but I'm doing it slowly to enjoy myself. I plan to start doing AB soon just because out of all BG that is the one i have enjoyed the most in the past. Hopefully it will still be fun and ill be able to gain a few levels doing PVP instead of constantly running Deadmines over and over and over. Seriously blizzard might need to add at least 1 new dungeon to the lower levels to at least make the new leveling experience even more interesting. Or blizzard could add a lockout to low level dungeons preventing you from getting the same one 4 times in a row. Just a 30 min lockout to force the finder to put a player in a different dungeon wouldn't be to bad. It would allow them to experience different dungeons instead of having the scenario of finishing one dungeon requing and doing the exact same dungeon again.