Thursday, July 29

Somethign weird happend

I logged on wow this morning thinking i was just going to post glyphs before work. However when i began my posting i was watching glyhps post. The average cost of glyphs on my server was around 3-7g for most with a few reaching 15-35g price range. Today i had 6 glyphs post at 79g my fall back and several more for 44g. I even had a majority of glyphs posted from 7-15g which is great for profits. My first thought is what could have caused this but after thinking about it i think i know.

The recent ban of farmers from wow has raised mat prices to a level where most glyph makers don't see the value in it. With most of the big guys moving on or not playing wow the supply of glyhps has dwindled raising the price they can be sold at. Ideally this will keep happening because with less people competing in glyphs herb prices should reduce do to lack of consumption. Allowing me to get cheaper herbs and fill a valuable niche providing glyphs to the server. Also less competition means glyph prices will probably rise without 4-6 big players undercutting glyph prices will slowly creep up.

In other news I've been draining the netherweave cloth off of the AH like a whore. Raising prices of cloth up to 20g a stack. I've done this for 2 reasons one is to reduce my competition's supply if they don't have cloth to make bags then there will be less competition. The other reason is to raise the price of bags from 10-15g to 20-25g. So far this has been working our great prices on bags moved from 10g up to around 15g average. I have only posted bags once and i did this when i had no competition. I have been so successful at hoarding the cloth that Ive almost managed to drain my competitions supplies. I believe after another week of this i may began to seriously make bags and see how things go. Or i may just keep hoarding until cataclysm when i know ill get a nice return on bags.


  1. Excellent work! That is exactly how you control a market :) , it's not about buying out someone else's crafted goods like the bags, but rather buying out their source of materials, the netherweave cloth.

  2. Heh. Never thought you read my blog Markco. Thanks for encouragement.

  3. Is this blog still being kept up? Last post over 20 days ago.