Friday, August 20

RL strikes like a ninja

So RL has stealth attacked me like a ninja. I have started school again and I am learning the joys of chemistry again. I hated it in HS and still not much a of a fan for it during college. However its necessary to take it for my CS degree. The job market in my area is SHIT so even though i have a AAS in Computer network support there are not any entry level jobs. So i continue to work my way towards even higher education.

In other news me and my wife learned of a grant program that essentially gives you a huge 26,500 down payment for buying a foreclosed home. We learned of this short notice and began hunting vigorously. Luckily enough for us the first home we looked at was a perfect fit. It seems who ever foreclosed on it had been renovating it fresh paint, new flooring throughout, an bonus room out of an enclosed garage. the home is 2052 sq ft 3 br 2 bath. The offer is around 91900 which is 2k over asking to avoid a bid war with another offer. The home is probably valued at around 130k if it were not a foreclosure so re-sell will build a large amount of equity. The only stipulation with this type of loan is in order to not pay the grant back you must live in the home for 10 years which for our growing family i don't see needing to move for many years. . Hopefully life will work out the way it is supposed to.

As for wow my pally is level 33 and slowly smashing his way towards being able to use the mechano hog i have purchased for him. I'm using engineering on him to make squirrel pets they don't seem to sell very fast though. Hope for more stories and info later on just been to busy to share. BTW the blog isn't dead until i say so maybe long term hiatus for writers block, RL, etc but ill try and let you know whats going on more frequently now.


  1. Good to see you posting again.

    I think that sounds like a very good deal on the home. Interest rates are wonderful right now. My wife and I built a house last year and we're already refinancing, to take advantage of the great rates.

    I enjoy your blog. I think because I can relate to you. I've been playing WoW since just after the beta, late 2004. Since then I've had 2 more kids. My wife is pregnant and due in December, bringing our child total to 5.

    My days of hard-core raiding are long over. However, I still play an hour or so every day, after the kids go to sleep (raiding only Friday nights with my friends).

    In my time spent online, I've settled into a bit of gold-making myself, which is how I came upon your blog. In my limited WoW time I don't amass huge fortunes. I continue to hover around the 40K mark. Every time I go above that, I blow the money on my alts!

    At-any-rate, if you suffer from writers block, might I suggest just do what you did in this post. Write what happened to you this week. What happened when you logged on to WoW, what happened with you in RL, etc. That should keep you posting at least once per week. I'm sure relevant WoW gold news will present itself as you go.

    Whatever the case, keep it coming. It gives me a welcome reprieve from working!

  2. Glad i can help writing it also gives me a reprieve from work and a place to just type whats going on in my small world.