Friday, July 9

What I have been doing.

Not playing wow haven't logged in since last week which was only for like 3 minutes. I'm currently registering for Community Collge so I can begin working on the basic requirements for a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. While doing this I have been waiting to find out if ill be able to get the user support job that recently opened up where I work. I also have been spending alot of time with my family and friends socializing holidays always cause this to happen so its ok.

I've also been playing my PSP recently, I only have 2 games for it which are FF7: crisis core and the original FF7 game. I beat Crisis core around a year ago and haven't really played the original FF7 until now. I have made it to the end of the first disk which is the farthest i have ever played this game. I plan to slowly play through with the help of my strategy guide and completley own the game beating all of the side quest etc. I have only done this with FF 8 and FF 10 adding 7 to this list would be a good acheivement.

Im sorry to all my followers that were reading me because I was making wow gold and writing about it. I just can't seem to find the passion for wow though. I plan to pop into beta as soon as the talent update arrives. It really has me interested I think it will be a good change for wow. Currently im sitting at 60k gold on wow and have materials to fill up my glyphs I just can't get into making gold. For the most part wow is on pause ill pick it up again I know just depends when.

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