Wednesday, October 27

4.0 recap

Prior to 4.0 i created around 20 of every glyph i knew. On the eve of the 4.0 patch i posted around 2200 glyphs for 65g a pop. The next day was a black out no wow and major issues patching. The next 2 days was a struggle to keep sanity as i missed the major part of glyphmas but there was still gold to be made. Finally on thursday night i logged in my cousin was kind enough to check my mail for me. I had made around 30k in the initial rush. For the next couple of days i posted 3 times a day using the new zero auctions to post. After all was said and done my stock of glyph is almost gone i have made rougly 80k gold off of my endevor. Im glad i praticipated in glyphmas but with the changes to 4.0 i have no desire to play wow. I have loss my cravings for wow and without the want to play i let my account go dormant. SO where does this leave my blog.

Well it leaves it open for business while wow was why i originally started my blog i have decided that I can keep writing about my life beliefes etc on it. So this is a warning to my readers expect non-wow topics. Expect controversial topics at times but i am going to try and balance what i blog about. If you stay my readers great if everyone flees thats fine to. THe best part of my blog is the ability to get my thoughts out in writing which allows me to clearly state my oppinon beliefes etc. Well thats all for now I hope my readers are enjoying 4.0 more than i did it killed wow for me even though my intrest in wow was already waning .

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