Wednesday, October 20

Is marijuana addictive?

Here is a post from the Time if you feel like reading it.

I enjoyed this post it was pretty much facts I already know. Let me tell you how marijuana is addictive. Its addictive in the same way as sex is addictive, the same way downing the lich king is addictive. Anything good is worth repeating over and over until your tired of it.

PS: 4.0 recap coming school is pretty brutal atm


  1. sick of the non wow posts.. unsubscribing..

  2. Not physiclly addictive, but I would class it as mentally addictive, I know people who cant go a day with out it, pretty depressing tbh.

  3. I agree with the mental addictivness anaalius. However its the same kind of addiction people get to various things such as ... chips, wow, sex, adrenaline. While it is sad that some people can't go a day without it do you think those people deserve to be arrested prosecuted and placed in jail. ITs not that they can't go a day with out it its they choose not to go a day with out.

    Sorry you dont enjoy the direction of the blog snon. Hope you enjoy whatever it is you do with the extra 2 minutes a day.

    Thanks for all the comments from everyone. I kind of find it funny having readership go down do to my discussion of a controversial non wow topic. Doesn;t really bother me just amusing.

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