Friday, October 22

A book series to read.

While I'm still in a transition phase with wow and still have stock of glyphs I'm going to take a moment to recommend a great fantasy novel series. The series is called the Wheel of Time, the first novel in this series is the Eye of the World. I suggest anyone that enjoys reading fantasy novels check this book out and see if it interest you.

Now for a story on how i fell into the WOT series. Ever since a young age i was an avid reader around 11 I really began reading these jedi apprentice books that averaged around 150 pages. As my reading skills got better i was able to finish these in one sitting of a few hours. After reaching this level i began exploring different novels to read. I read thrillers, horror, fantasy pretty much every genre. By seventh grade fantasy had become my favorite genre. I had read all of the lord of the rings and was on the hunt for something that would last. What i meant by this is that 400-600 page books didn't last long for me i generally finished them in about 3-4 days. So the search was on for a what I called in my head "A big ass fantasy book" honestly when I went into the bookstore that day I wasn't sure I was going to purchase anything. I came across a cardboard display that held i believe it was 10 books from one series the WOT. I picked up the first one and the first thing i did was flip to the last page it totaled around 1000 pages. I read the back and decided id give it a shot. I purchased the book and started reading it while waiting on my mom to finish shopping. Ever since that day i was hooked on this series.

I have read the series in its entirety 2 1/2 times the entire series spans around 13 books currently with 2 more planned to finish it. With each reading I find new details or little things i didn't previously noted. One thing about the series i love is the complexity of it. There are many side plots and distractions which make the world feel real. Instead of being a straight main plot only there are plots about various characters and things going on simultaneously. But enough about the series if you have time and like fantasy i suggest reading it.

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