Friday, January 29

30k reached. More gold Incoming tonight.

I checked my mail at lunch time. It contained some of my recent auction house endeavors a gain of 6k to 31k gold. I sold buckles, fiery enchant, crusader enchant, pets, simple gems, epic gems, titan steel bars that were fliped , and Netherweave bags has gotten me to this point. I diversified my markets and have a constant stream of incoming gold. Now i don't have to worry if i get undercut in one market because ill make up the gold in a different market.

I had over 267 auctions going last night. most Of them for over 10g - 4400g. The thing is everything on the Auction house is selling for profit. This is why my gold jumped from 25k to 31k in just a few hours. It seemed like my competition was stagnant people that just throw stuff on the AH and forget about it. No serious sellers were around to undercut. I even found out one of my friends was buying my vendor pets for a round 34g profit to me and - 74g for his bank. IT was funny because he walked up and showed me it and i was like wow. If you read my blog you would have gone to the vendor to get it.

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  1. Gz on reaching the goal. I don't have as many market yet as I try to empty stores for new stuff as I wrote about in my latest post. :-)