Tuesday, March 2

Gold trickles in.

Gold is trickling into my coffers. I havent really cared to make any. I have enough to repair enchant ETC. I think im feeling the wow burnout mainly because of lack of raid time coupled with lack of progression for my druid. My druid sits at 5086 GS it only took me 2 weeks to get every peice of badge gear. Now i need to work on my Boomkin set and i just cant get motivated to play my druid. Its depressing so I began leveling a priest. My priest is called blindlight its a BE male which are ok looking. Ill be leveling holy/disc up to 40 then my shadow side will come out to play. i have 3 BOA items so playing him is enjoyable. Im going to grab JC and begin leveling it hopefully this project will be fun and enjoyable. Ill have a more indepth post about Blindlight in a few hours or tomorrow lets just say leveling this caster has been interesting.

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