Friday, June 11

Possible new project. Gold Update. Ramblings.

I reached 61k gold today which is my highest total gold liquid. I have not been making gold like i was pre hacked account. I really can't get into it atm so i just post once a day. Then pickup my Auctions the next day. Im small competition but its ok ill take my 400g daily for a few minutes of posting afk. I am not undercutting like i used to which definatley was helping make more gold. I just don't seem to need it.

i have 4800 gs offspec gear sets enchanted ( boomkin, and tank) I have a 5159 gs MS healing. Theres not much gear that i can purchase from the AH or feel the need to. Im currently using this character to farm badges for a new Alt. Im sitting at around 15 badges shy of buying the plate PVE chest & shoulders and the 2h axe. I plan to enchant the weapon with crusader. Im going to create a twink ret pally to level since my old one Jeri is on a disabled account. I plan to PL engineering on this toon so that i can play with all the gadgets. I can't decide should i get dual mana trinkets from the BOA vendor? I think these would make the lower levels easier and eventually they would swap out to dps trinkets once the mana talents caught up.

The other idea is to create the character and give it the items. Then copy it to the Alpha test realm. I found i had accesss to it this morning it is currently patching so still unplayable. This would allow me to test drive the pally through the early levels of cataclysm. Where it would become even more OP with 2 instant attacks by level 20. Im thinking I could document the Alpha expereince 1-20 for you guys if anyone is interested. It would of course not be posted until after beta goes live because of the NDA. Either way shortly i may begin playing a pally full time just because im tired of 80 content.


  1. In many of your posts you mention how you only post glyphs that sell well. How did you learn about which glyphs to focus on and that sell?

    If you could do a post on this, I'd really appreciate it :)

    Also, I know what you mean about being bored of 80 content, I did not realize how bored I was of 80 stuff 'til I started leveling one of my alts! It's a great change of pace.

  2. I actually dont post what sells well. I post all glyphs but a general rule of thumb is DK glyphs sell well you could stick to just them and make gold.