Tuesday, June 15

New interfaces (no spoilers just size)

I took a screen shot an blanked out the size of the talent calculator. I also blanked out the map so you can't know my location etc. I am flying in old world when it was taken. You'll notice the talent calculator has grown larger. Making the spell book larger allows for it to have a cleaner interface trust me you wont miss that old small spell book or talent interface.

I started a goblin this morning. Only a few quest into their starter zone happy to report so far know quest with get x number of items from this monster. Makes for a better experience not having to farm level 1 creatures for their foot that they clearly have when you kill them. The pet UI for hunters wasn't working at level one maybe its unlocked later level I'm not sure.


  1. Hmm Joined Channel:[3. Local Defense - Durotar]
    Not sure where you are? ;/

  2. Lol didn't even notice that you win the game sir.