Tuesday, August 31

a small rebutle to anonomous poster

Mr. Anon,

I currently am working on a more full post to address the issues you raised however i have one that i can do with no research currently but through an examination of our national history. In your comment you state.

"What do you mean by the term "non-violent"? Non-violent to whom? Have you considered the ancillary criminal activities that accommodate the sale and distribution of MJ to be non-violent?"

What I mean is that the use of MJ is a non violent offense it harms no one but the user ( possibly second hand smoke inhalation for people nearby further research needed). You bring in the fact that currently the channels of distribution are violent and criminal. well the reason for that is because currently MJ can not be legally manufactured, and sold in the US. This prohibition has created a black market for MJ similar to how Alcohol prohibition did for alcohol. Its a lucrative trade for criminals to sell things that people want ,but the government won't let be produced legally. However this violence and crime can be changed when the law is. A good example of this is the fact that there are no more Al Capones in the Alcohol industry any more are there? No once Alchol was re-legalized the violence that came from it being illegal evaporated. Was it over night probably not however eventually the violence did end. I will continue to work on addressing your other issues as I can.


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