Tuesday, August 24

Added feature. Off topic post,

I added polls to my blog today so that i can get an idea of how similar my views are to my readers. The first question i decided should be something controversial and non wow related. I did this because there are times where i want to use this blog for more than wow related subjects that interest me. So expect a few post about off-topic things. Mainly these topics will center on my other interest which is the movement to legalize MJ aka marijuana, cannabis, etc. While many people will disagree with my view on this subject i do plan to begin posting on it occasionally. it may just be links to other websites that interest me or it could be a full post on the subject just depends on my mood. If you do not agree with my view or wish to bash me for it go ahead and disagree however i ask you to use logic and refrain from name calling and personal attacks. Im just one voice with a few readers i don't plan to change any ones minds i just want to share my views with my readers.

So moving on and to help people who may not know what Prop.19 is ill give you a very very brief overview. Prop. 19 is a ballot initiative to legalize the adult recreational use of Marijuana in California. It was created by Richard Lee a marijuana legalization activist and medical marijuana provider based in Oakland. Its the first attempt since 1973 to legalize MJ for recreational purposes. The legal language of the bill dictates that an adult 21 or older Will be able to have in possession 1 ounce of MJ, they can grow a garden of 5x5 feet in order to grow their own MJ similar to home breweries. It also allows local county and city authorities to dictate how best to regulate and tax the sale of MJ similar to how alcohol is done (wet and dry counties and cities). The law states that MJ users can't smoke in front of children and places legal action against those that do. It also does not change the DUI laws meaning if your high and driving you can and will be arrested. This is just a basic overview of what the law does there is probably more but i need more time to write out a detailed post. Please cast your vote and if you want share your view in the comments just remember keep it civil.

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