Tuesday, August 24

Why do we fall down?

So we can learn to pick ourselves up again. This is one of my favorite movie quotes its from Batman Begins which if you haven't seen it you should definitely take the time to rent it and enjoy one of the best batman movies ever made. This quote applies to what I'm dealing with in life currently. The bid we placed on the house was pretty much ignored by the seller who ended up working with a prior bid which i guess is good for the winners of the house. It sucks having to deal with our dreams burning up into ash. But part of living life is it doesn't end there will be more homes to look at and more dreams to create. Alas the search continues and the chances of finding a similar priced home with the same features are slim.

As for Wow news there is not much on the gold front i need to crank my glyph machine up and craft but I'm just not that into it at the moment. I have enough gold for now and i can always make more. I'm down to 43k after the purchase of my mechano hog and materials to level my engineering. The paladin is progressing nicely i reached 36 last night easing ever so slowly towards being able to ride the mechano-hog that is burning a hole in my bag. I also bought the enchant bracers +9 stamina from a guildie for 20g. If i don't already know it i may learn it so that i can begin selling this enchant come Cataclysm. People love to twink their toons to give them and advantage. I would love to be able to provide the advantage.

Future plans for wow when cataclysm drops i hope to have amassed enough BOA items to begin a goblin hunter with full BOA gear. I also hope to join a guild and gain access to the new BOA items before beginning to level my hunter. I'm doing this for two reasons one i love faster leveling nothing makes me happier than seeing the levels fly by. Also i have always loved the hunter class even leveled one to 40 before other classes and distractions got in the way. So with cataclysms release I plan to use my other characters to gain the new BOA items then change my main to a hunter why? Because i want to and its my 15$ . The plan for the hunter is to twink him to the gills meaning dual agility enchants on weapons, full enchants on gear making my hunter one deadly SOB. I already have my eye on taming a spider pet so that i can web people in place as they die. I also plan to use my hunter in PVP a lot and hopefully endgame instead of raiding ill try my hand at endgame PVP. Hopefully everything will work out like i envision.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the house.

    My wife and I looked at MANY houses before we landed our current one.

    My wife fell in love with 4 houses prior to this one. None of them worked out because we couldn't sell the house we had owned in time (I can't shoulder 2 mortgages).

    But each time one sold from under us, she cried, was depressed, etc. Then we found an even 'better' one...and the cycle started over again.

    I wouldn't stress. There are a lot of good houses out there. Don't cling to the belief that you'll NEVER find house/deal like that one again. You'll find many. Probably the best ones after you finally purchase a house! ;)