Friday, December 11

I know i slacked off sorry.

Sorry for slacking off on an update to my idea. The plan worked flawlessly until it came time for the vellums to sell which they didnt. its ok though i can use them for other things such as creating enchanting scrolls. I lost about 250g which is not bad but retrospectivley the 150 ish ink i had made could have been used to level inscription. The snow fall sold for around 250g for a stack of 18 which is a decent price.

So now to update you on 3.3 My markets have risen well except for netherweave bags. Epic Gems are back to 200g each. I stocked up on saronite bars to try and make profit from the transmute to titanium restriction being lifted. I created 44 bars which is about 17 stacks of saronite i paid 30g each for these saronite. or a 400g investment my bars are projected to sell around 20g each which would equal 1k gold or 600g profit. Currently saronite market is aroudn 40g a stack which means that there is more profit in transmuting about 20g profit per 2 stacks more if your transmute procs. I plan to watch the market closely i may be able to get more saronite at a lower price this could be a good patch for alchemist.

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