Wednesday, December 2

Update on idea

SO upon research done on my lunch break the pigment needed to make midnight ink is dusky pigment. Which can be gotten from mageroyal, briarthorn, stranglekelp, swiftthistle, and bruiseweed. These herbs average around 20g per stack of 20. So that eliminates them as a viable source for getting ink. Other herbs to take into account instead are the northrend herbs. They sell between 15g-20g a stack for adders tongue while not great i still plan to experiment and see what kind of profit i can make getting ink of the sea crafted and trading it for midnight ink.

The plan invest 500g in northrend herbs that ill have someone ink for me. Sell the snowfall ink to offset the cost of herbs. Trade ink of the sea for midnight ink and craft as many vellums as possible. Sell the vellums for a minimum of 4g profit preferably higher. Hopefully the combination of selling snowfall ink and weapon vellums will net me a profit of 500g. Ill better be able to project a estimate of profit once i have all the ink of the sea and snowfall ink crafted. While this is a fairly interesting idea this is just a trial run to see if the profit is worth further investment. I hope to keep my readers updated on how many herbs i buy, how much ink they produce, The amount that i get from selling snowfall ink so that i can offset the cost allowing me to make more profit from each vellum. I intend to tell you how many vellums i make and my strategy for selling them. Which will include how i intend to price them and stack sizes.


  1. One thing to consider is that you said in your previous post your DK was lvl 61. You only need to be lvl 65 to max out Inscription... so 4 lvls of grinding and you could do your own milling or go nuts with the money making machine that maxed out inscription is ;-)

  2. YEh but i dread those 4 levels so much lol. That and my time is precious id rather be making gold then leveling even if the 4 levels would get more more gold. Damn guess i better get leveling.

  3. A thing to note when dealing with weapon vellums that in your last post you got wrong is for weapon vellums
    3 ink = 2 vellum
    6 ink only = 4 vellum not 6 as you posted,

    Armour vellums can be more profitable as
    1 ink = 2 vellum
    so even if weapon vellums sell for more they cost approx 3 times as much to produce, hence the lack of interest from scribes.
    So unless weapon vellums are selling for 3 times the price of armor vellums, you could be loosing money.

  4. Good point morning star i did not correct this even though i noticed it. I appreciate your dilligence however being unable to make armour velllums III the profitable ones it seems like weapon vellums I are my best option for now. Ill have a post this evening with an update on amount of inks made etc. I plan to level my DK so that i can begin taking advantage of higher level items.

  5. Old post I know, but just wanted to let you know that you don't need to level your DK at all to mill Northrend herbs and create Snowfall ink -- the skill required is 375 which you can get at lvl 50.