Tuesday, December 29

Post for later Arrows scam ?? no

Recently i ran into a post at Just My Two Copper stating that reposting arrows in stacks of 100 is a scam. The point they make is that its a scam because the UI wont display 100 and 1000 stacks clearly. Well here is proof that the default AH shows them plain as day.

Here are stacks of 1000 with Auctioneer in use.

and here are stacks of 100 with auctioneer in use.
So where is the scam to me its clear as day that 100 does not look like 1000. IS it shady bussiness posting for mark ups? I can't answer that for you thats a personal opinion i dont believe so. My reasoning is that if i believed marking arrows up was wrong then the whole bid low sell normal would be wrong. Im taking advantage of people that post low its unfair. Free markets are wonderful it sucks for hunters that their best resource for dmg cost 10g per stack this could have been fixed if blizzard had fixed ammo like they said they would. Blizzard also could have made the ammo purchaseable from a vendor this would have limited the damage to hunters wallets. However none of this happend and clever bussiness men decided to capitalize on reposting ammo for 999% mark up and idiots bought it. Thats not the sellers fault its just bussiness.


  1. When the 100 arrow seller puts them up for practically the same price as a 1000 arrow seller then the intention is apparent... to "trick" the buyer. If you are trying to sell 100 arrows at a price that makes it attractive to someone not wanting to spend a lot of G on a whole 1000 stack, the intention swings the other way. There is nothing wrong with breaking any stack and upping the price somewhat elevated (e.g. 1 bar instead of 20 for 25% more... example only - your mileage may vary). People should expect (or at least not be surprised) to pay more per bar for that. No one can convince me that posting 100 at 1000 prices is in any way a convenience to the customer when the price is only a copper or two lower. Once again, the intention (interface issues or not) is to deceive.

    Is it "wrong"? Only in the sense that the it is always "buyer beware" and that the seller will have to deal with any social and business repercussions. In WOW that might not amount to much. Would I do it? No... but that is my choice... which is an extention on how I do business in the real world.

  2. Agree with Steve. Would you feel stupid if you bought 100 at the same or simliar price as 1000? If so, then you can extrapolate that to your suckers (which aren't really customers in that you are fooling them). Just follow the golden rule here, do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

  3. If your analysis were correct and this was simply normal buy low/sell high, then people would be listed stacks of 1000 at 999% and having them sell. The only reason those stacks of 100 go is because people buy them with the intention of getting 1000. The simple truth is people don't get what they think they're paying for, thats what makes it a scam.