Wednesday, December 23

Plodding along

So I've been plodding along making sales generating a good amount of gold. Which is good but at the same time means not much to say here in the blog. So i guess ill just have an off topic post today concerning the new LFG and its sides the good, bad , and ugly.

The good side of the LFG is that t is a game changer for wow. More people are doing instances and it means more experienced group players and a happier player base. I have genuinely loved the new tool its allowed me to level my druid 2 levels in just a few days. It saves me time allowing me a way to do a instance in 30 minutes as opposed to the 45 minutes of looking for a tank to do a 30 minute dungeon. There are allot of good things to be said about the tool and i hope that more mmos look at it as something worth incorporating into their games.

The bad side of the LFG is that while random dungeons are fun it seems that at my level i do the same 2 dungeons fairly often. The other problem is while being a healer or tank groups are quick generally less than 10 minutes most of the time instant. If your a DPS your wait times can range from 10-30 minutes just to get a group. Which is still relatively short however i wish there was a way for this to drop down to sub 10 minutes just like healers and tanks enjoy. The loot system also needs to be adjusted just slightly. Mandating need before greed is great to keep some people happy. However I believe limiting classes from rolling on certain gear is dumb. A leveling druid healer should be able to roll on cloth so should anyone who its an upgrade for. In my experience before the need before greed system most people only needed on items that were upgrades whether cloth or leather for a druid or a shaman using leather or cloth because the random loot hates him.

The loot system and Que times are bad but now for the ugly. The people it seems whenever i heal my groups are great everyone knows their role and performs well. There have been a few times were mistakes are made new tanks learning new instances but generally as a healer its a laid back affair and we successfully clear dungeons with little to no deaths. It seems though anytime i tank i get the most mismatched groups dps that cant FF, healers that don't understand their class mechanics. Which is annoying it frustrates me that while I'm not the best tank it seems like everyone in the group is working against me. Which to some extent they are that's what its like to be a tank your hammering mobs trying to hold aggro with 3 dps that decide not to ff and to each try to kill one mob that no one else is focusing on. Which means I take more dmg and the healer has to work harder. So the ugly for the LFG tool is that you cant dictate who you group with or their skill level. It also seems that since tanks get instant groups most of them are full of scrubs that have been waiting for 20 minutes just to piss you off.

I'm debating on making a basic guides to dps, tank and healer roles in an instance. Would this be something worth spending my time and if so what are some key points you would like me to share. The guide would be posted here and in all respective wow forums.

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