Wednesday, December 2

Inscription idea

AUTHOR NOTE:Please make sure to read the post update to idea. Some of my statements in this post are inaccurate and have been corrected in the update. It also contains my new strategy and goal for this process of making gold.

I was siting here thinking on how to make money from inscription without having to level my 61 DK and it hit me. Weapon Vellums I on my server there is almost no supply for these however the demand for them is fairly good. I believe these could be a potential gold mine because players making lower level weapon scrolls for twinks need them. Crusader Fiery agility life stealing all of these pre-bc enchants can be placed on a weapon vellum I and some enchanters focus exclusively on selling just these scrolls.

Why this could be a great gold mine. If i remember correctly weapon vellum I requires 2 midnight ink which i believe can be obtained from peace bloom the cheapest herb to get. So I'm just going to use hypothetical numbers here tomorrow ill post real calculations.

peacebloom x 20 = 2g max = about 6 inks if I'm lucky.

6 inks turns into 6 vellums. sell them for 1g each which means 6g- 2g cost =4g profit this is small but it can add up. Also this is hypothetical the vellums could sell for more max i would say probably 4g per vellum.bringing the total profit for a stack of peacebloom to 22g. While i wish these numbers were 100% correct they aren't ill create a post about my current market and the results from the experiment tomorrow or the next day depending on how quickly the vellums sell. Check your markets this could be a decent gold maker to supplement your income with a minimal investment.

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