Wednesday, September 1

GAHHH. Pally leveling

Gahh. this is my thoughts on leveling my pally right now. Im level 41 and enjoying leveling IE seeing places doing dungeons etc. There is one thing that irkes me about my paladin. The lack of attacks. Currently if im solo i can judge, hand of reck, excorcise, or concencrate if im in a dungeon or PVP cut out Hand of Reck. This means paladins currently have from level 20-50 4 or 3 damaging attacks. It makes for a realy repetitive leveling process. Thank god cataclysm is coming and new players won't have to endure this tedius grind. im really surprised blizzard didn't implement crusader strike at level 1 earlier seeing as the put victory rush at a low level for warriors.

Oh well im almost to crusader strike which will make me feel even stronger. Its nice to know that when i pvp at 59 at least ill have 3 instant attacks to try and bring someone to down. Currently its judge, excorsism, wait for CD. Which is frankly frustrating knowing that if i had one more button my chances of killing the person would be better. One good thing about PVP currently is that my Hog brings alot of envy, i like envy even if it makes me vain. The bad thing about PVP feeling like your the only one focusing on healers. People if your PVPing any level healer first then other classes or else you die. Its not hard kill priest, shaman, and druids that aren't in a form. If you dont that hunter thats kiting you will be healed and you will be dead.

On the gold front i sold some netherweave bags made 500g. Not bad just nothing interesting going on really. Currently purchasing herbs to begin milling when i have free time. Hoping to craft more glyphs so that i can slow post and make a little gold. Im still at 37k gold which is enough to bank roll anything i want. Ill probably be able to increase it even more whenever the patch 4.0 makes glyphs permanent. I plan to have around 20-40 of each glyph ready to sell prior to this patch. The reason for this stock pile is to take advantage of the short term buying frenzy and maximize profit.


  1. Hence why its best to wait and level a pally when cata comes out. Thats all being fixed.

  2. can't wait time to level now. So when i experience it again i can be on a super OP hunter.

  3. For me, pallys are the 2nd worse class to level (first being priests).

    My pally is about to ding 78.

    I keep shelving him and coming back to him.

    Hunters are probably my favorite to level.

  4. If I was you I would respec into Protection. Its just as fast if not faster than ret. basicly do the same damage and you get Avengers shield which is epic :D I would advise you to give it a try. I did and never turned back, Dps as prot pala !

    xoxo anaalius