Monday, November 30

Current market

I started back in my usual markets this weekend netherweave bags were selling for around 14g i could get stacks from 4g-10g each so i had good profit from this. Epic gem prices have fallen around 150g for cut 30 stam gems. This is disappointing since this used to be a great market for steady income its still good just not as good. Enchanting materials were cheap so i created 5 crusader scrolls and 2 fiery currently crusaders are aroudn 200g per scroll and fiery is 50-75g.

Since i left it seems like the bag market has settled i only noticed 1 big player selling. This is good because it allows me to sell my bags at greater profit. II have been purchasing all the netherweave up to 10g so that my competition can not get the cheap mats hoping to keep prices high and stop a undercutting war. I may run into a problem with low supply of netherweave though and get kicked out of the market due to having no back stock.

I am going to level my DK to 65 so i can level inscription up to 450. I don't intend to be a big player in the glyph market however I am interested in weapon and armour vellum's III . They seem to sell well and could be a great income. Also the fort scroll that does a priest buff may offer another market to use.

While doing all of this i have been keeping up a bid low sell normal routine. it offers steady income however not as good as it used to be. I need to add more items to my snatch list Large brilliant shards righteous orbs and small radiant shards. IF i can keep a constant supply of these ill be able to keep in the scroll market and improve my income.

Is there any frostweave cloth items that can be crafted and De for profit? if so please leave a comment this could be a great market to get into. Also i need to look at frostweave bags if the cost is low enough profits on those bags could be impressive.


  1. Anything Frostweave related is a dead market, apart from maybe making Spellweave/Moonshroud etc - but unless you can commande tasty prices for those the margins are minimal. However on occasion I've managed to get 200g for me spellweave (normally 130ish) - then it becomes reasonably profitable.

    It's a real shame as netherweave and Runecloth are still profitable items.

  2. yeh if they lowered mat cost tailoring frostweave could be worth it. I think inscription could be my big cash cow. only 100 skill till its maxed just have to level to 65 ugh.

  3. agreed: frostweave is a tough market. you pretty much just have bags and spellweave and/or moonshroud. the only alternative are the BiS recipes which are hard to get, hard to craft and will be de-valued once 3.3 hits.

    inscription is a tough market to dominate nowadays. on most servers, there are several competitors aggressively pricing glyphs at all times. it's still steady income, but getting built up is much more painful without the possibility of discovering a glyph you can regularly unload for 30g+. luckly, vellums, offhands, cards and runescrolls still move pretty well, so your snowfall ink always has a place to go.