Friday, November 6

Inscription markets

So i have a inscriptionist lvl 340 that i have not been taking advantage of to make gold. One reason I haven't is he lacks good glyphs he currently only has the leveling ones which sell OK. Another reason that i have not utilized him to make gold is time. I don't believe i have time to deal with crafting and making glyphs and re posting and such. Well since I don't have time for glyphs this does not mean my inscriptionist is useless. There are other methods that i can use to make gold with him.

The methods That someone like me who doesnt have time to mass produce glyphs are not as limited as you might think. Selling vellums can be a great gold maker currently there is a large demand and small supply on my server. So I could use this to my advantage posting slowly to maximize profit. There are 2 types of vellums with three levels this is a much smaller market to watch and post on than the glyph market. Darkmoon cards these offer the chance for big payoffs nobles decks seem to average 4k gold or more these could be worth making. Also like vellums there is a smaller market so less competition and babysitting. Offhand items I wouldn't say these are great money makers but if you have the extra ink this could be a place to sink it for some nice returns. Which leads me to the newest market for inscriptionsist Scrolls of Fortitude the thing that provides priest buffs for groups. I have not researched what these take or how active the market is but this is a item that could be a big seller.

I plan to level my DK up to 65 and start taking advantage of the lesser known inscription markets. Hopefully they will net me a nice supplementary income with a smaller investment. I don't believe i will be a big AH player making 1k gold a day but if i can increase my diversity it will help increase my gold per day.

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  1. I remain to be fully convinced about the Runescrolls. They're really slow sellers although per Snowfall ink they're worth the effort if ye are preared for the long haul over 48 hours and a few reposts.

    Vellums are currently a great seller for me outside of the Nobles cards and normal glyphs, especially as Scroll Makers usually like to see a tasty VellumIII bargain at under 8g. Which is nice for them, and nice for me as I usually undercut their scrolls as well and have a great foothold in that Market too.