Monday, November 2

Vanity pets.

So yesterday on my shaman a guildy in my leveling guild ran me through WC. It was a typical run with me deleting a lot of grays to grab green items to sell or use. As i was going through my inventory i came across a vanity pet the deviate hatching. I have never seen this item but my auctioneer told me it was worth 1k gold which to me is awesome. So there i was on a level 18 shaman just hitting jackpot. After the run I quickly flew to org to go to the AH and posted my little hatching for 750g buyout and before the next day it had sold. So now i have a level 18 toon that is self sufficient until lvl 70 because of one lucky drop.

Now i just need to do some research to see what drops these and how rare are they it could be a great cash maker which is surprising. I regard vanity pets and achievements as a waste of time. They offer nothing to me as far as game play goes so I have no regret about selling this little pet. Actually it make me interested in looking into other pets that i can exploit and sell. I guess to me this is just another way to take advantage of less savvy players or players that have other interest and too much gold. I guess it leaves everyone happy they get their vanity pet for 250g cheaper and i get a rich lvl 18 that doesn't have to leech off of my cash.


  1. Gratz on the drop. I had the same thing happen on my DK, I was questing in Zangarmarsh and went to sell my vendor trash and found I had picked up a Captured Firefly. Sold it for almost 4000g so my DK got epic flying from almost 1 item.

    There are a bunch of pets that people on the AH pay highly for, both from drops and ones you can buy from vendors. You probably could have sold you pet at market price, might have taken more then the next day but your only level 18 no need for cash now and you could make another 250g.

  2. well really I could have but I sometimes like the instant gratification of a quick sell.

  3. The deviate hatchlings in WC are easy to get, especially if you have a higher level character. My level 80 ran it 10 times and got 2. They only frop off the raptors at the start of the instance so it's a quick job to go in, round them all up and kill them, hop out and reset.

  4. I totally understand the instant gratification thing, I do that myself sometimes.