Tuesday, November 24

Markco Vs. Gevlon Blog wars

Recently I have not been reading blogs or blogging recently. LoL glad i missed the drama. I belive markco was making a valid offer personally i would link his gold guide for no profit because i dont blog for profit. Why would i do this because while it may not be useful to me there are people that prefer a guide format to completing a task or goal. PErsonally i belive gevlon could have used more tact his attempt to shame Marcko makes him look like an ass. However markcos error was trying to offer a deal to gevlon who has stated he does not like buying or selling gold or gold guides.

I see nothing wrong with markco trying to offer another blogger a way to get some cash. I also see nothing wrong with gevlon rejecting the offer. My problem lays with the two creating a flame war in their respective communities. Love or hate it they both have succesful blogs that tackle similar questions. They both have great post and crappy post. I just hope they both drop it so their followers will cut the crap and we can return to a happy blogging community with the goal of making gold

If you have no idea what im refering too go to greedygoblin.blogspot.com and look up last tuesdays post. Also check out JMTC.com To see a response by markco


  1. You must have been reading to quickly. You seem to have missed the smarmy part wherein Markco wanted Gevlon to write an article denegrating the quality and/or usefulness of all the other guides.

  2. I more or less agree with you. While Marcko could've approached a bit differently, he didn't deserve the shit he got tossed his way in response. One thing is to publicly humiliate him, but that was outright attacking Marcko and his work. And publicly displaying his e-mail, which he sought to keep private, was pure dickery.

    Aw well, as long as the goblin wars don't have any more ramifications, there's not going to be more problems i think.

  3. Yeh missed the part about other guides personally that does not bother me very much. If i were going to buy a guide which would you buy one where the author has a blog giving free tips or the one where the author says buy this to get any info. He should have pointed out to state the reason why his guide is better than others is along with the info you get from the guide you also have the great resources that are freely gives away at his blog.

  4. If Markco had asked Gevlon to include the reasoning regarding the quality of his guides and website, it would have made all the difference for me. As I read it, Markco was soliciting Gevlon's celebrity to sway the opinion the readership holds regarding his Gold making guide. That attempt to form a conspiracy is what bothers me.
    Setting up an affiliate program is a smart move. Markco needs to recognize that it requires more finesse when dealing with folk that are not in the same entrepeneurial mindset as himself.