Wednesday, November 4

Cant teach the unwilling

Yesterday i was doing the water totem quest form my shaman when someone in the guild I am in started asking for 500g. The first thing I asked was what do you need it for and whats your proffessions. Well needless to say his professions couldn't be used to make gold and he wanted duo spec. Well the next step i took to try and teach this guy was to give him a link to my blog and tell him to look for the bid low sell normal post. Well the response i got back from him was that he has tried that method and failed at it.

This aggeravated me because I really wanted to equip this player to be able to make his own gold and stop asking for it. After a bit of thought i told him about the deviate hatchlings. He took the advice and attempted to get one with no luck. So while I have equiped this player kinda to be able to get his own gold it seems like he is unwilling. Have you ever run into this problem if so how did you deal with it.


  1. All the time. I try to give advice to many people in my guild, even go so far as to say "This is how I make gold on the AH". Now I don't give them my most profitable and consistent money making way (I say that to no one although I do see it posted and talked about on other blogs) but they just refuse to do it. They complain they don't have the time, or as you example did that they tried it and it didn't work for them. I've even had some of them off me their money to make gold for them. I tell them I don't need their gold to make money so why should I take x% of profit using their money when I can make 100% using mine. And I have much more gold then they ever have.

    Some people just can't be bothered, they have plenty of time to sit around Dalaran and chat in /trade or pst each other. I even have friends that know how much gold I have that either outright ask for some or hint at how much they really need this gear or epic flying over and over. I don't help these people out, I feel like they would appreciate what they have more if they earn it themselves, besides I am not working to make gold for other people.

  2. Yeh i agree i told the guy i dont give out gold. Even though i think of 500g as chump change now. Its not something ill part with since im not getting service in exchange. To bad he didnt have a useable proffession i would have gotten him to craft me something or give him tips on how to make gold with it.

  3. You could always give the guy a job to do?
    milling etc.

  4. This reminds me of last year, just before the start of the xmas world event a couple of new players were in our guild. They had mid 20s night elf characters and were listening on chat as people were chatting about buying epic flying, or saving for the new shiney wrath motorbikes.

    They both mention that they with their couple of gold couldnt figure out how to make any money. So I told them about the small eggs. I mentioned that the moonkins in the area they had just left dropped these little eggs that in a day or so everyones gonna want really fast, and will just go to AH and buy them for silly money, and that if they wanted a real leg up in terms of wow cash to go and spend a day or so farming them, then getting them in AH fast as the price will plummet after the first day. One decided yay great idea thanks, the other said no way he was wasting his time killing mobs for no exp.

    Suffice to say the first player made about 1k gold for his day or so grinding eggs the other was still looking for mount cash a few weeks later.

    some people just want it given to them.

    ( lol reading that back it really sounds like a fairy talee... and that kiddies is why you shouldnt talk to strangers ;) )

  5. Sometimes it works...

    Usually, I just ignore it when someone yells in Stormwind "Does anyone have 5g?". But for some reason I decided to respond to a random level 20 newb. I told him to save his cloth and sell it on the AH. (He wanted 5g, not 1000 after all.). And then the questions began... How many should I get? What should I kill? Why would anyone pay that much for a stack of wool cloth?

    I was patient. I answered his questions. (It only took about 2 minutes of my day while I was grinding potions.)

    Fast forward a week or so. He whispers me back to say he's gotten "rich" from selling cloth and leather. While he's definitely not rich by any level 80 standards, he's also not spamming trade chat for donations either. And that makes me very happy.