Wednesday, January 6

Hey this is for all the blacksmith Gold makers

Eternal belt buckles Add a socket to a players belt. These can be made by BS that have reached i belive 425 BS. The mats to make 20 eternal belt buckes runs about 482g. thats for the 80 saronite bars and 20 each of eternal water, eternal earth, eternal shadow. Also titanium plating can be learned from horde expidition exalted rep. it cost 4 titanium bars about 85g and 4 eternal shadow that cost 75-125g depending on supply. If you take the high end thats about 215g they can sell probably 250g- 450g depending on supply. These are too great sellers and the most efficent way to do it is by crafting 20 at a time over the weekend. I did not get my mats at weekend prices but if i had maybe a 10-15% drop in mat cost depending on server. I posted them yesterday before the maitenance probably around 8. I posted 20 at 47g each for a total value of 940g before AH fees. this meant that my 482g investment returned 468g profit for the investment. These sold like hot cakes and at an ideal cost.

I plan to make batches of 20 belt buckles every time they run out because i cant do the titanium plating because of rep. Selling them should always make a profit for minimal effort Even at server low price of 35g each would return at least 200g profit or more depending on mat. cost. This should be something every BS looks into its a good method to make gold and not very time consuming.

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