Wednesday, September 30

My proffessions and an update on the guide

Currently i have 2 characters with max proffessions

450 tailoring/enchanter
450 herb/alchemist
342 inscription
375 mining 225 blacksmith

After i finish leveling my BS ill have 3 chars with max professions that i can use to make even more gold. My inscription is on hold mainly because i don't like playing the DK and don't feel a need to jump in that market because of time constraints. That leaves only leather working, skinning, JC and engineering that i don't have. However i do have a JC that does anything i need done because hes family.

Well the guide is coming along i have it mostly done however recently i have had bad Internet problems. Mainly my neighbor turns off their router which kills the free Internet i need to play. So whenever i get a good Internet connection i plan to post the guide

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