Sunday, September 20

The Netherweave gold mine.

Today i have a tip for the tailors of wow. There is a vast gold mine waiting to be tapped for any tailor willing to take the time to. What I'm talking about is turning Netherweave into Netherweave bags. Here is what i have been doing the last few days and its probably pulled in around 500g profit or more.

I purchase netherweave in stacks of 20 from anywhere from 5g - 9g. Each stack makes one bag so after making that i re post it for around 10g-14g. That's around 5g profit for just standing there producing bags. I recently bought all the netherweave on the market leaving only the over priced stacks. I'm doing this to try and push the other players out of the market currently there are 3 Netherweave bag makers I'm one of them.

By buying all the netherweave I'm keeping the competition from being able to produce their bags as cheaply as me allowing me to become the goblin of the market. Which if your a reader of gevlon you should know that it means while I'm not selling my bags as high as i could i am selling alot more than my competition for profit. The last two days Ive probably sold 150 bags while my competition has hardly sold any. Check your market and see how this works for you it could be a potential gold mine.

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