Friday, September 18

My Project

So Ive made my first post and for some reason it has really excited me. I feel this need to share all my knowledge on one day. This is a good thing and a bad thing I could make several post today and have nothing to share tomorrow. Which would be a bummer. So this post is just a way to share the begging of a project I am under taking. I hope to share the results with my readers to encourage them to make feet first leaps into new adventures.

The project I started a few nights ago is leveling inscription on my level 59 DK. I had a few herbs probably around 20 stacks of various North Rend herbs and a few inks my cousin gave me. My first order of business was to get the herbs milled and inked for me. I found a generous inscriptionist that did it for a generous 30g tip. I kept all the 10 snowfall ink and 91 Ink of the sea. I then set out to Dalarn there I found Jessica sellers and the inscriptionist trainer and vendor.

I leveled inscription by trading my ink of the sea for the various inks I needed at the time. About every five levels I stopped to train. After an hour I reached level 150 and had ran out of ink for the night. This was a good start to what may be a good gold making profession. One way to make gold off of this was to sell the snowfall ink for around 26g each 260g profit is not bad. Another thing to be wary of is while i could have went and bought 20 of every leveling ink its better to take your time and buy what you need for at least 5 levels. Because after 5 levels the ink type may change and you would be stuck with ink that is worthless for gaining skill levels.


  1. Another reason for only making 5 glyphs per set of skill ups is then your always leveling up on orange skills without flooding the market of any one type of glyph :)

    On some servers I've heard of extreme success just from leveling the profession. Hopefully your server is that way.

    Looks like an interesting blog. I'll definitely keep checking it out :)

  2. Thanks i appreciate it unfortunatley my server seems to be a very slow glyph market so im going to have to become a goblin. BTW yours is a good blog too.