Friday, September 18

The tip that started it all

Today I am going to share with you the tip that changed my entire view on the wow economy. It changed my whole view on how to make gold. Someone way smarter than me said to make money you have to spend it. I never understood that until i started working the auction house on my server. This quote will arise later in this post just keep it in mind.

The tip that started my obsession with gold was only four words posted my Marco of JMTC. He said the easiest way to make gold in wow was bid low and sell normal. Take a second let this sink in for a second just think about those four words. You may be saying to yourself right now bid low sell normal that's not right its buy low sell high however the latter of the two does not work as well. Using this tip i recently started with just 100g and within two weeks playing only thirty minutes a day. I made enough money for Dual spec, Epic flying, and cold weather flying. That is over 7k gold after all of that I am rebuilding my fortune currently at only 1.5k could be higher but i started a test project.

To bid low sell normal you don't need any addons however they make it much easier and allow you to make more gold. The two addons i use to make gold right now are Auctioneer and Postal. (Scan A few times before following the next section) Auctioneer scans the whole auction house on the server. After a few days of scanning use the search tab that auctioneer to look for resales put the value of resales at 50 silver. There will be a waiting period where aucitoneer brings all the recently scanned items into a list under the search tab. Once the list is complete sort the items by quality normally it is easier to start in whites and go down the list. Once the items in the search tab have been sorted go through names clicking the names of items that sell well.

Here is a list of the items that sell well.
  • Ore
  • Bars
  • enchanting mats (normally BC or WOTLK kinds)
  • Cloth
  • Gems
  • Cooked Food & Raw Food
  • Herbs
After selecting the item that you wish to purchase look to the right at the column that says bid/buy. This tells you whether it is profitable to bid or buyout the items you want then do what it tells you bid our buy. After going through the entire list or reaching the limit of how much you have to spend go to the mailbox. This is were postal is great because if you buyout or win allot of bids you could spend all day clicking instead postal gives you the option to open all. After the mailbox is empty return to the AH and go to the appraiser tab here you click the items you want to sell tell it what size and how many and click post. It will post the items at market level as an undercut if it can. This works great if you have allot of items to post because it will Que up all the items you wish to sell and automatically post them.

Bidding low sell normal works great because if you lose a bid you get your gold back if you win and resell you should make profit. A good example of how much gold you can make off of one item is somebody post a stack of 20 copper bars for 3s bid 6g buyout. You bid on it if you win turn around re post for 6g profit you just made 5g 97s - AH cut. So say you win 100 auctions and spent 200g but your selling the items sometimes for twice as much as you paid that's 400g you will make. But if you spend 200g biding/ buying and don't win all you can get all the bid money back so there is no loss. This is where that quote comes in to make gold you have to spend it. Starting with 100g i could only spend a little however once i broke 500g i could spend twice as much and make twice as much.

I cannot tell you that everything you buy will sell immediately be patient and re post items. Also another note be sure of what your buying sometimes you will see items such as wool bandage that says buy for 8g and that the profit is 1000g. These items will never net you that profit and should be avoided most players wont buy a wool bandage so its a waste of money. Now you have the same powerful info I had. I hope you can use this to improve your stacks of gold.

Additional information for this can be found on Marcos blog JMTC. You can get there through the links section of my blog. I highly suggest anyone interested in this and making gold check out any of the links posted there.


  1. I also started using the buy low, sell high.
    My experiment started with 200g

    I now have a little above 70k and nearly 5k worth on the AH at all time.

    The key is [b]patience[/b], if a item doesn't sell, relist. It might take a month to sell but if the original price was low enough, even if you relisted 50 times, you'll still en up with a profit.

    The first 5k is the key, once you reach that, you can pretty much buy anything you want to relist. (I've already bought a few epics @ 1.2k to relist them at 3k) It works often enough to be work it.

  2. Yeh its deffinatley easier with more cash. I try to keep at least 500g in reserver just for this. My other money i use to experiment with other ways to make gold.