Monday, September 21

Saronite Bar Flipping

Todays post is about flipping saronite bars to make a profit. What i mean by this is buying Saronite bars in stacks of 20 and reposting as individuals. The reason this works is that most wow players are impatient and well for lack of a better word stupid. They will purchase the individual bars for what they need instead of buying a whole stack. They only need one bar or say 4 bars they would rather buy only 4 bars instead of a stack of 20 and have 16 left over.

Here is how I take advantage of this. Like i said ill buy a stack of saronite for around 30g for 20. I re post them as individual between 2g 75s and 3g 50s each. Multiply 3.5x20= 70g- the cost of bars (30g)= 40g profit for spending 2 minutes buying a stack of saronite bars and reselling it. On the low end its only 22g profit however it is profit.

Another idea for alchemist that cant transmute epic gems. Buy the stack of saronite for 30g. Use 8 of the bars to transmute titansteel Bar this sells for 35g on my server. Then re post the 12 bars individually between 2g 75s and 3g 50s. Here is the math 35g+3.5gx12= 77g - cost (30g) = 47g profit a little more than without transmuting but you have less risk of your bars not selling.

This is a good way to have a steady income of gold. This method wont make you rich quick but it does make money and that's what we're all here for isn't it. One way to maximize your profit is to make sure you keep the bars posted. That means if you sell out buy more and re post because the morons don't stop buying it they may slowdown though.


  1. Alchemist transmute is a good idea but I think it would be a waste of a 20hr CD for a titanium bar. Better used for an epic gem...for example...1 x scarlet ruby and 1 x eternal fire = 1 to 5 Cardinal rubies (If Alchemist is transmute specced)......

    Cardinal Rubies are very popular.

  2. I meant it more for leveling before you get epic gems. Once you get epic gems buying the mats for 20g and getting it cut you can sell some for around 250g a piece.