Wednesday, September 30

Blacksmith leveling

I have a new goal for my gold today. It will cost me 7k g but I'm really looking forward to accomplishing the task. I plan to use the 7k g to get my recently reactivated warrior his epic flyer, dual spec, and cold weather flying. Here's the catch though instead of mooching the gold from my current gold making factory. I'm going to use my warriors professions and leveling gold to accomplish my task. His professions are 375 mining and 225 black smithing. Which means its back to azeroth to farm the ore to catch my BS up to 375. I am however making a 1k loan from my factory to get Dual spec just so i can test arms and prot out to see which i want to use.

I plan to farm the old school thorium ore myself instead of spending 75g a stack. After farming the ore and crafting various items i will send them to my DE char to be made into enchanting mats. Then ill sell the mats for profit or look at creating rare enchants to sell as scrolls. I hope to keep a tally of how well the mats sell and how much gold i make leveling my BS up to 450.


  1. Totally agree that farming your own Thorium is most likely a good deal - just make sure that your ROI is high enough on everything you mine.

    If you can make 300g/h farming, which is 'fairly' easy - then make sure the mining you are doing is saving you more money than that!

    Otherwise, you are actually losing money, as you could farm and buy the mats off the AH for less time investment.

    Good luck with the skilling up :)

  2. Thanks ill need it because i hate farming may just break down and buy what i need to catch up to northrend but im also cheap so...