Tuesday, September 29

Alchemy markets how to succeed

Today's post is about the Alchemy market and different ways in which to make money with this profession. Alchemy is an old profession and it can make a good amount of gold for you if its used right. Unfortunately i cant say alchemy makes a lot of money leveling it. However it does have good returns for your effort when you reach the max level.

The first market any Alchemist should explore once he/she reaches 450 is the epic gem transmutes. The mats can cost as little as 5g if your lucky. The Raw uncut gems sell for 150g which is a good profit margin. This can be done every 20 hours and should be done asap once you log on. You can make even more money if your guild has a JC or you have a friend that can cut your gems. Currently the blue gem cut into +30 stamina sells for 230g on my server that's 80g more than the raw gem is worth.

Flask is the other great market for alchemist. You create 2 flask every time you craft. On my server flask range from 20-30g each. If you want farm your own herbs and post flask and make pure profit 40-60g. However i found that Frost Lotus is rare which limits how many flask you can make. One method i had was farm the Icethorn and other herbs needed to craft a large amount of flask. Then check the AH price on frost lotus if its around 20g I buy it up then finish using my leftover herbs. The reason this works is because creating flask makes 2. Ill make back the frost lotus price from one and profit from the other.

The flask market is a booming economy on Tuesdays. This is when its time to sell flasks because raids are starting people need their supply. It is not uncommon to sell 30-40 potions on Tuesdays. Normally you can also get higher prices because the stock of flask drops dramatically. While the demand rises giving you ideal market conditions to sell your flask for larger gains.

I have not found a good way yet to not have to farm my own herbs to profit. Maybe if there was a farmer that would sell me Icethorn and Lichbloom and frost lotus under market price then farming could be cut out entirely. However I have not attempted this myself so i cant comment on it.

Alchemy is a good way to have steady income. If you transmute every day and do a little farming you can generate a good average income. Will this profession make you rich? Possibly it could but i find hat the time put into farming herbs does not yield gold as fast as I would like and that i can make more gold with other professions. I do transmute every day and have my gems cut because the chance to make 230-460g depending on luck is a decent income for the 4 seconds i spend purchasing the mats.

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