Wednesday, September 23


So i have been following the method of bid low sell normal for a while. On the side i have been trying different markets out. Recently my bid low sell normal caused me to see an opportunity in enchanting.

I recently purchased 31 small radiant shards thinking they would sell well. I paid around 4g each and tried re posting for 6g each. 2 days later no sells and i still had all the shards. That's when i took a second to look at the price of essence of fire and how much fiery enchant was going for. To my amazement i could get 6 essence of fire for just 2g and fiery weapon enchant was posted for 95g with only 3 available.

I decided to test the waters and see if i could make some profit with making my own Fiery weapon scrolls. Total cost of mats for 6 scrolls cost me 122g made the weapon scrolls while leveling inscription. I plan to sell each scroll for 65g that's a 30g undercut. This could sell really fast or slow if the guy with 3 scrolls up is a monopolist he may buy my scrolls to keep prices high. Or they could sit and rot not selling at all. 6x65 = 390g -122g= 268g profit for 5 minutes of work not to shabby.

This method is good for making some quick gold now i need to look at mat prices to see if any other enchants are profitable. If you know of some leave a comment about them ill check it out. I also hear while leveling enchanting in the 400s a good way to make some gold is to use weapon & armour vellums to sell the enchants instead of wasting them. My cousin did this and made some gold while leveling his enchanting instead of wasting it enchanting his own gear.


  1. Crusader...I put that enchant on both of my heirloom swords...

    It was powerful and cost about 200g for each.

    My Druid farms strath...I get enough mats to make two crusader enchants per run..

  2. Hmm might have to look into that not sure i have the recipe.

  3. Farming the recipe was profitable for me. Tons of runecloth drop as well as a few purples that sold for a few hundred gold. Of course it took me a few hours of farming to get the recipe but in the end I made out. I could have bought it for roughly 160g on my server. Other profitable ones for me would be +25 2H Agility and +15 1H agility. Both available from Timbermaw for rep.

  4. I've made a lot of gold selling Fiery Weapon enchants this way. I've also done the same with Crusader, but it is hit or miss sometimes. I've done very well with the 12 defense to bracers enchant, too.

  5. Anything that is rarer works especially those that work on level one items:
    MC enchants like Enchant weapon - spellpower
    World drop BoE like Enchant chest - greater stats
    The two timbermaw agility chants
    Crusader and fiery you have already found yourself.
    These enchants I will sell 5-15 of each a week, sometimes none a day, other days 3 of each
    High level stuff like berserker you can make 100g on a scroll, but it might take a few days to sell one and quite a few people sell these.

  6. There is alot more on enchanting than that....keep looking you might find out ;)

  7. I think a lot of people overlook the old school enchants when searching for good enchants to sell for some money. And both Crusader and Fiery Enchant are great options for some money making.

    As some already pointed out, farming for the crusader enchant yourself may be profitable, depending on if you consider the time you spend grinding better spent browsing the AH. I farmed for the recipe myself, and it earned me a lot of runecloth and some greenies to disenchant.

    Checking could also be a smart move, to see which enchants are reccomended, and see if any of these sell well on the AH. I guess the profits may vary from server to server.