Thursday, September 24


Finally I purchased some netherweave cloth. I plan to keep stock piling and bolting it for later resale. SO while i am loosing money doing this ill make it back in the long run and be better able to move my competition out of the bag market.

Currently my DK is 60 and still 342 inscription. I have not made any more glyphs but plan to at least finish leveling to 375 soon. The leveling glyphs don't sell to well on my server I've sold a few of them but still have at least 100 in AH at a time. Currently I'm trying to dump them for any amount of gold just to clear the inventory.

The enchanting market is slow for the fiery enchants i made. They are selling though so eventually ill clear a good bit of profit there. I tested and made one Crusader enchant to sell. The mats for it were around 40 gold I posted it for 150g buyout. That scroll sold yesterday for around 110g profit which is not bad. I may look into buying out enough mats to produce 4-5 of these. Or i may just purchase a good stock pile to produce as many as i can for reasonable profit. That may bring the price per scroll up.

Total gold on character is now 3200g I gave my cousin 1k and my brother 500g so i did have around 4700g at some point this week. I still bid low sell normal at least once a day making a decent amount of profit. I plan to reach at least 5k this weekend on my character and level my DK at least one level. I Also am going to do a step by step guide with pictures on how i use Auctioneer. Not sure when it will be done but look for it hopefully soon. Also i plan to post some Alchemy and Herblaw hints and tips soon.

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