Thursday, May 6


As you can tell i haven't posted much this week. That's because several reasons. Reason one is i have been finishing finals for school this week. I will graduate next Friday with an AAS in computer network support technology. Which it feels good to finally get my degree. I am currently hunting for an entry level tech position to begin learning the ropes. Because classroom training will never = actual work experience.

The other reason is I have been working on getting parts together to build a new computer. I finally ordered them yesterday and according to my wife they arrived this afternoon. Which means tonight i get to build my first computer. Its going to be a mesh of an old pc with new guts. The only parts I'm re using are my dvd/cd drive, an old raptor 1.5gbps sataI 80 gig HDD, and a 400w PSU With case. Originally this hammy down system had Pentium 4 processor 2.8 ghz, 2gb ddr ram, and a x700 ati agp graphics card.

I'm basically replacing all of those parts with an AM3 biostar board with 1x pcie 2.0 x 16 slot 59$, an anthalon II x2 240 2.8 ghz AM3 socket processor 49$, 2x2 gb ddr3 1333 ram 100$ , and a biostar 4670 512mb gpu 60$ . This gives me a highly upgradable machine that should play wow so much better than my laptop which has a 1.66 core duo processor and integrated video. Ill be installing windows 7 64 bit and hopefully wow tonight. IF i get wow up and running you guys will definitely get updates on my FPS and general gleeful thoughts of finally being able to see wow max graphics.

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